My name is Esther, but you can call me Ezz :)

I’m the creator of Through the Phases, and my mission is to help other women to cultivate self-awareness and find what lights them up, so that they can more easily navigate the stressors of life!

I’m a big believer that happiness is in the here and now, and by incorporating healthy mind, body, and soul practices/habits we can all live more meaningful and fulfilling lives - no matter what phase we find ourselves in.

About Through the Phases

Through the Phases is a blog to share all the practices I use on my own growth and wellbeing journey and the lessons I’ve learned along the way, so that you can explore what’s meaningful to you.

Inspired by the phases of the moon, we acknowledge that life comes with its own phases, and some are more challenging than others. By accepting the impermanence of each phase we find ourselves in, we can begin to find more contentment in the present moment.

We explore mind-body-soul topics like self care, journaling, yoga, affirmations, manifestation, tarot, and more, to help you navigate your own unique journey.

Through the Phases also has a shop dedicated to helping you explore some of these practices more deeply, with items such as art prints, journal stickers, cheat sheets and calendars. You can check it out here!

My Story

So how did we get here?

Truth is, I haven’t always had an optimistic or growth-motivated outlook on life. Growing up I experienced repeated childhood traumas and I suffered with mental health difficulties like anxiety, depression and panic attacks from a young age.

But in 2016, while studying for my Psychology BSc, I started to explore practices like yoga and meditation for the first time and my mental health started to improve as a result. I became aware of the connection between the mind, body and soul, and for the first time in my life I experienced hope for my own healing.


So I started a blog called Hopeful Lotus in 2017 to share what I was learning in the hope it could help others, as well as completing a yoga teacher certification (200hr) in 2018 to deepen my knowledge of the mind-body-soul connection while taking a gap year to travel Europe, Asia and Australia.

But the journey hasn’t been an easy one… after experiencing further traumatic events and a period of prolonged chronic stress, I began to develop chronic health symptoms and fatigue in 2019 that would later be diagnosed as a type of dysautonomia (a nervous system disorder).


This forced me to take more time out from my career, and at the end of 2019 I made the decision to rebrand to Through the Phases and pursue this path as a business while I focused on rebuilding my health, not quite realising it would become as successful as it has!

I have since doubled down on research relating to the nervous system and mind-body disorders, and my journey has largely been focused on healing trauma, cultivating safety in my body and supporting my system to heal. And I have made huge improvements in my health and wellbeing since doing so.


I don’t wish to portray myself as somebody who is perfectly healed and I truly believe that, for many of us, healing is a lifelong journey (and a beautiful one) that doesn't end with a certain milestone or specific symptoms going away. But I can say that I am now more happy, healthy, fulfilled and at peace than I ever thought was possible. And my lust for life continues to grow.

Now I am ready to restart my career, starting with returning to education to pursue a master’s degree. My mission has evolved since the beginning of this blog and I’m grateful that my experience has led to my desire to support others with chronic illness going forward.

But my work with Through the Phases isn’t over! Sharing what has helped, and continues to help, me grow during periods of hardship is a privilege and I plan to continue writing as I navigate more phases of my own life. So I truly hope that you can find something here to support you on your own journey, no matter where you may find yourself right now <3

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“Just like the moon, we go through phases.

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