How to Create Your Own Unique New Moon Ritual

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The new moon is a time of new beginnings, and is the absolutely perfect time to set new intentions that you want to manifest in the cycle ahead.

By creating your own unique new moon ritual for manifestation, you can take full advantage of the energy of the new moon and connect on a deeper level in order to manifest.

If I had to pick one time to carry out a moon ritual, the new moon would be it. 

In my opinion, it is the most important time when it comes to working with the law of attraction and self-improvement practices.

So use the tips in this post to create a new moon ritual that works for you, because the results you’ll get are second to none!

new moon ritual for manifestation

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When to perform new moon rituals

A question I often receive is when the best time is to perform new moon rituals, and there isn’t necessarily a perfect answer to this question.

However, what I will say is the best time to perform a new moon ritual is a time that works for you that is as close to the time of the new moon as possible.

(You can find the exact time of the new moon for your location via websites such as this one)

All of us work in different ways and so some of us may feel more connected energetically in the morning, while others may feel more connected in the evenings/at night time.

It’s best then to do our rituals at a time that works best for you, regardless of whether this is the “norm” or not.

Plus, when it comes to new moon rituals, it isn’t as desirable to carry out your ritual at night as it is with a full moon ritual, for example.

That’s because we don’t need to make use of the moon’s light when there isn’t any!

I therefore find that you can be a little bit more flexible with the timing of a new moon ritual than you can with a full moon ritual. 

phases of the moon

Can you do a new moon ritual the next day?

Yes, of course!

The date that you carry out your new moon ritual doesn’t really matter, since all we’re striving to do is carry out our ritual as close to the new moon as possible.

The time of the new moon phase will vary significantly, so much so that the date sort of becomes irrelevant, especially if the phase occurs in the middle of the night when you’re sleeping.

2024 lunar calendar by Through the Phases. Featuring astrological placements of each new moon and full moon. Pictured on black background with flowers and sequin stars and moons

As a rule of thumb, the ideal time to carry out your new moon ritual is 12 hours either side of the new moon.

So for example, if the new moon occurred at 1am on Monday 2nd, you’d aim to practice your ritual at any point between 1pm on Sunday 1st and 1pm on Monday 2nd.

This is when the energy of the new moon phase is strongest, but you can still feel some of the effects a couple of days before and after.

So if you can’t fit your ritual within the 24hr window, don’t stress!

Extend the window to 24hr either side of the new moon if you need to, because it’s better to carry out your ritual at a time when you’re energetically ready than it is to force your ritual in for the sake of it!

The fundamentals of a new moon ritual

Understanding the fundamentals of the new moon phase can help you to create your own unique new moon ritual that makes use of these energies.

Use this knowledge to form the backbone of your ritual, so that you don’t forget the purpose of carrying it out!

New beginnings

It’s all in the name ‘new moon’ really, isn’t it?

begin mug

This is a start of the moon cycle and therefore a chance for new beginnings and starting afresh.

If you carried out a full moon ritual in the previous cycle, this will make this easier for you since you will have focused on letting go and releasing all that doesn’t serve you.

However, you don’t have to have done these practices to make use of this new energy.

As part of your new moon ritual, make it your focus to look forward and not back. 

This is the time to forget anything that occurred over the past cycle and view this as a blank state. 


While you’re looking forward, the new moon offers you the opportunity to think of what’s possible, and to set intentions for what you’re going to make happen.

The blank slate of a new moon means that anything that happened in our past is no longer relevant, and we can now make intentions on what is going to change or materialize in the future.

This is an exciting time and gives you the chance to dream big.

wish for it hope for it dream of it but by all means do it

Now is not the time to be limited by old beliefs, habits or constructs.

Remember, you’re entering the new. And anything is possible.

Connection and grounding

Compared to the full moon, which has more of a freeing and releasing energy, the new moon is much more grounding.

This can be the best time to connect to yourself on a deeper level and explore your inner workings.

Getting to know yourself in this way can help you to develop heightened self-awareness to help guide your intentions and serve your growth.

You can make use of this grounding energy to listen to your body and really tune into what you need.

It is also a great time to connect to mother earth and nature, which can be amazing for your mental state.

connected people in nature

Steps to create your own unique new moon ritual for manifestation

Follow these seven steps to create your own unique new moon ritual for manifestation.

1. Create a sacred space

The best way to start a new moon ritual is to create a sacred space that makes you feel grounded and connected.

There is no right or wrong way to set a sacred space, as what feels sacred is different for all of us.

If you’re a beginner, this is a process that can take time.

Explore different tools and items to see what enhances your space and what takes away from it.

Some of us may prefer a more minimalistic approach with minimal items in our space so that our heads feel clear and grounded.

Others of us may feel more comfortable and connected with lots more material items that help to set the space and get us in the right energy to carry out our rituals.

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new moon ritual sacred space

Don’t stress about getting it perfect, as you’ll likely find a preferred way to set your space with practice, that you can return to time and time again.

For now, use this as an ample opportunity to experiment with new ways of setting the space until you find what feels right for you and your practice.

2. Connect and ground

Engage in a practice that makes you feel connected and grounded.

This almost always requires switching off from all forms of technology, but I’m not here to set rules!

For me personally, meditation is the best way to connect and ground for a new moon ritual, but there are lots of other ways that you can do this too.

For example, going for a walk in nature is a great way to help you tune in and ground yourself.

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person meditating in nature

A form of mindful movement like yoga or tai chi would also be perfect for feeling into your body and turning inwards.

Whatever makes you feel grounded in both your body and spirit is what you want to include in this step of your ritual.

3. Seek guidance

Even after connecting and grounding, the modern world and the way we live means that our minds can often be cluttered and make it hard to listen to our intuition or inner voice.

The new moon is a good time to seek guidance from outside of yourself for the cycle ahead.

I personally feel like incorporating tools into this part of a new moon ritual is helpful in order to receive messages for the upcoming moon cycle, particularly if you’re a beginner or don’t have a strong intuition or inner voice.

Some tools that you might want to consider in this step of the ritual could be:

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moon magic oracle cards and spiritual tools

Use these tools to ask for messages and to see what you should focus on going forward. 

This can help you to gain the clarity necessary in order to set your intentions. 

4. Set your intentions

Now, I’d say this is the most important part of a new moon ritual, and manifesting in general.

If you’re looking to bring things into fruition, then setting your intentions is key.

If you’ve followed the previous steps, it should be easier to tune in and see what it is that you want to manifest into your life, but spend some time here making sure that your intentions align.

If you’ve never set intentions before and don’t know where to start, fear not! Check out this post for a guide to setting intentions that work.

I like to set my new moon intentions to manifest in the cycle ahead, which is approximately 28 days.

I feel like this is a good timeframe to work with until the start of the next cycle.

But you can set any intentions here, so if you want to go long term that’s fine!

Just make sure that you are clear about what your intentions are and when you intend to work on them.

just start quote on laptop

5. Practice affirmations

Affirmations are a good tool to include in your new moon ritual because they can help you to really hone in on your intentions and get in the right mindset and energy space to work on them.

You can use pre-written affirmations here, and here are some examples if this is what you want to do:

However, I would recommend writing your own affirmations that are specific to your intentions.

This is your ritual so creating your own affirmations will help to make it your own!

Here is a guide on how to do just that: How to Make Affirmations Work Faster

Now, you want to practice your affirmations in a way that suits you best.

That may be:

  • Writing them down
  • Saying them aloud
  • Saying them into a mirror
  • Speaking them in your mindspace during meditation
  • Recording yourself saying them and listening to it back
something better is coming affirmation card

6. Visualize

Ideally, you want to visualize your affirmations as you are practicing them, but you can also add a visualization exercise as a whole other step into your ritual if this suits you.

For example, you might decide that for your new moon rituals you want to create a new vision board every cycle! This would be a creative and fun way to help you activate your manifestations.

Or, you might want to try a scripting exercise, which is a written method for helping you visualize your desires.

we can. just imagine. inspiring quote

Here are some other manifestation exercises that you might want to try:

7. Journal

I like to follow every ritual of mine with a journal session.

I find that writing about my experience helps me to self-reflect and also deepen my connection.

I personally have a moon journal where I like to record all of my moon rituals, and I think this is a great way to strengthen your manifestations.

You don’t have to go wild and creative here, you can simply just record your intentions and anything that came up during any part of your ritual.

Getting out any thoughts and feelings can also help you to clear your mind and energy in order to move forward and begin working on your dreams and desires!

person journaling

There isn’t a right or wrong way to practice a new moon ritual for manifestation, and all of my points above are just guidance to help you get started.

The best advice I can give you is to explore and experiment with new things, even if they’re out of the realm of your current belief system or what others are doing.

By exploring different avenues, you’ll be able to find a practice that is aligned with you, and that’s when the magick can happen!

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How to create your own unique new moon ritual for manifestation
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