78 Positive Daily Tarot Affirmations for your Deck

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Reading tarot for yourself daily can have amazing benefits for self reflection and development, but the results can only go so far as your connection to the cards and your willingness to take action on them.

If you’re looking to improve your daily tarot practice with more positivity, a deeper connection to the cards and profound insights into your own life then look no further than tarot affirmations.

Whether you’re new to reading tarot for yourself or you’re a frequent tarot reader who has hit a period of stagnancy in your readings, tarot affirmations can help to ignite some of that fire in your readings so you can experience some of those truly juicy benefits of daily tarot reading.

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In this post I’ve curated a collection of 78 powerful daily tarot affirmations specially designed to match the energy of each card in a tarot deck.

This means that, no matter what deck you’re using, you will always have a list of positive affirmations that can help you to connect deeper to the cards in your readings and take these insights with you throughout your day.

So if you’re ready to experience the benefits of tarot affirmations for yourself, let’s get stuck in!

78 daily tarot card affirmations to enhance your readings

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What are tarot affirmations?

Tarot affirmations are positive statements that are specifically designed to enhance a tarot reading, whether that’s before, during, or after the reading itself.

The affirmations are usually intended to reflect the energy of specific tarot cards and therefore help you embody the energy of the card, connect to it more strongly or reflect on its meaning more deeply and for your individual circumstances.

For example, a popular way to use tarot affirmations is to pull a singular tarot card for the day and work with its corresponding affirmation.

I will go into more detail about this specific practice later on in this post!

The benefits of using tarot affirmations

As I’ve already touched on, tarot affirmations are an effective tool that offers many benefits, both for your tarot practice and for your own personal transformation.

Here are some of the key benefits of using tarot affirmations as part of your daily practice:

  • Positive mindset and empowerment: like other affirmations, repeated use can help you rewire your brain to think more positively. Using tarot affirmations over time can help you to release limiting beliefs and feel more confident and capable of taking action based on the guidance from tarot.
  • Increased self awareness and reflection: rather than doing a tarot reading and forgetting about it, using tarot affirmations can help you to continually reflect after the reading and ensure the messages of your reading leave a lasting impact for personal development.
  • Sense of encouragement and connection to divine: repeating tarot affirmations can help you to tune into feelings of being supported by the divine, which can be the encouragement you need to take action on messages received in your reading.
  • Aligned healing: tarot affirmations can help you to heal from past traumas and fears, based on what the Universe/the divine believes you are capable of acknowledging right now.
  • Deeper insight into tarot cards: by using affirmations that correspond to the tarot cards, you can improve your intuitive understanding of each card’s meaning which will improve your ability to intuitively read tarot in the future.
  • Heightened manifestation: repeating tarot affirmations can help you to embody the energy that the Universe wants you to take action on, thus helping you to manifest what is meant for you right now.
  • Emotional Healing: Affirmations can be used as a tool for emotional healing and inner work. They can help you address past traumas, fears, or negative emotions and promote a sense of emotional balance.

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How to use tarot affirmations in your daily tarot practice

Though there are several ways to incorporate tarot affirmations into your tarot practice, for me one of the simplest and most effective ways to use them is as part of a daily pull.

This is because I believe, to truly get the most power out of affirmations, focusing on just one affirmation at a time is best.

Getting into a routine with a daily tarot pull that incorporates affirmations is an easy and powerful way to access the benefits of tarot affirmations that we discussed above.

So with that being said, here are some simple steps on how to use tarot affirmations in your own daily tarot practice…

1. Choose your tarot deck

The key to a meaningful tarot reading starts with your connection to the deck.

Choose a deck that resonates with you. This might be one that you feel called to because of its imagery or one that you feel you can intuitively read due to its rich symbolism.

If you’re new to reading tarot, I recommend checking out this guide on the best tarot decks for beginners to select a deck that’s suitable for you starting out.

My advice is don’t just choose a deck because it’s aesthetically pleasing – your connection to a deck should feel deeper than that!

2. Create or find tarot affirmations

Once you have selected your deck, prepare a list of tarot affirmations that align with the energy of each tarot card.

Of course later in this post I’ll be providing you with tarot affirmations for each card in the deck so you’ve got this step covered! You can even download a free PDF of these affirmations so that you can keep them to hand when you do your readings.

Or, if you prefer, you can also create your own affirmations if you are already familiar with the meaning and energy of each tarot card.

3. Shuffle and draw a card

Now it’s time to draw a tarot card like you would in any other reading.

Before I shuffle the deck, I like to make sure my cards are appropriately cleansed. Then I shuffle the deck while focusing on the day ahead.

You can ask something like “what is my guidance for the day ahead?” or “what do I need to know today?” to help guide the reading.

Then when you feel ready, draw a card.

4. Connect with the card

Before turning to your affirmation, take some time to connect with the card that you’ve pulled.

Observe the imagery and symbols of the card and see if you are getting any potent messages about what this card is telling you.

This might be tricky if you’re a beginner but that’s okay! You can also use my tarot cheat sheets to give you a little nudge in the right direction if you’re struggling to connect intuitively or aren’t familiar with tarot card meanings.

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5. Select and repeat your affirmation

After connecting to the card, select an affirmation that aligns with the energy of the card to work with.

(This should be very straightforward since you can refer to this post or your free PDF for your list of tarot affirmations).

Then, repeat the affirmation either out loud or in your mind at least three times.

Take your time with this, ensuring you tune into the energy of the words and how they feel in your body. Your intention with this should be to embody the energy of this affirmation and of the tarot card you pulled.

6. Reflect on the card’s meaning for you

With a deeper connection to the card and its corresponding affirmation, reflect on the meaning of the card and why this might be showing up for you today.

What lessons does this card want you to learn? What is it encouraging you to move forward with or leave behind today?

Take some time to journal about this. You can also use my tarot journal sheets for an easy way to format this part of your practice.

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure how this applies. As you continue to practise you will deepen your level of self-awareness and it will become clearer why certain cards make themselves known to you at certain times.

7. Carry the affirmation throughout your day

To continue embodying the energy of your tarot card, carry your chosen affirmation with you throughout your day.

Take breaks to tune into the energy of the affirmation, and especially repeat it during moments of stress, uncertainty or self-doubt. 

This will help you to remain aligned to the card and take aligned action based on its messages.

8. Reflect at the end of your day

At the end of your day, take some time to reflect again.

Do you have any new insights about why this card showed up for you today?

How did using your tarot affirmation influence your day?

Were there any barriers to embodying this energy or taking action on your reading?

These are some types of questions that you might want to consider reflecting on as part of an evening practice.

9. Repeat daily

Finally, one of the most crucial steps is to repeat the process each day.

Each morning, draw a new card, select your affirmation and work with it during the day ahead.

By repeating this practice each day you will strengthen your connection to your tarot cards as well as yourself. This is how you will experience the aforementioned benefits that have the power to transform your life.

Now, don’t worry if you miss a day or two. Nobody is perfect in their practice.

But when you notice your practice slipping, make it your intention to return to it, particularly in periods of high stress or when you need a little extra guidance.

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78 positive daily tarot affirmations for your deck

By now you should have pretty much everything you need to know in order to start a powerful daily tarot affirmations practice.

There’s only one thing you’re missing… tarot affirmations!

I’ve curated this list of powerful tarot affirmations for you so that you have an easy reference guide to return to day after day to get more from your readings.

To make this list easy for you to navigate, I’ve separated it into categories of the major arcana and each suit in the minor arcana.

So without further ado, here are 78 positive daily tarot affirmations for your deck.

Positive daily tarot affirmations: major arcana

  • The Fool: “I embrace the unknown with curiosity and trust, knowing that every step is a part of my adventurous journey.”
  • The Magician: “I am a powerful creator, and with focus and intention, I manifest my dreams into reality.”
  • The High Priestess: “I trust my intuition and inner wisdom to guide me through the mysteries of life.”
  • The Empress: “I am abundant and nurturing, cultivating beauty and growth in all aspects of my life.”
  • The Emperor: “I take charge of my life with strength and authority, creating a stable foundation for my ambitions.”
  • The Hierophant: “I seek wisdom from my guides, as well as within, aligning with higher truths to find spiritual growth.”
  • The Lovers: “I embrace love in all its forms, and I choose to make heartfelt connections that bring joy and harmony.”
  • The Chariot: “I overcome obstacles with determination and control, moving forward on my path with confidence.”
  • Strength: “I am resilient and courageous, facing challenges with inner strength and compassion.”
  • The Hermit: “I seek solitude to discover profound truths within myself, finding enlightenment in quiet reflection.”
  • Wheel of Fortune: “I embrace the cycles of life, knowing that change brings opportunities and blessings.”
  • Justice: “I seek balance and fairness in my actions, knowing that justice is guided by higher principles.”
  • The Hanged Man: “I surrender to the flow of life, finding new perspectives and growth in moments of stillness.”
  • Death: “I release what no longer serves me, trusting that every ending brings new beginnings.”
  • Temperance: “I find balance and harmony within myself and in all aspects of my life. I blend patience and moderation, embracing the ebb and flow of life’s energies to create peace”
  • The Devil: “I break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace my true power and freedom.”
  • The Tower: “I embrace change as a catalyst for growth, knowing that sometimes destruction leads to rebirth.”
  • The Star: “I am filled with hope and inspiration, shining brightly on my path toward a better future.”
  • The Moon: “I explore my subconscious with courage, embracing the mysteries within and finding inner peace.”
  • The Sun: “I radiate positivity and joy, unleashing my inner child and basking in the light of success and contentment.”
  • Judgement: “I release judgments of myself and others, embracing forgiveness and renewal.”
  • The World: “I am in harmony with the universe, celebrating completion and new beginnings.”
major arcana tarot affirmations list

Positive daily tarot affirmations: minor arcana – Suit of wands

  • Ace of Wands: “I ignite the spark of creativity within me, and with passion and purpose, I bring my ideas to life.”
  • Two of Wands: “I embrace opportunities and take bold steps towards a future filled with success and fulfilment.”
  • Three of Wands: “I expand my horizons, knowing that my efforts and vision will lead to abundant rewards.”
  • Four of Wands: “I celebrate the harmony and stability in my life, cherishing the love and joy that surround me.”
  • Five of Wands: “I face challenges with determination and open communication, finding strength in healthy competition.”
  • Six of Wands: “I celebrate my achievements with humility and gratitude, knowing that I am worthy of success.”
  • Seven of Wands: “I stand firm in my convictions, confidently defending my beliefs and boundaries.”
  • Eight of Wands: “I embrace swift progress and forward momentum, knowing that the universe supports my journey.”
  • Nine of Wands: “I am resilient in the face of adversity, and I draw upon my inner strength to persevere.”
  • Ten of Wands: “I release burdens that no longer serve me, and I find balance by delegating responsibilities.”
  • Page of Wands: “I am open to new ideas and opportunities, excited to explore my passions and talents.”
  • Knight of Wands: “I fearlessly pursue my goals, harnessing my enthusiasm to overcome obstacles along the way.”
  • Queen of Wands: “I am a charismatic leader, radiating confidence and empowering those around me with my passion.”
  • King of Wands: “I lead with vision and determination, inspiring others through my bold and decisive actions.”
suit of wands tarot affirmations list

Positive daily tarot affirmations: minor arcana – suit of cups

  • Ace of Cups: “I open my heart to love and emotional abundance, allowing my feelings to flow freely and authentically.”
  • Two of Cups: “I attract loving and harmonious relationships, cherishing the deep connections I share with others.”
  • Three of Cups: “I celebrate joyously with friends and loved ones, creating beautiful memories of togetherness.”
  • Four of Cups: “I am open to new opportunities and blessings, finding gratitude in the present moment.”
  • Five of Cups: “I acknowledge my emotions and allow myself to heal, finding strength in embracing my feelings.”
  • Six of Cups: “I nurture my inner child with love and compassion, creating a sense of comfort and emotional connection”
  • Seven of Cups: “I focus my intentions and dreams, recognizing the power of imagination in shaping my reality.”
  • Eight of Cups: “I bravely walk away from what no longer serves my emotional well-being, trusting in new beginnings.”
  • Nine of Cups: “I embrace contentment and emotional fulfilment, knowing that I deserve happiness.”
  • Ten of Cups: “I am surrounded by love, experiencing deep harmony and emotional satisfaction within my family and community.”
  • Page of Cups: “I embrace my creativity and intuition, exploring new emotional experiences with wonder and curiosity.”
  • Knight of Cups: “I am a romantic and compassionate soul, offering my heart with genuine love and care.”
  • Queen of Cups: “I am emotionally nurturing and empathetic, finding strength in my deep emotional connection with others.”
  • King of Cups: “I lead with emotional intelligence and wisdom, providing support and understanding to those around me.”
suit of cups tarot affirmations list

Positive daily tarot affirmations: minor arcana – suit of swords

  • Ace of Swords: “I am open to fresh perspectives and confident in my ability to make clear and informed decisions.”
  • Two of Swords: “I balance my thoughts and emotions, finding inner peace and making well-considered decisions.”
  • Three of Swords: “I acknowledge and heal emotional pain, allowing myself to grow stronger through challenges.”
  • Four of Swords: “I find tranquillity in rest and self-reflection, rejuvenating my mind and spirit for the journey ahead.”
  • Five of Swords: “I release the need to control or dominate others, seeking resolution through communication and understanding.”
  • Six of Swords: “I move forward with grace and resilience, leaving behind the past and embracing a new chapter.”
  • Seven of Swords: “I act with integrity and honesty, trusting that my authentic actions will lead to the best outcomes.”
  • Eight of Swords: “I release self-imposed limitations and fears, recognizing my inner strength and breaking free from constraints.”
  • Nine of Swords: “I find peace in the midst of anxiety, trusting that challenges are opportunities for growth and learning.”
  • Ten of Swords: “I let go of pain and burdens, knowing that every ending brings the potential for a new beginning.”
  • Page of Swords: “I embrace curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, valuing my intellect as a powerful tool for growth.”
  • Knight of Swords: “I charge forward with confidence and determination, fearlessly pursuing my goals and aspirations.”
  • Queen of Swords: “I am wise and discerning, balancing compassion with objectivity in all my interactions.”
  • King of Swords: “I lead with mental clarity and authority, making fair and informed decisions for the greater good.”
suit of swords tarot affirmations list

Positive daily tarot affirmations: minor arcana – suit of pentacles

  • Ace of Pentacles: “I attract prosperity and abundance into my life, embracing new opportunities for financial growth.”
  • Two of Pentacles: “I find balance and adaptability in managing my responsibilities and resources.”
  • Three of Pentacles: “I collaborate with others to create something of lasting value, recognising the power of teamwork.”
  • Four of Pentacles: “I am financially stable and secure, managing my resources wisely and generously.”
  • Five of Pentacles: “I release feelings of lack and embrace the abundance that surrounds me, finding support and help in times of need.”
  • Six of Pentacles: “I give and receive with an open heart, sharing my blessings to create a harmonious exchange.”
  • Seven of Pentacles: “I patiently invest in my long-term goals, trusting that my efforts will yield fruitful results.”
  • Eight of Pentacles: “I hone my skills and expertise, dedicating myself to continuous growth and improvement.”
  • Nine of Pentacles: “I celebrate my accomplishments and independence, revelling in the fruits of my labour.”
  • Ten of Pentacles: “I experience generational wealth and abundant blessings within my family and community.”
  • Page of Pentacles: “I embrace curiosity and a love of learning, exploring new opportunities for personal and financial growth.”
  • Knight of Pentacles: “I am dedicated and reliable, making steady progress towards my goals with determination.”
  • Queen of Pentacles: “I am nurturing and abundant, creating a stable and supportive environment for myself and others.”
  • King of Pentacles: “I lead with wisdom and prosperity, making grounded and practical decisions for long-term success.”
suit of pentacles tarot affirmations list

Tarot affirmations pdf

Love these tarot affirmations as much as me? 

You can download them for free in PDF format so they’re always within easy reach during your readings.

tarot card affirmations pdf stack

Get your FREE tarot card affirmations PDF to connect deeper to your deck!

By now you should have gathered that incorporating tarot affirmations into your daily tarot practice can be a transformative and empowering way to deepen your connection with the cards and enhance your personal growth journey.

While reading tarot for yourself daily offers amazing benefits on its own, the addition of tarot affirmations amplifies the positive effects by aligning your mindset, fostering self-awareness and promoting aligned action based on the insights received!

By incorporating the step-by-step guidance of this post into your daily routine, you can harness this power of tarot affirmations for yourself.

And with the collection of 78 powerful tarot affirmations provided, you have a permanent resource for you to do so day after day! 

I hope that these affirmations can support you on your journey towards a more fulfilling and aligned life. Happy reading!

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how to use tarot affirmations (and 78 tarot affirmations for each card in your deck!)

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