What is spirituality?

Spirituality means different things to different people. At Hopeful Lotus, we talk about spirituality as a connection to something bigger than ourselves such as the Universe or spirit.

Are spirituality and religion the same?

While spirituality is a large part of religion, spirituality and religion are not one in the same. 

Religion is an organized form of spiritual belief and practice within a community, involving a relationship with God. In contrast, spirituality concerns an individual relationship with their own beliefs and questions about life.

What is spiritual growth?

Spiritual growth may be defined as working towards higher levels of awareness or consciousness. 

Spiritual growth is arguably the purpose of life. It is therefore our higher purpose to work towards expanding our spirit and connecting with things that are much greater than ourselves! This can be achieved using spiritual practices, such as the ones below. 

Spiritual Practices


Meditation is perhaps one of the most simple yet most powerful tools to connect with your spirit and raise your vibration wherever you are. Meditation is essentially a practice of training the mind in order to release attachment. This practice has several benefits such as lower stress levels, lower heart rate and improved feelings of resilience and general well-being. 

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The word yoga can be translated as 'union' and is a practice that aims to achieve higher awareness and connection to the self, others and the universe. Now more commonly seen as a physical practice, yoga combines physical postures with breath work and meditation.

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Chakras are a concept that comes from Hindu tradition - they are energy centres that sit within the body to regulate our emotions, organs and immune functions. When a chakra is out of balance it can manifest in uncomfortable physical or emotional symptoms.

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Like everything else in the universe, crystals hold their own individual frequencies and vibrations. When our own energy is out of balance, we can use the power of crystals to transfer positive energy into our physical bodies to heal imbalances and alleviate negative symptoms.

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