28 Unique Meditation Gifts for Mindfulness

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Do you have a loved one who is into meditation and mindfulness? If it’s a special occasion or you just want to surprise them, getting them a mindfulness related gift is the perfect way to show them you’re thinking of them! These unique meditation gifts are all designed to promote mindful living and are perfect for new and experienced meditators alike! They are also high quality and affordable so you can’t go wrong!


28 unique and affordable meditation gifts for mindfulness - these essential meditation items make the perfect gift for loved ones who are interested in meditation and mindfulness! They can be gifted alone or combined to create a meditation starter kit or mindfulness gift box!

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Meditation Gifts for Mindfulness


1) Mindfulness meditation music


mindfulness meditation music


Mindfulness music can act as a powerful tool to bring the listener back into the now by focusing on the variety of different sounds that can be heard within each track. This mindfulness meditation MP3 album has 26 different tracks with a mixture of calming music and nature sounds. The online album can be listened to on the go meaning that you can practice mindfulness no matter what is going on around you!


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2) Meditation mala beads


meditation agate mala beads


Mala beads are the perfect meditation gift for somebody who wants more mindfulness in their life. This beautiful agate mala features 108 beads, which is the optimal amount for prayer or meditation. To use the mala, place your thumb on the guru bead (the bead above the tassel) and hang the mala between your index and middle finger. Use your thumb to hold each bead as you pull it toward you until you return to the guru bead. As you hold each bead you can either count or recite a mantra in order to stay focused in the present moment.

When the mala is not in use, it can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. They not only look beautiful but serve as a reminder to be present in your daily life.


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3) Desktop zen garden


desktop japanese zen garden


Japanese zen gardens are known for their calming effects. Why not recreate your own miniature version for your home or office? This kit comes with everything you need to get started including sand, rocks, a meditation statue, a rake and a Japanese censer for burning incense. The idea is that whenever you feel stressed or need to be more mindful you can tend to your dry landscape and get creative. This is the perfect gift for somebody who has an office job and could do with some time to unwind!


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4) Tibetan singing bowl


tibetan singing bowl for sound healing


Tibetan singing bowls have long been used for meditation and sound healing. The vibrational frequencies created by the bowls penetrate the body and can be felt deeply creating a relaxing and healing response. Singing bowls have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, anger and blood pressure and improve circulation. This means they are the perfect gift for a loved one who has embarked on a journey of healing and is interested in meditation.


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5) Buddha board


buddha board mindfulness gift



The Buddha Board is the perfect mindfulness gift for your creative friend. Using the bamboo brush provided, ink-like brush strokes are created with water alone. Once you have created your masterpiece, the water slowly evaporates so you can watch the picture fade before your eyes. This serves as a reminder to live in the moment and let go. Alternatively, the board can be used to write down stressors and worries to then watch them disappear!


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6) Essential oils set


essential oils gift set


Since we can practice mindfulness by becoming aware of our senses, it makes sense that activating different smells can help us to be more present. This essential oil set has 6 different oils to get you started with aromatherapy. They can each be used individually or they can be mixed to create your own blends suited for different moods and occasions. They are also 100% pure and organic so you can rest assured that this is a high quality gift for meditation.


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7) Essential oil diffuser


essential oil diffuser with lights and timer


If you want to add to your loved one’s aromatherapy experience, you can’t go wrong with an essential oil diffuser. Your favourite oils and blends are mixed with water so the scent is slowly released through vapour. This is an excellent addition to a meditation space and can help make any room feel more peaceful. This diffuser also has a 7 colour mood light to further stimulate the senses. Not only this, it can be set on a timer so you have full control of your experience!


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8) Aromatherapy necklace


aromatherapy necklace

An on-the-go alternative to an essential oil diffuser is an aromatherapy necklace. Not only is this necklace set a beautiful gift for your loved one, but it is a fully functioning tool for mindfulness and meditation wherever they are. A reusable pad is placed inside the locket ready for drops of essential oil – the aroma can then be experienced throughout the day.

The two different designs and 18 different coloured refill pads means that your loved one will have lots of different looks to wear each day! It also comes in a lovely gift box.


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9) Aromatherapy candles set


aromatherapy candles gift set


For a ready made aromatherapy experience, these aromatherapy candles are the perfect fit! They come in the scents of lavender, lemon, fig and rose and are made with natural soy wax and essential oils with a pure cotton thread. Each candle can burn for 25-30 hours meaning your loved one can get plenty of use, and when the candle is finished the beautifully decorated iron pots make beautiful trinket boxes! To finish off this beautiful gift there is a luxurious looking gift box.


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10) Incense set with holder


incense set with holder


In my opinion, incense should be a staple in any meditation space. This incense set is the perfect gift for anybody looking to get started on their meditation journey as it not only includes 6 different packs of incense but an incense holder too! The scents included are aloe vera, frankincense, jasmine, lavender, sandalwood and vanilla. Each box also describes the function or “mood” of each scent to give the receiver many options when it comes to setting the mood of their spiritual space!


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11) Flameless LED candle


flameless LED candle for mindfulness


For those who have animals or small children, live flames may not be a safe option. These flameless LED candles make the perfect alternative. They are made with real wax and the flame is designed to flicker for an authentic feel. Under dimmed lights these candles will add to the relaxing ambience of any space. Candle gazing is also a great tool for accessing a meditative state and cultivating more mindfulness!


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12) Lavender eye pillow

lavender weighted eye bag

Eye pillows are a great tool for grounding. If you have a loved one who suffers from stress or anxiety then a weighted eye bag is the perfect gift! This is also a great gift for anybody who has a yoga practice as it can add to the relaxation felt during savasana! These eye bags come in 6 different colours to suit the receiver’s taste and have a lavender scent to add to the calming experience.


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13) Crystal healing kit


beginners crystal healing kit


One of my favourite meditation gifts has to be a crystal healing kit! This is the perfect gift for beginner meditators and experienced crystal collectors alike! The kit contains a complete collection of all 7 chakra balancing stones (red jasper, orange calcite, yellow adventurine, green adventurine, lapis luzuli, sodalite and amethyst), a chakra pendulum, selenite wand, crystal quartz point, black tourmaline point, rose quartz cluster, amethyst cluster, white quartz geode, sage bundle and chakra essential oil spray. Everything your mindful loved one needs is in this beautifully crafted gift set!


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14) Crystal massage roller


rose quartz crystal massage roller


Another beautiful crystal item to gift somebody interested in mindfulness is a crystal massage roller. One of my favourite ways to be more mindful is taking the steps to slow down and practice acts of self love and self care. This massage roller can be combined with oils to nourish the face and body, soothing areas of tightness and improving circulation. The rose quartz crystal is also associated with the heart chakra encouraging the user to open up the heart space and let more love in and out!


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15) The Little Book of Mindfulness


the little book of mindfulness


This book may be small, but it is packed full of tons of information about how to cultivate more mindfulness in your life. If you think your loved one could benefit from less stress and more peace then this is the gift to buy! I actually received this as a gift for christmas myself one year and it is a personal favourite of mine that lives on my bedside. It helps to break mindfulness down in a way that’s easy to understand and it contains lots of different mindfulness practices to incorporate into everyday life!


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16) Mindfulness journal


I am here now - creative mindfulness guide and journal


Journaling is a great way to be more mindful. This mindfulness guide and journal is specifically curated to bring the reader/writer back to the here and now. The guide contains exercises to encourage observation, investigation and awareness of your senses, thoughts and emotions. The notes pages can then be used to record any insights gained. Also included with the book is a mindfulness meditation audio track!


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17) Mindfulness colouring book


mindfulness adult colouring in book


If reading or writing isn’t your loved one’s thing, colouring in just might be! Colouring in isn’t just for kids and adult colouring in books can really help to cultivate a state of present awareness and calm. This animal kingdom colouring in book is one of my favourites because of the complex and beautiful illustrations. There are also tons more adult colouring in books available on Amazon to suit different interests!


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18) Stress Less mindfulness cards


stress less mindfulness cards


These cards are the perfect gift to bring mindfulness into anybody’s life and are designed to do what the name says – make the user stress less. Each card features an exercise that is based on neuro-linguistic programming techniques and mindfulness meditation. They can be used in multiple ways, such as randomly picking a card each day or working through the exercises one by one. With 50 different cards to choose from, there are plenty of ways to reduce stress and anxiety at home or on the go with this compact deck!


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19) Himalayan salt lamp


himalayan salt lamp


A himalayan salt lamp is an easy way to bring mindfulness into the home. The bulb inside the natural salt emits a warm ambient glow, which is perfect to set the mood for meditation. Not only this, the lamp produces negative ions, which can improve air quality and thus create a more positive space for mindfulness.


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20) Mindfulness moon lamp


mindfulness moon lamp


This moon lamp brings the beauty of the moonlight into the home with its realistic design created by 3D printing. It is wireless, rechargable and simply operated with a touch sensor. The brightness settings can also be switched between a bright white light and a soft warm glow. Whoever receives this meditation gift will be over the moon (ha ha)!


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21) Zenergy chime


zenergy chime for meditation


This chime is the perfect way to start a mindfulness meditation. It creates a powerful tone that continues to ring out, helping to focus and redirect attention. This makes it a helpful tool for intention setting and can also be used in group situations to bring everybody into harmony. This woodstock chime is also created by a grammy award winning musician and is tuned to a beautiful tone!


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22) Zen water fountain


zen water feature with golden buddha statue


The sound of trickling water is known as a universally relaxing sound and is often used in mindful meditations. Why not bring the experience to life? This zen water fountain is an ideal gift for someone who wants to bring more spirituality into their home or garden. It features a golden buddha statue, three cups for water to pour down and a textured wall for water to fall down. Listening to and watching the feature can encourage mindfulness and to add to the ambience the feature also lights up!


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23) Now mindfulness clock


now mindfulness clock


This is the ultimate gift for somebody who struggles to live in the now. This unique and quirky “clock” has no hands, encouraging the person checking the time to focus on the present moment instead. It is obviously not for use as a functioning clock but instead serves as a positive reminder of mindful intention. The pendulum also gently swings from side to side, which is a helpful tool for mindfulness meditation.


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24) Zafu meditation cushion


zafu crescent shaped meditation cushion


Comfort is key during meditation to allow the meditator to sit still for a significant length of time. This crescent shaped zafu cushion is perfect for sitting crossed legged and promotes a straight spine. The spelt filling can be easily adjusted to customise the height and firmness to the individual requirements, and it comes in 9 different colours to suit different tastes! You’ll also be glad to know that the cover is made from organic cotton and ecologically dyed in safe and fair working conditions, so you can rest assured you’re buying a high quality and ethical product for your loved one!


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25) Meditation door sign


hanging meditation door sign


Every meditator knows the struggle of meditating in a household environment. If you know someone who could benefit from some extra peace and quiet, this meditating sign is the gift you’re looking for! Featuring the words “Meditating: Please Do Not Knock -Namaste-“, it ensures that your loved one won’t be disturbed during practice. The sign is beautifully handpainted on natural wood and can be customised with almost any colour!


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26) Acupressure mat and pillow set


purple accupressure mat and pillow set


Laying on a “bed of nails” may sound scary, but it has amazing effects! This accupressure mat and pillow has lots of little spikes that put pressure on the body when lay on. This helps increase blood flow and results in less stress and muscular pain and can also improve sleep quality. This is a great gift for mindfulness because the intense sensation experienced while laying on the mat forces the user to be in the present! This is a particularly good gift for anybody who suffers from back or neck pain as well as excess stress!


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27) Herbal tea set


pukka herbal tea collection gift set


Is there anything better than a mindful cuppa? Maybe I’m just British, but slowing down and noticing the sensations when drinking a hot drink is one of my favourite ways to practice mindfulness. This pukka tea collection comes with 45 sachets of 9 different flavours – supreme matcha green, turmeric gold, peppermint & licorice, feel new, elderberry & echinacea, three ginger, love, lemon ginger & manuka honey and night time. Not only are the teas organic but all the packaging comes from renewable sources and is completely recyclable!


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28) Be Here Now mindfulness mug


be here now mindfulness meditation gift mug


The perfect add on to a herbal tea set is this mindfulness mug from Be Here Now. This beautiful mug features reminders to be mindful. On the outside is the word “breathe” to encourage awareness of the breath, which is a key focus of mindfulness meditation. On the inside the words “taste & savour” are printed to encourage the drinker to slow down and be aware of every sip and sensation. This beautiful gift comes in three different colours and is embossed with a spiral symbol!


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Do you know someone who loves meditation? Check out these unique and affordable meditation gifts for mindfulness that they are sure to love! These are must have gifts for the mind and perfect for beginners and experienced meditators alike!


So there you have it… 28 beautiful and unique meditation gifts for mindfulness! For more meditation inspiration, check out my beginner’s meditation guide!

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