Choosing Your Mala: Mala Beads Meanings by Color

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Looking to purchase mala beads but not sure which color to go for? Do you want to know why you’re drawn to one particular color over others? Maybe you’re just curious about mala beads meanings by color? 

Whatever your reason is, you’re in the right place!

This post is all about mala beads color meanings so that you can choose the right mala bead bracelet or necklace for you. Keep reading to find your dream spiritual beads. 

pink mala beads in hand with pink nails

When choosing my first mala, I was automatically drawn to beautiful green malas but I wasn’t quite sure why since green isn’t a typical color choice of mine…

But as I began to learn the meanings of the color and the gemstones I was drawn to, it made complete sense that I would be drawn to this color!

Since this time in my life was when I first started embarking on my journey of personal growth, my moss agate mala was definitely a great choice.

When you let color guide your choice of crystals, you’ll often find that you’re guided in the right direction. 

Plus, beyond that, learning what each color means is incredibly interesting (at least in my opinion). 

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What are mala beads?

So before we get into mala beads meaning by color, what actually are mala beads or buddhist beads?

Mala beads, also sometimes known as Buddhist prayer beads, are long necklace-type tools traditionally used for mantra practice and meditation

Mala beads typically have 108 beads on them (a sacred number which represents spiritual completion) plus a single “guru” bead to signify the beginning and end of a count cycle.

During meditation, practitioners pass each bead between their thumb and finger to count a breath or mantra

This practice aids in staying focused and mindful during meditation and can be a powerful tool to access deeper meditative or trance-like states.

Not only this, but mala beads are also made from crystals which have different properties to benefit the person wearing or using them. And of course, their color is important too!

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How to wear mala beads

While mala beads are designed for use in meditation and prayer, they are also designed to be worn too.

When not in use, mala beads make beautiful accessories and can be worn to experience the different metaphysical benefits depending on the minerals the beads are made from!

My favourite way is to wear the mala round my neck as a necklace – if your mala has a tassel this can add a beautiful touch to the look.

If you find you don’t like the length of your mala necklace, you can wrap it round your neck again to shorten it.

An alternative way to wear your mala is on your wrist as a bracelet if you prefer this look. Simply wrap the mala round as many times as needed to get a good fit.

It’s worth noting too that traditional practitioners say the mala should be worn on the right wrist, though of course this is down to your personal preference.

Mala beads meaning by color

Now that you know the purpose of mala beads, let’s look at mala beads meaning by color.

When choosing your first mala (or even another to add to your growing collection), color can be a great factor to let guide your decision.

Each color has its own spiritual meaning and the minerals that feature each color often have similar properties and benefits.

Knowing the meaning of mala beads based on their color means you can make an educated decision about what mala will serve you best.

If you’re ready to let color guide your choice of mala, below is a list of mala beads meanings by color and some of the best crystals and minerals to choose from each one!

Black mala beads meaning

Black is the color that’s commonly associated with protection, as well as success.

Black crystals are often said to protect against negative energy, and can help in working with the shadow self

Smoky Quartz: Neutralizes negative vibrations, detoxifies, protects against EMFs, lifts negativity and relieves stress.

Black onyx: Transforms negative energy, protects energetic field, aids personal development.

Obsidian: Shields against negativity, relieves mental stress and tension.

black mala beads

Blue mala beads meaning

Blue is associated with peace and relaxation.

It is a color that’s linked to the feelings of calm and can represent the soothing nature of the ocean for many.

Blue aventurine: balances emotions, boosts positivity, regulates nervous system.

Blue tiger’s eye: reduces stress and anxiety, promotes calm, and brings deep rooted issues to light.

Lapis lazuli: promotes self awareness and expression, increases compassion to others and oneself.

Blue sky jasper: strengthens confidence and empowers, encourages truth and wisdom.

blue mala beads

Brown mala beads meaning

Brown or wooden beads represent Mother Earth and have grounding effects.

This color stands for stability, reliability and warmth. I personally see brown and wooden beads as having a nurturing and motherly energy.

Sandalwood: anxiety relieving, reduces irritability and aggression, enhances meditation. 

Bodhi seed: brings peace and wisdom, enhances meditation.

Tiger’s eye: brings good luck, improves focus, helps with problem solving, dispels fear and anxiety.

sandalwood mala

Green mala beads meaning

Green is a color of personal growth and opportunity.

This color represents prosperity, growth and healing, as well as loving energy due to its connection to the heart chakra.

Green aventurine: increases optimism, brings joy, promotes determination and perseverance. 

Moss agate: encourages new beginnings, attracts abundance and increases self esteem.

Green jade: protects from harm, brings good luck, encourages harmony.

Malachite: attracts abundance and manifestation, brings emotions to surface, clears energies.

green mala beads

Orange mala beads meaning

Orange represents ambition, creativity and fun.

This color has connections to your inner child and the playfulness of life. Wearing orange beads can help you to increase feelings of enthusiasm and joy within yourself.

Carnelian: improves motivation, promotes positivity, encourages success.

Amber: attracts good luck, eliminates fears.

Goldstone: increases energy, encourages ambition, promotes courage and confidence.

orange mala beads

Pink mala beads meaning

Pink very much represents love and connection.

Pink gemstones are connected to affection, compassion, empathy and inner peace. Wearing pink can help create harmony in your relationships.

Rose quartz: restores trust, promotes harmony, increases peace, encourages compassion and unconditional love.

Rhodonite: balances and clears emotional wounds, promotes compassion.

Pink Jade: calms nervous system, encourages love and compassion.

pink mala beads

Purple mala beads meaning

Purple is a color of depth and mystery.

A very spiritual color, purple is linked to the third eye chakra and can enhance your intuition during meditation. 

Amethyst: enhances meditation, develops spiritual abilities, clears negative energy, helps sleep issues.

Sugilite: develops spiritual awareness, increases intuition.

purple mala beads

Red mala beads meaning

Red represents courage, power and drive.

This is the perfect color to wear if you need a boost in productivity or to get clarity on how to take action moving forward.

Red Jasper: grounding, promotes digestion, increases courage.

Red Tigers Eye: enhances confidence and self esteem, improves motivation, energizing.

Garnet: enhances sexuality, encourages trust and understanding, relieves anger.

red mala beads

White and clear mala beads meaning

White is a very spiritual color that signifies purity and peace.

White is often a color that’s associated with connection to the spiritual world and angels.

White Howlite: strengthens memory, increases wisdom, calms stress, improves communication and emotional expression.

Clear Quartz: encourages positivity, enhances spiritual awareness and self awareness, improves energy.

Mother of Pearl: healing and calming, soothing, strengthens intuition, increases sensitivity.

white mala beads

Yellow mala beads meaning

Yellow represents clarity and creative inspiration. Yellow is a great color to clear the mind and help you focus.

Citrine: improves motivation, enhances creativity, encourages self expression.

Honey Calcite: improves leadership skills, increases self worth, improves confidence and courage.

yellow mala beads

And there you have it, those are your mala beads color meanings.

I hope that your knowledge of mala beads meanings by color guides you to purchase a beautiful mala that resonates with you deeply! 

I’d love to know which mala you are drawn to most…

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