The 18 Best Manifestation Journals to Attract Your Dreams in 2023

A practice that I personally love to incorporate into my manifestation routine is journaling, and I think this should be something everyone considers trying if they’re serious about making their dreams a reality.

The best manifestation journals can help you work with fundamental Law of Attraction principles that can be difficult to implement without putting pen to paper. 

Like releasing limiting beliefs, reprogramming your subconscious, and visualising your desires… to name a few.

And if you’re ready to explore manifestation journaling for yourself, or get your hands on a new manifestation journal, then you’re in the right place.

In this post I’ll be sharing some of the best manifestation journals to help make your dreams a reality.

By the end you’ll have found your next manifestation journal to take your practice to the next level!

the best manifestation journals to attract your dream life

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What is manifestation journaling?

In its broadest sense, manifestation journaling is the practice of using a journal to help you reach your manifestation goals.

But what manifestation journaling means to each person can be very unique.

For example, one person might use manifestation journaling to work through limiting beliefs and clear mindset blocks that might get in the way of manifesting their goals.

Another might incorporate various manifestation techniques or “hacks” that typically make use of journaling, such as scripting and the 5×55 method

Truth is, there is no right or wrong way to practise manifestation journaling. The idea is that you make the practice your own and use it in a way that brings you into alignment with your desires.

That’s why choosing the best manifestation journal for you is so important.

What to look for in a manifestation journal

With that being said, here are some things to look out for when purchasing your first, or looking through some of the best manifestation journals.

Physical or digital

Perhaps the first thing to consider is whether you’d prefer a physical or digital manifestation journal.

Physical journals can be preferred if you want to feel more connected to your journal and many people will consider physical journals to be some of the best for manifestation journals.

This is because often the act of putting pen to paper can make you feel more present and give a feeling of permanence to your writings.

But there are pros to digital journaling too!

Digital journals are often viewable on any device which means you don’t have to worry about lugging your journal around from place to place.

They also tend to work out cheaper in the long run because you buy them once but can use them time and time again.

Whether you choose to go for physical or digital is simply a matter of preference.

Take some time to consider what would work best for you in your life before making the decision to purchase your manifestation journal.

Length of time/Journal

Another thing about physical journals is that they’re limited to a certain number of pages which means they’re typically designed to last a specific length of time. 

Are you looking for a manifestation journal to last you the entire year, journaling here and there?

Or are you searching for a 90-day intensive manifestation journal to really dig deep into a desire over a shorter period of time?

Spend some time getting clear on your desires and working out what size of journal might work best for your manifestation approach.


There are other things to consider when looking for the best manifestation journal, such as what theme or focus it might have, or whether it incorporates any Law of Attraction techniques you might want to explore.

Maybe you’d like to explore working with the Moon phases to manifest your desires?

Or maybe you’re looking for a journal that has plenty of space to practise scripting?

Not every manifestation journaling technique is going to appeal to every person, so this is definitely something to consider before getting your hands on a new journal.

And this goes for the appearance of the journal too!

Because while I would typically agree with “don’t judge a book by its cover”, you still want to find a journal that you like the look of and that incorporates themes and imagery that resonate with you.

The 18 best manifestation journals to attract your dream life

Hopefully by now you should have a good idea of what to consider when looking for a manifestation journal.

So with those things in mind, here are some of the best manifestation journals I have found to practise the Law of Attraction and various manifestation techniques.

These manifestation journals will help you get into alignment with your desires and attract your dreams.

So have a browse through while considering what would work best for you, and then start making stuff happen!

1. Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal: A Guided Journal for Manifesting Your Deepest Desire

The Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal is essentially a guided workbook to help you manifest your desires using a combination of popular manifestation techniques such as releasing limiting beliefs, the 369 manifestation method, the 555 manifestation method and scripting. There is also a number of blank pages for you to write freely.

2. The Manifestation Journal: Achieve Your Potential and Create the Reality you desire

This Manifestation Journal is by Gill Thackray: a coach, psychologist and mindfulness teacher. This journal features step-by-step manifestation advice and guidance on setting intentions, visualisation, reflection, gratitude, and of course manifestation methods like the 369 method and scripting.

3. Manifestation Journal for Beginners: An Introduction to Harnessing the Law of Attraction & Journal for Creating the Life You Want

The Manifestation Journal for Beginners is designed to support beginner manifesters on their journey of attracting their desires. It includes an intro to manifestation and the Law of Attraction with a variety of journaling exercises and affirmations to help you put your knowledge into practice. This is a must have for manifestation newbies!

4. Manifesting: a Day and Night Reflection Journal

This manifestation journal is designed to help you build a daily habit that gets you in alignment with your desires. It’s designed as a 90-day support system with a morning practice and evening practice every day to keep you consistent and moving in the right direction. It’s perfect for those who like structure with its guided prompts, forms and checklists which make it easy to reflect and see your progress.

5. Manifestation Journal – the easy way to start using the law of attraction and manifest your dream life

This manifestation journal is a combination of a journal and a planner. It features daily and weekly planning sections that allow you to both set goals based on your manifestations and reflect on your progress. It also includes a variety of different manifestation exercises to help you get into alignment with your desires and implement common manifestation techniques.

6. Create Your Reality Manifestation Journal: PLANS | AFFIRMATIONS | GRATITUDE

The Create Your Reality Manifestation Journal is a guided journal that helps you work with the Law of Attraction on a daily basis. This is perfect if you’re looking for a simple journal with structured pages to write down your plans, affirmations and gratitude.

7. Manifestation Journal: Law of Attraction Techniques, Exercises and Tools for Creating Abundance, Success, and Joy

This Manifestation Journal is packed full of useful information and insights about manifestation and the Law of Attraction, as well as guided exercises throughout. This journal is designed to help you attract any desire through becoming a vibrational match for it, reprogramming your subconscious mind and taking consistent daily action.

8. The Five Minute Journal, Original Daily Gratitude Journal, Reflection & Manifestation Journal for Mindfulness

While the Five Minute Journal is not strictly a manifestation journal, its consistent practices like reflection and gratitude will help you get more into alignment with the life that you want to live and the goals you’ve set for yourself. Based on positive psychology, it’s designed to help you improve your life in as little as five minutes per day!

9. 2023 New Moon & Full Moon Manifestation Journal: Work with the Moon to Help your Dreams Come True

This 2023 Moon Manifestation Journal is perfect for you if you want to use the power of moonology to attract your desires. This journal contains the dates of moon phases and key themes, affirmations and releasing statements based on their energy. Along with journal pages to help you set intentions and reflect on your progress.

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10. Manifestation Journal for Black Women: Law of Attraction Techniques, Exercises and Tools for Creating Wealth, Abundance, Success, Happiness and Joy

This Manifestation Journal includes specific chapters on manifestation as a black woman, and representative imagery to the front of the journal designed to empower black women to step into their power and manifest their dream life. This journal will help you get into alignment, uncover your motivation and ultimately make your dreams a reality.

11. Manifestation Journal Magick: Guided 369, 555, and Scripting to Manifest Your Dream Life

Manifestation Journal Magick uses a combination of guided 369, 555 and scripting so you can see which technique resonates deepest with you. It also includes beginner-friendly manifestation guidance, tips for intention setting and spacious journal pages to write freely about your desires.

12. 555 Challenge: The Law of Attraction Writing Exercise Journal & Workbook for Women: to Manifest Your Desires with the 55×5 Manifestation Technique

The 555 challenge is a Law of Attraction workbook based on the 5×55 method. It includes daily prompts and space to write your intentions and affirmations using this popular manifestation technique. Before purchasing this journal I would recommend reading this post on the 5×55 method to get the most out of it!

13. 369 Manifestation Journal: A Guided Manifestation Journal Using Affirmations, the Law of Attraction, and Divine Numbers To Manifest Anything You Desire

The 369 manifestation journal guides you through the 369 method of using divine numbers to attract your desires. It features an explanation of the method, mindset exercises and affirmation examples to help you get the most out of the workbook.

14. 369 Manifesting Journal: A 93 Day Guided Workbook

Another journal that focuses on the 369 manifestation method is this one. This is a 93 day guided workbook that includes everything you need to implement this practice in your own life including an explanation of the technique, examples, manifestation ideas, powerful affirmations and a “self care menu”.

15. The Manifestation Journal: Ask The Universe for What You Want and Be Prepared To Receive It

This Manifestation Journal is a gorgeous illustrated journal packed full of Law of Attraction techniques. It features introduction on different manifestation techniques, weekly affirmations, vibration raising techniques, reflection and gratitude pages, and scripting pages.

16. The manifestation guidebook and journal

The Manifestation Guidebook and Journal is a luxuriously designed journal to help you manifest with detailed guidance and practical tips. Inside you’ll find a “life audit” section (to get clear on what you want), goal setting, reframing limiting beliefs, affirmation creating, daily journal pages, new moon and full moon reflections, gratitude lists, dream logging, visualisation, scripting, habit tracking, and more! It really does have everything you could ever need!

17. The Law of Attraction Planner Printable

This Printable Law of Attraction planner is a reusable PDF that you can use time and time again! It includes a vision board (for visual manifestation), a manifestation board (for written manifestation), a manifestation plan, a monthly planner page, a weekly planner page, a daily planner page, a vibration raising tracker, a progress board, a gratitude bank, an affirmation bank and printable affirmation cards. Just print out the pages you need and you’re good to go!

18. The Moon Planner Printable

The Moon Planner Printable is a reusable PDF that will help you stay on track with your moon manifestation practice. This purchase includes a moon phase cheat sheet, moon phase daily planner, new moon ritual page, full moon ritual page and an intention check-in sheet.

And there you have it, those are the 18 best manifestation journals to attract your dream life this year!

I truly believe there’s something here for everyone, so make sure to have a think about what it is you want and need from a manifestation journal before making your decision.

And remember – consistency is key! So whichever journal you end up choosing, make sure to make a habit of using it.

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the best manifestation journals to manifest your desires fast

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