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Wondering why you can’t seem to manifest the tiniest thing but everyone else seems to be posting huge manifesting success stories left right and center? Keep scrolling...

Block Crushers

The worksheet bundle to smash through your manifesting blocks...

Let me guess?...

  • You’re fed up of hearing manifesting success stories and you want to know how it’s actually done

  • You suffer from negative thoughts and are starting to feel like this whole manifesting thing is hopeless - especially if it requires you to pretend like you enjoy your current circumstances while you wait for better days to come

  • You simply might scream or break the mirror if you have to say another affirmation into it that you know full well isn’t true right now

And I feel you, because you’ve probably read a gazillion books and blog posts on manifesting that all tell you to think positive and love yourself without telling you how to actually do those things.

So honestly, it’s not your fault - you’ve been doing your best with the information you’ve been given. Which isn't a lot...

But what you really need is a process that walks you through exactly how to think positive, love yourself, and all the other things that are essential to manifest so that you can hit publish on your own manifestation success story.

Introducing Block Crushers...

Unlike the books and blog posts that avoid telling you how to put these things into practice, these worksheets take you through dismantling your biggest manifesting blocks step-by-step.

What's Included

Strengthening your intentions worksheet

So you can find clarity on what you're working towards and set a clear path to manifest it

Reframing your limiting beliefs worksheet

So you can overcome those beliefs that are holding you back and get out of your own way

Law of Attraction Practice Tracker

So you can consistently stay on track on the path of manifesting your desires

Overcoming your fears worksheet

So you can learn what's stopping you get your desires, and take back control of your life

Manifesting Victory Log

So you can build up your belief in manifestation, even when you have your doubts right now

Reframing desperation worksheet

So you can learn how to let go, which is the fundamental paradox of successful manifestation

Working through jealousy worksheet

So you can learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and see more success with your own manifestations

Bonus social media exercise

So you can use social media in a more fulfilling way that serves your manifestations, rather than hindering them

Law of Attraction quiz

So that you can test your understanding of the Law of Attraction and see what areas you need to work on to manifest more effortlessly


Worth $10

Worth $7

And if you act now, not only will you reach your manifestation sooner, but you also get bonus access to affirmations for every manifesting block and the Law of Attraction Planner.

- PLUS a 30% discount.

Frequently asked questions

Do I really need to work on my blocks to manifest?

Unfortunately yes, there’s no two ways about it. If you’re not seeing manifesting success, then you have stuff in your way. And the only way to move forward is to get that stuff out of your way. Whether or not you use the worksheets to do it is up to you, but they’re there to cancel the guesswork and give you step-by-step guidance to save you time and get you there faster.

How do I access Block Crushers?

You’ll be given access to the worksheets and any bonuses via the podia platform, which will be linked to the email you use at purchase. If you don’t receive access please email me at [email protected]

How long will it take to see results?

The block crusher sheets are a lifetime tool to use again and again when new blocks and beliefs arise, because you know, we’re human and our brains are a constant work in progress. They’re not a quick fix, but each worksheet completed is one step closer to your manifestation.

What's your refund policy?

Once you’ve purchased the worksheets, you have them in your manifesting toolbox for life so I don’t offer refunds. But rest assured the value you’ll get from completing the exercises is priceless.

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