Synchronicities Meaning: 8 Signs and How to Interpret Them

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Signs and synchronicities are one of my favourite things about the Universe!

Every time I receive or notice a sign or synchronicity I just feel an overwhelming sense that everything is in order and that the Universe is looking out for me.

For other people, this feeling of being “looked after” may come from God or angels (or whatever else it is that you believe in).

Whatever this means to you, I’m sure synchronicities can and will bring you the same amount of joy when you learn how to recognize them!

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So this post is going to help you to start noticing synchronicity signs and interpret them on your own journey, so you can receive and listen to the guidance that you are being provided!

My hope is that by providing you with some of these powerful synchronicity examples you can experience the beauty of synchronicities in your own life firsthand.

Just as a note: I will be using the term Universe throughout this post because that is what personally resonates with me. Feel free to replace this with whatever resonates with you!

synchronicity signs that you shouldn't ignore

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Here’s what you can expect in this post:

What is Synchronicity?

Before we get into how to recognise synchronicities in your own life, what actually is “synchronicity”?

Synchronicity is a concept that was first described by psychoanalyst Carl Jung. He described this phenomenon as events appearing meaningfully related despite having no causal connection.

From this psychological perspective, many give an alternative name for synchronicity – “meaningful coincidences”.

They argue that the meaning we assign to phenomena like this is due to a mirroring between our internal world and our external world. For example, seeing something we have just been thinking about.

This meaning can then motivate us to take action on the things that matter to us.

Synchronicity spiritual meaning

While the psychological definition of synchronicity is a valid one, I believe that synchronicities can also come to us through the form of spirit.

For example, signs and synchronicities can be a form of communication from a higher consciousness (God, angels, the Universe, or whatever you believe in) to nudge us in the right direction and bring light to things that are otherwise escaping our attention.

For example, there have been several periods of my life when I have read tarot or oracle for myself daily and the same card appears in my reading every single day until I take action on it. It’s like the Universe is screaming at me to listen!

In circumstances like this, or when you feel like things in your life are “syncing up” or “aligning” in a way that can’t be explained by science or reason, I think that synchronicity is an inherently spiritual occurrence.

black and white quote on wooden background that reads "the truth is no coincidence"

Synchronicity VS Coincidence

This phenomenon however poses the question, what’s the difference between synchronicity and coincidence?

In my opinion, the difference comes down to personal perception and belief only.

For example, somebody who is completely close minded when it comes to concepts that cannot be objectively proven may put every synchronicity that occurs down to coincidence and coincidence alone.

In contrast, somebody who is a big believer in a higher power or spirituality may find meaning and synchronicities everywhere in their lives, even where they don’t exist, because they’re looking for that connection.

These are at two extreme ends of the spectrum, but I believe there is a middle ground in which you can intuitively notice when you are receiving true signs and synchronicities from the Universe. (which of course you’ll be able to do yourself after reading this post.)

For example, if you notice one sign in your life it might make sense to put this down to coincidence. However, if this sign comes to you over and over again it becomes increasingly less likely that this is due to chance.

When you’re connected with your intuition, you’re able to sense when something is a sign or synchronicity, as well as how to interpret it. Which we’ll get onto now.

i can show you how to see a world where others see a wall

How to Recognize Synchronicities

If we’re not living mindfully, sometimes we can go about our daily lives and not even notice the signs that are right in front of us.

If you’re not used to recognizing synchronicities in your own life, these three easy steps can help you get into the routine of doing so.

Step 1: Pay Attention

First and foremost, pay attention. It might sound obvious… but are you really paying attention?

If you spend most of your time using technology or going about your day on autopilot then you’re not going to notice the signs and synchronicities around you (or enjoy the present moment as much, but that’s a whooole other topic).

In order to recognize synchronicity you have to be aware of what is going on around you.

Mindfulness techniques are an absolute must for this – essentially, you want to slow down and exercise all of your senses. For example, you might incorporate mindfulness journaling into your routine to work your mindfulness muscle.

Actively engage with the world around you otherwise you’re bound to miss out on important messages!

Step 2: Notice Repetition

This should, in theory, come naturally if you’re paying attention – the more you pay attention, the more you notice things. 

Repetition is one of the biggest signs of synchronicity and something you should definitely be looking out for.

When things are aligning, you will notice them most commonly in recurring events, things you see or things you hear.

For example, you might hear the same phrase repeated by multiple different people which has a clear message for you. (Or receive the same tarot card over and over if you’re anything like me!)

the word repetition written three times on a notepad on a wooden table next to a cup of coffee and a pen

Step 3: Take Note

A handy tip when you notice something that may have a significance is to write it down. 

Often we’ll forget things that may not seem huge at the time, but writing them down (no matter how big or small) helps us to track them over time and see how they play out.

It can also help us to notice further patterns that help us interpret what certain signs mean. For example, if you write down something that you think may have been a sign you can then determine if it was in fact a sign by seeing what events happen after it. 

Without acknowledging it and writing it down you’re less likely to notice these sequences of events.

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8 Synchronicity signs that you shouldn’t ignore

Still unsure how to recognize synchronicities in your own life?

Doing so takes time and practice, and I find it can help to know some common synchronicity examples to look out for.

So here are 8 of the most common synchronicity signs that you shouldn’t ignore!

1. synchronicity numbers

Numbers are one of the biggest signs of synchronicity that suggest things are lining up for you! 

Different repeating numbers have different messages and the most significant ones often show themselves as the same number multiple times consecutively i.e. 1111 or 222.

An obvious place for this to occur is on a clock. I often find that at certain times in my life I glance at the clock at 11:11 on a daily basis – this usually happens when I need some extra reassurance that I’m on the right path.

You may also see repeating numbers in other areas too like on signs, doors, or a license plate. They really can show up anywhere to be honest!

It’s worth searching for the meanings of angel numbers and numerology because then you can get a clearer idea of what the numbers mean when they show up as signs.

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mile 111 sign

2. Thinking about someone and then they get in touch 

If you’re looking for examples of synchronicity with someone else, or love synchronicity signs specifically, this is a big one.

When you’re thinking about somebody and then you see them or they get in touch then this is usually a sign that you have a deep energetic connection with this person.

If you and another person often find yourselves thinking about each other at the same time then this can potentially mean that you have a soulmate connection, though it can also just be somebody who is very aligned with you.

3. running into the same person over and over

Another common example of synchronicity with someone else is running into them over and over again. This could be another sign that you have a very strong connection with this person.

It’s likely that you are both very aligned and so keep visiting the same places at the same time. You might even find yourself bumping into them in the most obscure of places that really can’t be explained with coincidence.

It can also be a sign from the Universe that you’re supposed to engage with this person in some way and pursue the connection further.

Ask yourself, is there any reason why the Universe might be encouraging you and this person to connect?

friends bumping into each other on the street

4. hearing the same phrase

Have you ever heard a phrase that you’ve never heard before and then suddenly you start hearing it everywhere?!

This is a synchronicity that I get in my own life a lot and sometimes it will be something completely meaningless which makes me chuckle ‘cos it kinda feels like the Universe is just having a laugh with me.

But at other times if you pay attention to the words it might be something significant that you’re supposed to be hearing! 

Are you receiving words of encouragement to pursue something you’ve been thinking about? Or are you receiving a warning not to go down a certain path? Pay attention to these repeating phrases and see what this might be a sign of. 

5. perfect timing

This has got to be one of the best and most fun synchronicities to receive!

Perfect timing is when you seem to be just in time for something good to happen or just in time to avoid something bad or unpleasant. In other words, it’s having “luck on your side”.

For example, maybe you’re driving somewhere and every single traffic light turns green as you approach it. Or maybe you’re walking somewhere and it starts to rain just as you get inside.

There’s usually no lesson to be learned in instances like this, but it could mean that you either have someone or something looking out for you, or simply that you’re in such a high vibration that you’re attracting these positive experiences.

When you are blessed with synchronicities like this, practice gratitude and you’re likely to attract even more blessings!

green traffic light

6. seeing your spirit animal

If you see an animal presenting itself to you in various situations (that you feel is too unique to be a coincidence) then it could be a sign that this is your spirit animal or a totem animal trying to send you a message.

Each animal has its own unique symbolism and when you see this animal at a particular time or often then it may have a lesson for you that you should pay attention to.

Look up the meanings of each animal guide to see what the animal you’ve been seeing may be trying to communicate with you.

You might be surprised at how well this message resonates with your current experience!

red fox

7. dreams and synchronicity

One of the times when we’re most receptive to signs from the Universe and spirit is when we’re asleep and dreaming.

That’s because in this state the conscious mind is at rest allowing for our subconscious to come out to play! Our subconscious mind can interpret the messages it receives and make natural connections that we’re not always able to make when we’re awake.

Look out for recurring themes in your dreams to see if you’re receiving any important messages or signs.

Maybe you’re dreaming of the same person or you keep seeing the same symbolism – what deeper meaning might this have for you?

If you’re tuning into your psychic abilities you may also dream of something before it happens.

If you notice a significant dream that you think may be a premonition then don’t ignore it! There is a reason that you are receiving this guidance.

woman falling dreamlike

8. Thinking about something, then having it happen

This is something all of us will experience throughout our lifetime, some of us more frequently than others. But whether or not you acknowledge it is another matter.

When we think about something and then it happens this is a clear sign that our manifesting powers are strong.

In fact, I would personally take this sign as encouragement to use the power of your own mind and vibration to manifest your dreams into reality.

Remember though, thoughts alone are not enough to manifest, it’s our underlying vibration that does so. So make sure to take inspired action and align your whole being with your desires in order to bring them into fruition.

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How to interpret synchronicities

So you know some of the most common synchronicity signs that you may receive from the Universe, but interpreting them is a whole other ball game.

There is no one size fits all for what each sign means so how do you actually interpret these synchronicities in your own life? 

Basically… intuition – you need to develop your intuition.

These are some tips that can help you to develop your intuition and interpret the signs and synchronicities that you notice coming up for you.

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1. meditate and go inwards

Meditation is a no-brainer when it comes to developing your intuition.

If you want to tune in to your inner knowing then you need to slow down and work towards raising your vibration.

Regular and consistent meditation (sorry… you can’t just do it the once) raises your vibration over time and heightens your perception and level of consciousness.

This is when you’re going to be able to recognize and interpret synchronicities with less effort.

If you have a specific message that you’re trying to uncover, meditate on it specifically to see if anything comes up to clarify its meaning.

woman meditating at sunset

2. listen to your body

Our bodies store energy and if we listen close enough we can interpret its messages and sense things that our mind is not able to. 

For example, if we notice a heaviness in our chest or a sinking feeling in our stomach when we receive a sign then it may be immediately obvious that this could be a warning that something isn’t “right”.

This is something that you may be able to do with little difficulty but it’s worth noting that “negative” signs (which actually aren’t negative at all) are much less common than “positive” ones. 

More often than not we will receive reassurance that we’re on the right path rather than a warning that we’re on the wrong one.

So it becomes more important that we’re able to recognize positive feelings and sensations in our bodies, which is a bit trickier since as humans we tend to have a negative bias.

With that being said, we can tune into all physical sensations and senses with practice. A great practice to develop this mind body connection and awareness is yoga.

If you’re not already practicing yoga, I highly encourage you to get started! A great way to introduce yourself to the practice is by doing a 30 day challenge, which is exactly how I got started myself back in 2016!

woman rolling out yoga mat on the grass

3. explore symbolism

Symbols can be a huge part of the messages we receive from the Universe, but if we don’t have an understanding of symbolism then we’re likely to overlook them.

To make sure you’re able to interpret any signs that come up for you now or in the future, learn about symbolism and start to make your own intuitive connections to various symbols that may come up in your life.

Books are definitely my favourite way to learn new concepts, but if this isn’t your thing then you can definitely find some awesome videos online too! 

4. Consult the tarot

Tarot is an amazing tool to seek the answers within.

I often hear tarot described as a “mirror into the soul” and I honestly think this is the perfect description – pulling tarot allows us to tune into our inner knowing and make intuitive connections.

I personally love a daily tarot practice and I use the Wild Unknown deck every single morning to tune into my message for the day.

If you want to interpret a specific sign then you can ask the tarot and do a reading to reveal the answers within yourself.

If you’re unfamiliar with reading tarot then you can either use a tarot guidebook or request a professional reading! My tarot cheat sheets also make it easy to read tarot for yourself, even as a beginner.

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let your intuition guide you tarot card

5. practice freewriting

One of my favourite intuition developing tools is another journaling technique called freewriting.

This basically means that you write whatever comes to mind without “thinking” or censoring it.

If you’re trying to interpret a specific sign, ask yourself “what might the Universe be telling me?” and then proceed to write freely for a set amount of time.

When you practice writing like this you’re able to enter more of your subconscious mind and uncover your inner knowing without your cognition getting involved.

6. keep a dream journal

We already discussed that we can receive some of our most powerful signs within our dreams, but did you know that most of us forget 95-99% of our dreams?! Just think of all the important messages we’re missing!

In order to receive and interpret these important messages we need to make a conscious and active effort to do so. One of the ways in which we can do this is by starting a dream journal.

This means that first thing in the morning (yes, before checking your phone) you get your journal and write down every single thing you can remember from your dreams.

It’s important that you do this first thing before your mind gets distracted by other things, because this is when we start forgetting things that may be crucial! 

As time goes on, you’ll find your dream recall gets stronger and stronger and you’re able to pick up messages more intuitively.

Why you shouldn’t ignore these strong signs from the Universe

Now I’m not going to scare you into thinking something terrible is going to happen if you ignore these synchronicity signs… it’s highly unlikely that this is the case in most situations.

Simply put, you shouldn’t ignore these signs from the Universe because the Universe is trying to help you out!

I like to think of the Universe as a best friend… a best friend knows you very well and tends to be honest about what they think is good or bad for you.

They may let you know if they think a guy doesn’t have your best interests at heart and they hopefully encourage you when they think something is a really good fit for you.

When a best friend tells you things like this you tend to listen because you’re highly connected to them and you trust that they know what’s best.

This is exactly what the Universe is like, but even more so!

When the Universe gives you a sign or gives you a nudge in a different direction, trust that it does so because it knows what’s best for you. Following its guidance will always lead you in the right direction if you know how to listen.

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Synchronicity and the law of attraction

So what do all of these synchronicity signs mean for the Law of Attraction specifically?

Well, if you’re receiving a lot of signs and things seem to be aligning in your life then I’d take this as a clear message that you’re on the right path and you’re close to your manifestation.

This is particularly true for certain signs such as repeating numbers and perfect timing, which can be clear indicators that you’re in high vibration right now and blessings are coming.

If you notice that you’re receiving these signs then trust that the Universe has got this covered, you’re on the right track and you will have your breakthrough very soon.

If you’ve been working with the Law of Attraction and you have not received any signs that your manifestation is coming then don’t panic! This may mean that you have some underlying blocks that you may need to work on in order to bring your dreams into reality.

Synchronicity FAQs

Still want to soak up more info? Here are some answers to the most common questions about signs and synchronicities.

What does synchronicity mean spiritually?

From a spiritual perspective, synchronicity is the occurrence of a meaningful connection between events that can’t be explained by science or reason. Typically it is believed that things “align” when you are living in alignment or when Universe, Spirit or Angels want to communicate with you.

Is synchronicity just coincidence?

It depends on your beliefs. Some may say synchronicity is “meaningful coincidence”, while others may believe that synchronicity is anything that cannot be put down to coincidence.

What are synchronicity signs?

Synchronicity signs are things you may notice in your environment or inner world that give the impression things are aligning. For example, noticing a repeating number sequence often.

What does it mean when you see synchronicities?

The two most common reasons for seeing synchronicities are either because you’re living in alignment with your higher purpose/design or because the Universe (or another higher power) wants to bring something into your awareness. However, the specific meaning of any synchronicities you see are unique to you.

What are some examples of synchronicity?

Some common examples of synchronicities are number synchronicities (seeing repeating numbers), perfect timing, dream messages and alignment with other people.

What does it mean when you keep seeing the same person everywhere?

This is usually thought to be a sign that the Universe wants you to connect with this person in some way. It can also mean that you are both in alignment which is why you keep visiting the same places.

traffic sign with two options - coincidence and destiny

I hope you’ve come away from this post with a clear understanding of how to recognize and interpret synchronicity signs in your own life, and that this serves you on your spiritual journey.

If you frequently receive certain signs I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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