How to Take Inspired Action to Manifest with the Law of Attraction

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One of my pet peeves with the manifestation community is this notion that you can achieve anything you want simply by asking for it.

News flash that’s just not how manifestation works!

In order to bring your dreams and desires into reality, you have to do your bit to co-create them. That means you have to be taking aligned action and inspired action to manifest what you want, no matter how big or small it is.

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While I’m a big believer in taking action full stop, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of taking inspired action in particular if you want to truly move the needle with your dreams and desires.

This is the action that almost catapults you into alignment with your desire and brings it into your reality. While other actions help you take steps towards your dream, inspired action helps you take the final leap.

In this post I’m going to be breaking down exactly what inspired action is and how to take inspired action to manifest your dreams.

After reading this you’ll have the actionable tips you need to go away and make those big leaps in your own life!

how to manifest your desires by taking inspired action

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What is the Law of Inspired Action?

There are several laws of the Universe (twelve to be precise), that when combined and applied can help you understand the process of manifestation and get you killer results.

When it comes to the universal law of inspired action, it describes your ability to attract your desired result by taking action that is aligned with your desire.

While many people have come to believe that manifestation is simply a process of ask, believe, and receive… I personally think this is complete rubbish

Manifestation is a process of co-creation with the Universe, and that means that you have to do your bit by applying the Law of Action in order to manifest what you desire.

What we really should be saying is ask, believe, take action and receive. This is essentially what this universal law is about, because without taking the right kind of action you’re going to be very disappointed with your results.

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What is inspired action?

Now, it’s worth noting that not all action is the same. So while it’s all well and good saying that you need to take action to manifest your desires, what you really need to be doing is taking the right kind of action.

The right kind of action is action that is aligned with your desires. That means that it’s the kind of action that is going to bring you closer to manifesting what it is that you want.

The challenge is that it’s not necessarily always easy to understand whether the action you’re taking is aligned or not. How do you know if the action you’re taking is actually moving you closer to your desires?

In truth, it involves a bit of trial and error and a lot of reflection. But there are also things that you can do to ensure that the action you’re taking is aligned. 

One of these being to take more inspired action. Inspired action is naturally aligned to the energy of your desires, which means that the more inspired action you take, the more you are bringing yourself in alignment with your desires and the closer you’ll get to manifesting them.  

But what actually is inspired action? To understand what inspired action really is, I think it’s helpful to compare it to another type of action that I like to call ‘planned action’. 

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Planned action

Put simply, planned action is any action that you take that you have previously planned for.

Let’s say you sit down at the beginning of the week and write yourself a to-do list. Any time you tick one of those things off your to-do list you’re taking planned action.

Now, let’s clear this up before anyone gets any wrong ideas – planned action isn’t bad. In fact, I think it’s essential to make real progress towards where you want to be.

And planned action itself isn’t naturally aligned or unaligned either. Whether or not the action you plan for is aligned depends on the process that you take to plan it, as well as factors like divine timing.

For example, let’s say when you sit down to do your to-do list you get yourself in a good space energetically and you really take the time to tune in and try to connect to what actions will move you closer to your desires.

There’s a good chance that in doing so you’re going to uncover some aligned actions, and taking those actions will really help to move the needle when it comes to manifesting what you want. 

There’s also a good chance that some of those actions won’t turn out to be aligned or move you in the right direction, but that’s okay too. This is where trial and error and reflection come in, and why I’m a big believer in taking action regardless – because if you never try then you never know!

And if we compare this to another scenario where we’re in a rush and we sit down to write a to-do list but we don’t really put much thought into it at all… I’d say it’s pretty clear that there’s a much higher chance of none of these actions being aligned and moving the needle than in the other scenario.

Hopefully from these examples you can see that planned action isn’t inherently good or bad, aligned or unaligned.

And planned action has its purpose in moving you closer towards your desires, especially if you put in the energy to make it more effective.  

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Inspired action meaning

Now you have a better understanding of planned action, we can use this to bring some clarity to our inspired action definition.

Because unlike planned action, which is action that you actively sit down and plan for, inspired action is action that comes to you naturally in the moment.

Think of those times when seemingly out of nowhere you get an idea, and you can’t really explain where it’s come from. Often this is the Universe trying to guide us in the direction of our dreams, and suggesting the actions that we can take to get there.

Interestingly enough, and without wanting to complicate things, inspired action can come to you in those moments when you’ve sat down to plan like we spoke about before. But it still isn’t the same as planned action, and you’ll know the difference when it comes!

Because planned action typically comes from a space of logic and thinking – it’s more strategic and you’re actively trying to uncover it.

On the other hand, inspired action just comes to you effortlessly and easily, and without explanation.

It’s those ‘aha’ moments, and the ideas that fly into your mind and demand that you take notice.

When we have those sudden ideas or epiphanies to what we have to do, and we actually take action on it, this is what we call inspired action. This is because it’s action that we have been inspired by the Universe to carry out.

Unlike planned action, inspired action is inherently aligned. This means that by its very nature it is action that will move the needle and take you towards your dreams.

You have to remember that when ideas and actions come to you in this way, they’re coming to you for a reason. The Universe is gifting you a step along the route to your desires or your higher path – all you need to do is listen.

By listening and taking inspired aligned action, that is when you will truly start to see results in your manifestation practice.

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Inspired actions examples

Hopefully by now you’re getting a clear idea of what inspired action might look like, but to help you understand the benefits of inspired action for manifestation a bit more we can look at a little recent example that I had with a house purchase.

My partner and I set the intention that we were going to purchase a house this year and at various points we agreed to sit down together and browse the web for houses.

But during those sessions we never really found anything that felt like “the one”. Sure, we found nice houses, but none that were within our budget or in the right area.

Then one day, while I was working, I had a random urge to check for houses.

Now, in my mind I was like “c’mon Esther, stop procrastinating. You’re supposed to be working”. But in my heart I’ve come to know that when inspiration comes knocking like this it’s for a reason.

So off I went to browse for houses, and sure enough within minutes I had stumbled across a house that I LOVED. 

This wasn’t like the other houses that we’d seen before that we could maybe make work but they didn’t feel 100% aligned. This was a house that I knew I wanted – it felt like the one.

And fast forward a few months… my partner and I have successfully bought this house.

Funnily enough I actually have several more stories I could tell you about this house buying journey, about various synchronicities, little manifestation hacks, and everything aligning, but they’re stories for another day!

The bottom line is that in this instance I felt a call and so I took inspired action. This inspired action was simply to go ahead and look at houses, but for you it could be something entirely different.

The most important thing is that when inspiration turns up, you learn to pay attention and take action. And I’m gonna teach you how to do just that in a moment. 

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How to take inspired action for Law of Attraction

When you first start exploring manifestation, or even if you’re further into your journey, inspired action may not be something that comes very naturally to you and that’s okay.

It’s a process of learning how to trust the Universe, and it’s something that comes with time, trial and error and reflection. While others may be naturals at listening and taking action on signs from the Universe, some of us need a little more time.

So with that being said, here are some of my top tips for taking inspired action to manifest your desires.

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1. Begin by living in the ‘now’

The first fundamental step of taking inspired action is learning to live in the ‘now’. 

By this I don’t mean you should completely sack in all of your plans – as I said before, planning has its place and I think thinking ahead and being prepared is great.

However, in order to allow for inspired action to come in, you do have to have some element of flexibility and be willing to live in the moment at least sometimes.

If you’re not a living in the moment kind of person (as a very earth dominant person, I’m not either, trust me), you could begin by dedicating a set amount of time each day to living in the now to start off with.

For example, you might say that between 8am-9am each day you’re going to do whatever you feel like doing in that moment, and you’re going to make room to see what comes up. Then, whatever you feel inspired to do during that time, do it with no questions asked!

This is a good way to train yourself to be able to go with the flow and live in the moment without any kind of judgement. 

I would also recommend reading the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, which is a wonderful book all about being present and living in the ‘now’. This really helped me to reframe my mindset which has always been very naturally caught up in the past or the future. 

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2. Be willing to trust

Taking inspired action requires trust, because you’re not always going to feel 100% confident in what you’re doing or know that it is going to work out.

In these moments, you need to be able to remind yourself that these ideas are coming to you for a reason and to put your full trust in just seeing what happens.

When it comes to building trust with the Universe, I like to tell people to treat it like they would building trust in a new relationship.

More often than not, you don’t tell people you’ve just met your biggest secrets or put your life in their hands. You start with something small to test the waters and as you start to see their trustworthiness, you begin to trust them with more and more things.

The process of manifestation and inspired action is very similar! At first you might feel a bit uncomfortable listening to messages from the Universe and you might feel doubtful that some of your biggest desires are possible to manifest.

But if you start small and begin with little actions, your belief will begin to build and it will get easier and easier to listen to the guidance that is meant for you. Trust the process.

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3. Get in alignment with your desire

In order for inspired action to come forth, you have to first be in alignment with your desire. 

Inspired action won’t come forth if you’re unclear about what you want and if you’re not already living in alignment with it.

Living in alignment with your desire means first embodying the energy of your desire. This is when inspired action can come to you, in order to help you take those next steps forward to bring your desire into your physical reality.

To get in alignment with your desire, you need to first understand the energy of the thing that you want. 

How would you expect to feel if you had your desire? What kind of energy would someone with that desire embody?

Then you have to begin taking action to embody that energy and get in alignment with it.

This might mean taking up a new hobby or habit, surrounding yourself with people who make you feel that energy, listening to certain music, wearing certain clothes. Whatever allows you to tune into the energy of your desire and truly embody it.

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4. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities

Now you’re embodying the energy of your desire, you need to pay attention to signs and synchronicities. This isn’t the same as actively seeking them, but instead opening yourself up to allow yourself to notice them.

This firstly means that you have to be aware of the ways that signs and synchronicities may come to you – this post will help you to understand this topic more deeply so you have the awareness to spot these kinds of signs.

And it also means that you have to be present. This is similar to what I said before about living in the now.

In order to pay attention to signs and synchronicities you have to be mindful of your surroundings and truly experience what’s going on around you. 

For this I would recommend practising mindfulness to ensure that you’re not prone to missing important messages that are meant for you and are ultimately designed to guide you towards your desires.

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5. Listen and take inspired action

When you do notice signs, receive messages, or you have an idea that seemingly comes out of nowhere… take action.

I can’t really put it any more simply than that. Just do the damn thing!

If you build your trust in the Universe and in manifestation then this will come more easily to you, because you’re able to let go and just see where the action guides you.

It’s important to know that it’s not always going to feel easy though, and some inspired action is really going to challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone.

But this is the kind of action that is going to get you results and push you towards your desired life.

If you stay in your comfort zone and don’t take action towards your desires, then you can guarantee that you’ll stay stagnant. 

But if you listen and take action then you are at the very least opening up the opportunity for some level of change to occur.

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6. Always reflect

To continually grow and give yourself the best chances of manifesting your dream life, the most important thing you can do is reflect and learn from your past actions and experiences.

By taking action you’re able to gather mental data about what does and doesn’t work for you. What does and doesn’t move the needle when it comes to achieving your desires.

By reflecting on your experience taking inspired action you’ll also be able to build a deeper trust in the Universe making it easier and easier to take more inspired action in future – perhaps even bigger leaps that will have huge results in your life! 

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Inspired action quotes

Want to feel even more inspired about the power of inspired action for manifesting your dream reality? Check out these quotes…

  • Inspired action is like a quantum leap towards your dream – Mia Fox
  • Every action of our lives touches some chord that will vibrate in eternity – E. H. Chapin
  • It isn’t confidence that comes first, but taking action. Confidence follows action. – Scott Allan
  • My definition of action that gets the results you desire – is relaxed inspired action – not desperate action or desperate reaction. – Sheri Kaye Hoff
  • The path to success is to take massive, determined actions. – Tony Robbins
  • Take inspired action and create powerful change. – Unknown

And there you have it – your online guide to moving the needle towards your dreams and desires by taking inspired aligned action.

I trust that this post has helped you to understand the difference between taking planned and inspired action, but ultimately the importance of taking action altogether. 

Next time you set a desire that you want to bring into fruition, sit and ask yourself what aligned steps you can take today to move towards it.

And then follow the steps on how to take inspired action to allow the Universe to guide you closer.

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how to take inspired action to manifest your desires

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