67 New Moon Affirmations for Lunar Living in 2024

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The new moon is the perfect time to set intentions for the cycle ahead, of who you want to become and what you want to manifest.

This allows you to get clear on where you want to head over the coming moon cycle and how to get there. Which improves your chances of actually making it happen.

But working with new moon affirmations can be a way to enhance this practice even further.

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You can use new moon affirmations as part of a new moon ritual to initially connect to your intention. But they’re also amazing to use consistently throughout the first half of the lunar cycle too.

In fact, you should see your new moon affirmations as an essential way to connect to your intention regularly so that you can get in alignment with what it is that you desire. And get faster and more potent results.

In this post I’ll be sharing with you how to create your own new moon affirmations, as well as some of my favourite new moon affirmations to use every moon cycle. 

Keep reading to see how you can incorporate this transformative practice into your routine for better manifestation results and deeper self-improvement.

67 new moon affirmations for lunar living

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What energy does a new moon bring?

The new moon is all about new beginnings and setting intentions for the lunar cycle ahead and beyond.

The energy the new moon brings is new, fresh and relieving. It’s almost like a blank slate to wash away previous energies and start afresh.

This is why it’s such a pivotal time to set new intentions, because you can dictate what energy you want to call in going forward.

So if we simplify this, the energy of the new moon is yours. You get to decide what energy you call in during this time.

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What do you manifest on a new moon?

Because new moon energy is a blank slate, this means you can truly manifest anything that you want to.

You should set out to manifest anything that feels aligned with the person you want to become and where you want to head during the next lunar cycle.

But with that being said, each new moon also brings specific opportunities for manifestation based on the zodiac sign that it falls in.

Pay attention to the sign a new moon is in (by using a lunar calendar like this one) so that you can focus your manifestation on what is going on universally, as well as what you want on a personal level.

Combining these two things is truly the most powerful way to manifest! 

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What intentions should be set on a new moon?

Setting intentions that align with the energy of the zodiac sign the new moon lands in means you’ll be more likely to manifest.

As a general guide, these are the areas to focus your intentions based on each zodiac sign:

  • Aries new moon: beginnings, self, identity, ego, appearances
  • Taurus new moon: money, income, material goods, values 
  • Gemini new moon: communication, thinking, social life
  • Cancer new moon: home, family, femininity, self-care
  • Leo new moon: pleasure, creativity, inner child, love, fertility 
  • Virgo new moon: routine, health and fitness, organisation, healing, habits
  • Libra new moon: relationships, marriage, balance, connection
  • Scorpio new moon: intimacy, sex, loans, assets
  • Sagittarius new moon: expansion, travel, culture, learning, ethics
  • Capricorn new moon: career, reputation, fame, masculinity, long term goals
  • Aquarius new moon: groups, friendships, community, wishes
  • Pisces new moon: subconscious, endings, spirituality, solitude, limiting beliefs

Try to bear these areas in mind when setting your intentions and use the new moon as an opportunity to reflect on how you can enhance these areas going forward.

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How to write new moon affirmations

Once you’ve set your intentions for the moon cycle ahead you can begin working with affirmations.

Before we get onto some of my favourite new moon affirmations for lunar living I think it’s important to touch on how to write new moon affirmations yourself too.

The idea is to work with new moon affirmations that are centered around your intention for the cycle so that you can align your energy and begin to manifest. For this reason it’s beneficial to know how to write new moon affirmations yourself so that you’re definitely using aligned affirmations in your practice.

To create your own new moon affirmations follow these simple steps:

1. Start with an intention

Begin with an intention on what you want to work on or manifest for the cycle ahead (or another timeframe if that works better for you).

Remember to try and keep your intentions aligned with the energy of the universe to see the best results.

Doing this will also ensure that you honour the cycles going on around you for better balance and well-being.

An example of an intention that you might begin with could be “I will move my body every day this cycle”. This would be a perfect intention to set during Virgo season. 

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2. Visualise having your intention

Once you have your intention start to visualise what it would look like to have your intention right now.

What would your life look like? What would be different? How would you feel and carry yourself?

Identifying what this intention would look like in the material world is important to be able to conceptualise it into an affirmation. This will also help you get clear on a path forward to step into the reality that you desire.

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3. Write in the present tense

Once you have this information you can turn it into affirmation form.

While intentions are statements about what you plan on committing to and bringing into fruition, affirmations are statements that help you connect to this part of yourself now to make it more likely to materialise. 

So unlike intentions that might start with “I will”, you want to remember to write affirmations in the present tense to help you connect to the affirmation and speak it into existence.

The phrases “I am”, “I have” or “I feel” are perfect ways to start affirmations.

For example, “I feel so energised working out every single morning” would be a great affirmation to align with the example intention we created above.

It’s up to you how specific you want to get with your affirmations, based on whether you’re working with them for general guidance for this cycle or if you want to manifest something super specific.

But as a general rule if you want to manifest something specific it’s best to communicate that clearly through your intentions and affirmations. If you want more guidance on this then check out this post on how to make affirmations work faster for you. 

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67 new moon affirmations for lunar living

Now that you have a good idea of how to create your own new moon affirmations based on your specific intentions, let’s look at some of the best new moon affirmations for lunar living.

Have a read through these affirmations and see which ones might feel right for you to work with!

I like to work with 1-3 affirmations each cycle based on what I’m trying to manifest or work on. You can then change out your affirmations the next cycle to better align with that fresh energy.

New moon affirmations for each zodiac sign

These new moon affirmations are categorised into each zodiac sign to suit the energy through each sign.

These affirmations are great to use whether or not you have a specific intention in mind, because they can still help to align you to the energy of the universe and work on both manifestation and self-improvement.

Aries new moon affirmations

  • I am stepping into my highest self
  • I am glowing in every aspect of my self
  • It feels amazing to be embodying my best self
  • I am proud of who I am
  • I feel attractive and desirable

Taurus new moon affirmations

  • My finances are stable and secure
  • My income is always growing and evolving 
  • I am able to afford everything I desire in life
  • I am so fulfilled by all of the possessions I own
  • I am living in alignment with my values

Gemini new moon affirmations

  • I am a clear communicator
  • I set strong boundaries with the people around me
  • I only surround myself with people who respect my boundaries
  • My mind is clear from all distractions
  • My social life is flourishing

Cancer new moon affirmations

  • I feel close and connected to my family
  • I feel at home in the place that I live
  • I feel divinely feminine
  • I am taking good care of myself
  • I feel safe and secure
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Leo new moon affirmations

  • I love experiencing pleasure
  • I let my creativity guide me
  • I am in touch with my inner child
  • I am deserving of the deepest kind of love
  • My fertility is thriving

Virgo new moon affirmations

  • It feels amazing to be prioritising my health
  • I am always consistent with my routines and habits
  • I am physically fit and strong
  • I am healing more and more each day
  • I am organised and in control of all aspects of my life

Libra new moon affirmations

  • I am balanced in all areas of my life
  • My relationships are thriving right now
  • I feel deeply connected to everybody around me
  • My marriage is blossoming
  • I am welcoming in compromise in all of my partnerships

Scorpio new moon affirmations

  • My sex life is thriving right now
  • I am sexually desirable
  • I am in control of my debts
  • I am debt free
  • My assets are growing more and more every day
faint outline of moon against dark sunset background

Sagittarius new moon affirmations

  • I am living in alignment with my ethical code
  • I am embracing different cultures and belief systems
  • It feels amazing to travel to so many new places
  • I love learning and being in education
  • I am expanding in all areas of my life 

Capricorn new moon affirmations

  • My career is thriving right now
  • I am destined for fame and fortune
  • I am well respected
  • I always meet the goals I set for myself
  • I am successful

Aquarius new moon affirmations

  • My friendships are fulfilling
  • I thrive in group situations
  • I feel welcome in my community
  • I love my uniqueness
  • I love doing things to help others

Pisces new moon affirmations

  • I embrace endings that need to happen for my growth
  • I am opening up my spiritual side
  • I love spending time in solitude to restore
  • I am letting go of any limiting beliefs that hold me back
  • I trust my intuition to guide me through life
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New moon affirmations for love

You don’t have to set specific intentions and affirmations around the new moons energy if you don’t want to.

You can still work on what feels aligned for you, and sometimes this might be love and relationships. 

If you’re looking to manifest love during any cycle, these specific new moon affirmations for love are for you… 

  • I am deserving of a love that is deep and pure
  • I am welcoming in love for myself
  • I am open to giving and receiving love
  • I am loved by all of the people in my life
  • It feels amazing to be in love
  • I am worthy of love
  • The people I love love me back
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And there you have it, those are some of my favourite new moon affirmations to make use of the fresh beginning at the start of each cycle.

Remember to try and align the affirmations you work with to the intention you’ve set as much as possible. This is how you will get into alignment and get the best results with your lunar practice.

The key to manifestation and self-improvement success is also consistency. So make sure to show up every day with your highest self in mind.

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new moon affirmations for lunar living infographic. Affirmations read "I am stepping into my highest self", "I am living in alignment with my values", "I am in touch with my inner child", "I am balanced in all areas of my life", "I trust my intuition to guide me through life"

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