45 Powerful Crown Chakra Affirmations For Spiritual Healing

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The Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara, is like the golden jewel of the seven chakra system. Being the final chakra, it represents our connection to the divine, higher consciousness, the spiritual realm and universal wisdom.

For this reason, it is often the chakra that people strive to access the full potential of, seeking to become “enlightened” or spiritually woke.

But too much focus on this area can lead to imbalances too, which is why we often see blockages and dysregulated energy in the crown chakra. (Spoiler alert: crown chakra affirmations can help here!)

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Many people forget or fail to realise that chakra blockages are not only characterised by underactive energy but also overactive energy. And I would actually argue that an overactive crown chakra is a very common thing in the spiritual community (hello spiritual bypassing).

Thankfully, whether you’re suffering from a crown chakra blockage characterised by underactivity or overactivity, there are practices that can help to regulate this energy centre.

Crown chakra affirmations are one of my favourite ways to restore balance to this area, and in this post I’ll be sharing exactly why and how to use them, along with some of my favourites.

Whether you’re new to chakra work or an energy healing queen, the 45 powerful affirmations in this post will help you on your journey to balancing your energetic system.

45 crown chakra affirmations for spiritual healing

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What is the crown chakra?

Chakras are energy centres in the physical body.

Coming from traditional indian and yogic traditions, chakra roughly translates to “wheel” or “disc”, because chakras are depicted as spinning wheels of light that hold and regulate prana (energy) in our systems.

The Crown Chakra, called the Sahasrara chakra in Sanskrit, is the seventh chakra and highest chakra in the seven chakra energy system.

Crown chakra location and characteristics

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head, or sometimes in the energetic space that exists above the head.

It is primarily associated with connection to our higher power and connection to the divine. It is the chakra that connects us as individual beings to the collective consciousness of all beings.

When balanced, this chakra therefore allows us to have a deeper intuitive understanding of life and the lessons it gives us.

With a balanced crown chakra you will have an in-depth level of self awareness that transcends the level of ego, with the ability to connect to yourself and others on a soul level. 

A balanced crown chakra will also foster a sense of inner peace, harmony, universal love and compassion and a sense of your higher purpose.

Depending on the tradition, the Crown Chakra is either represented by the colour violet due to its association with higher consciousness, or the colour white representing purity and clarity. In both cases it is depicted as a thousand-petaled lotus flower to symbolise its’ infinite nature.

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Signs of a crown chakra imbalance

We have already discussed the characteristics of a crown chakra that’s in balance, but what happens if your crown chakra is blocked?

There are some common signs of a blocked crown chakra to look out for, and knowing these is the first step to identifying whether your own crown chakra needs healing.

These signs and symptoms can vary depending on whether your crown chakra is UNDERactive or OVERactive.

Underactive crown chakra symptoms

You can think of symptoms of an underactive crown chakra as being characterised by lack in the area of divine connection ie. not enough energy flowing here.

Some signs you may be suffering from symptoms of an underactive crown chakra include:

  • Lack of spiritual connection and scepticism: feeling disconnected from your spiritual side or scepticism/disbelief in things relating to spirituality and the metaphysical, ignoring spiritual guidance
  • Closed-mindedness: resistance to new ideas, perspectives or spiritual concepts
  • No sense of purpose or clarity: not knowing your soul’s purpose, struggling to make decisions, lack of connection to your higher self, and feeling uncertain about your direction in life
  • Brain fog: difficulty with concentration, scattered thoughts and inability to focus
  • Feeling disconnected: disconnection from yourself and others, dissociation
  • Low mood: depression, apathy, negative thoughts, lack of joy and enthusiasm for life, emotionally detached, feeling stagnant
  • Materialistic focus: strong focus on material possessions or pursuits
  • Physical symptoms: headaches, sensitivity to light, central nervous system dysregulation
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Overactive crown chakra symptoms

You can think of symptoms of an overactive crown chakra as being characterised by excess in the area of divine connection ie. too much energy flowing here.

Some signs you may be suffering from symptoms of an overactive crown chakra include:

  • Disconnection from reality and lack of grounding: being disconnected from the physical world, “up in the clouds”, struggle to stay grounded in reality or in the present moment
  • Spiritual bypassing and overemphasis on spirituality: using spirituality as a way to escape the real world and your emotions, neglecting other areas of life to focus on spirituality
  • Overwhelm and sensitivity: overactive mind and sensitivity to stimuli
  • Ego inflation and judgmental attitude: sense of superiority, self-righteousness, “god-complex”, critical of others who don’t share same beliefs
  • Sleep disturbances: insomnia and difficulty feeling rested
  • Physical symptoms: headaches and migraines, especially at the crown of the head

If any of these signs ring true for you (and especially if several apply), you might have a crown chakra imbalance that needs addressing.

You might also find that you resonate with signs from both the underactive and overactive crown chakra symptoms lists, and that’s because a crown chakra blockage can cause your energy to flit between flowing too little and flowing too much.

But thankfully practices designed to balance the crown chakra remain much the same whether the chakra is currently underactive or overactive. 

Such practices may include meditation and mindfulness, grounding practices, time in nature, energy work such as reiki, and of course practising crown chakra affirmations.

Disclaimer: please remember that while crown chakra energy work is generally safe and well tolerated, it is still important to seek medical advice in the case of any physical or mental symptoms to rule out any medical causes that may also need addressing.

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The benefits of positive affirmations for crown chakra healing

Now that you know the signs and symptoms of a crown chakra blockage or imbalance, why should you use chakra healing affirmations to address it?

Firstly, affirmations are statements that, when repeated, allow us to connect to the energy of the words. Chakra affirmations specifically are statements that are designed to help you connect to a particular chakra’s energy.

For example crown chakra affirmations to balance the crown chakra, throat chakra affirmations to balance the throat chakra, so on and so forth.

Practising affirmations for chakra healing is actually one of my favourite chakra healing methods because using these statements has powerful influence over our energy, which can bring our chakras back into alignment.

They do this by working with our brain’s ability to adapt and rewire itself, also known as neuroplasticity.

This means that the more we repeat (and embody the energy of) chakra healing affirmations, the more we rewire our subconscious to embody this energy, allowing our chakras to return to balance.

The added bonus of using chakra affirmations specifically is that they’re so easy to add to your existing routine. If you use them consistently you can get incredible results with very little effort compared to other chakra healing practices such as a meditation practice.

How to use crown chakra affirmations

By this point in the post I imagine you have already identified some signs of crown chakra imbalance in yourself, and are ready to explore how to practise crown chakra affirmations to restore the harmony in this chakra.

Thankfully you’ve come to the right place!

As I said before, crown chakra affirmations are really easy to add to your routine.

These simple tips will help you get on the right track when it comes to getting the most from your crown chakra affirmations:

1. Choose affirmations that resonate

The key to getting lasting results with crown chakra affirmations is to choose affirmations that resonate.

You might be tempted to try and incorporate all the crown chakra affirmations in this list, but I’d actually advise against it. For best results, try working with 1-3 affirmations at a time that resonate with the specific energy you want to embody at the moment.

This is important because results from your chakra affirmations rely on you truly embodying the energy of the words you’re speaking. You can only do this if they resonate.

So take your time when going through the crown chakra affirmations in this post. Stop on each one and assess how you feel speaking it out loud. Does it evoke any feeling, emotion, or sensation for you?

Then write down the crown chakra affirmations that resonate most and these are the ones you can explore working with on your journey.

2. Repeat with conviction

Hopefully by now you’re starting to realise that feeling into your affirmations really is key. This is especially true for chakra healing.

So when you’re reciting your crown chakra affirmations, try to imagine the words are true for you in the here and now. Act as if this energy is already in your reality.

To make this process easier you can say the words out loud in front of a mirror. Or try to embody a voice of conviction if you’re saying them in your head.

The next step will also make this process easier…

spiritual woman looking confident and smiling

3. Use visualisation

To truly embody the energy of your crown chakra affirmations, visualisation should be incorporated into your practice. 

When you read your affirmations, visualise a violet or white light radiating from the crown of your head. As you repeat each affirmation, see if you can visualise this light expanding and becoming stronger from the energy of your words.

To add to this you can also visualise anything that helps you to further embody the energy of your chosen affirmation.

For example, you might imagine your light shooting out and connecting to the light of your loved ones or the universe. Whatever resonates for you.

I’d also encourage you to try and feel into your body as you do this. See what sensations come up in the body as you feel into your words. And explore changing your posture and body language in response to your affirmations.

4. Practise daily

As with any other affirmation practice, the key is to practise regularly, and ideally every day!

Aim to make practising crown chakra affirmations a part of your daily routine, especially if symptoms of a crown chakra imbalance are still present. This repetition will allow for the necessary changes to occur in your energy system.

A good way to make them a regular part of your practice is to add them into your morning routine. This is particularly beneficial because the morning is when we are most receptive to shifting energetic state.

45 powerful crown chakra affirmations for spiritual healing

45 powerful crown chakra affirmations for spiritual healing

By now you should know how to use crown chakra affirmations to their fullest potential, so here are 45 powerful crown chakra affirmations to try on for size.

I’ve separated the affirmations into different groups (spiritual connection, intuition and wisdom, inner peace, and spiritual grounding) to allow you to find affirmations that resonate with a specific area you might want to focus on.

Remember to take your time exploring each of these affirmations to see which ones do and don’t resonate with you.

With that being said, here are 45 powerful crown chakra affirmations for crown chakra healing.

Crown chakra affirmations for spiritual connection

These crown chakra affirmations are designed to help you expand your spiritual connection.

These affirmations might resonate if you struggle connecting to your spiritual side or you feel disconnected from a higher consciousness.

  1. I am one with the universe and connected to the divine energy that flows through all of creation
  2. The universal consciousness resides within me and I am attuned to its frequency of love and harmony
  3. I release all limiting beliefs and thoughts, allowing the expansive nature of the cosmos to flow through me
  4. My spiritual connection deepens with each breath, aligning me with the divine source
  5. As I meditate, I transcend the boundaries of the physical world and journey into the realms of pure consciousness
  6. I am in tune with the rhythms of the universe, my energy is in harmony with the cosmic dance of life
  7. I am a divine being of light, and my spiritual connection infuses every aspect of my existence with purpose and meaning
  8. As I elevate my thoughts, I elevate my consciousness, and I attune to the frequency of divine truth
  9. Through my crown chakra, I connect with the divine, knowing I am a part of something greater than myself
  10. I surrender to the divine flow of life, trusting that all experiences serve my soul’s evolution
  11. I embrace the mysteries of life, knowing that I am constantly learning and growing on my spiritual path
crown chakra affirmation - I am a divine being of light, and my spiritual connection infuses every aspect of my existence with purpose and meaning

Crown chakra affirmations for intuition and wisdom

These crown chakra affirmations are designed to help you connect to your higher intuition and wisdom from the universe.

These affirmations might resonate if you find that you are sceptical about spirituality or you struggle with a sense of purpose and decision making.

  1. I align my consciousness with the universal mind, embracing the infinite wisdom that flows through me
  2. As I quiet my mind, I connect effortlessly with higher consciousness and receive guidance with clarity
  3. I open myself to the infinite wisdom and guidance of the cosmos, embracing the oneness of all things
  4. I trust in the divine plan of my life, knowing that I am guided and supported at all times
  5. Divine guidance surrounds me and I am open to receiving messages from the spiritual realms
  6. Divine wisdom flows through me, providing clarity and understanding in all aspects of my life
  7. I am open to receiving divine insights, and I embrace the messages from the Universe with gratitude
  8. I release all doubts and fears, allowing my inner wisdom to rise and guide me towards higher truths
  9. I am a vessel for divine intelligence, and my intuition eads me to make choices in alignment with my highest good
  10. I am deeply connected to the universal mind, accessing the infinite wisdom that resides within me
  11. As I quiet my mind, the whispers of the Universe become clearer, guiding me towards greater understanding
  12. Divine wisdom fills my being, and I radiate this wisdom to inspire and uplift those around me
crown chakra affirmation - I trust in the divine plan of my life, knowing that I am guided and supported at all times

Crown chakra affirmations for inner peace

These crown chakra affirmations are designed to help you connect to a sense of inner peace.

These affirmations might resonate if you struggle with feelings of apathy or disconnection from yourself and others. 

  1. Divine tranquillity flows through me, soothing my mind, body and soul with every breath
  2. I release all worries and anxieties, surrendering to the divine flow of life and finding peace in the present moment
  3. I am connected to the stillness of the cosmos, and I carry this profound peace with me wherever I go
  4. With each inhale, I invite peace into my being, and with each exhale, I release the tensions that no longer serve me
  5. The harmony of the Universe resides within me, and I am a beacon of peace
  6. I am free from the shackles of the past and the worries of the future, finding peace in the eternal now
  7. The divine presence within me brings inner peace that transcends any external circumstances
  8. I release all judgement and resentment, cultivating a heart full of compassion, forgiveness and peace
  9. I am a vessel of divine peace, radiating this serene energy to bless the world and all living beings
  10. Divine light flows through me, illuminating my path and filling my heart with profound peace
crown chakra affirmation - divine light flows through me, illuminating my path and filling my heart with profound peace

Crown chakra affirmations for spiritual grounding

These crown chakra affirmations are designed to help you stay grounded in your spiritual practice.

These affirmations might resonate if you struggle with an overactive crown chakra, overfocus on spirituality and are prone to spiritual bypassing.

  1. I am grounded in the wisdom of the universe, connected to the divine flow of life
  2. Every step I take is anchored in the present moment where my true power resides
  3. I am a vessel of divine love, radiating compassion and understanding to all living beings
  4. My thoughts are clear and focused, aligning with the infinite wisdom of the universe
  5. I embrace all aspects of myself, both my divine light and my shadows
  6. I commit to inner healing and acknowledge that spiritual growth involves facing my emotional wounds
  7. I am a vessel for spiritual understanding while also grounding myself in the present reality of my human experience
  8. I stay open to guidance from others, and trust that humility is key to authentic spiritual growth
  9. I release the need to be spiritually perfect and allow myself to be a work in progress
  10. I cultivate balance between spiritual practices and practical action to improve my life and the lives of others
  11. I acknowledge that spirituality is not a means to escape from reality, but to find deeper meaning and purpose within it
  12. I acknowledge the interconnectedness of all beings, recognising that true spirituality includes compassion and empathy for others
crown chakra affirmation - I am grounded in the wisdom of the universe, connected to the divine flow of life

While the Crown Chakra is often seen as the pinnacle of the seven chakra system, you shouldn’t allow your journey of striving for spiritual growth and enlightenment to overlook the significance of your other needs and your other chakras!

It’s key to recognise that both underactivity and overactivity can lead to a crown chakra imbalance.

Thankfully, crown chakra affirmations can allow us to restore balance in this area, and I hope that the affirmations in this post can serve you on this journey. 

By following the tips I gave to working with them you can nurture a balanced crown chakra and promote spiritual connection, intuition, inner peace and grounding.

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