84 Positive Sunday Affirmations to Prepare for the Week Ahead

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Sundays are a day of the week that I find sparks different emotions in different people. 

For me, Sundays are one of my favourite days. I love that they’re a time for me to rest and rejuvenate and practice self-care so that I can start the next week with my best foot forward.

But there was also a long period of time (during my school days mostly) when Sundays filled me with absolute dread and anxiety – otherwise known as the “Sunday scaries”. 

Thankfully, whatever feelings Sundays might evoke in you, Sunday affirmations are a way to improve your Sunday experience and get you prepared for the week ahead.

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Sunday affirmations can help you to work through any difficult feelings that Sunday might bring. Whether that’s dread, anxiety, regret, or just general low mood.

And they can also help you to step into your more positive self, to get you in the right mindset to conquer the week ahead, whatever that means to you.

In this post I’ll be sharing some of my favourite Sunday affirmations to work with and how to get the most from them. So keep reading if you want to embody your best self on this final day of the week.

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What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements that you repeat to get in the right mindset and energetic space to achieve something you desire. 

That something you desire might be a state of mind, an experience (like a good week), a material good or even a person!

These statements are usually framed in the present tense, beginning with phrases like “I am”, “I have” or “I feel” in order to connect with the feeling of having your desire now, so that you can actually attain it in the future.

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The benefits of daily affirmations

As I touched on just now, affirmations essentially help you to embody the energy of somebody who has their desire in the present moment, so that you can move closer towards having it for real. In other words, they help you to act as if.

This process makes you a better energetic match for your desires, bringing you into alignment and attracting it through the Law of Attraction (or manifestation, if you prefer). 

But aside from the energetics of positive affirmations and the law of attraction, repeating daily affirmations can also help you on a general everyday level too.

Repeating targetted daily affirmations can help you to have a happier, more productive, calmer (or whatever you desire for yourself) day or week.

In other words, affirmations can help you get in the right mindset to conquer whatevers ahead of you.

In fact, repeating affirmations the right way – which we’ll cover in just a moment – can actually help you to rewire your brain at a deeper level.

This means that the more you practice positive affirmations, the more you’ll come to believe that what you’re saying is true. And after a while, this will become your natural way of thinking. 

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How to use self care affirmations

So you know the benefits of daily affirmations, but truth be told these benefits only happen if you’re using affirmations the right way.

If you’re looking to use affirmations as a form of self care and to have a good week then you need to make sure you’re practicing affirmations properly. Otherwise they’re as good as useless. 

But luckily practicing affirmations the right way is also super simple. So follow these steps on how to use self care affirmations and you’ll be on your way to a good week. 

1. Identify what you need

Before you start working with your self care affirmations you need to know what you’re actually hoping to achieve from them. 

Sit down and take some time to reflect – preferably in a journal – about what you’re trying to achieve.

In the context of this post, we’re using sunday affirmations to prepare for the week ahead. But what actually does this mean to you?

What do you want your week to look like specifically? Do you want it to be productive? Happy? Relaxed?

These are important questions to ask yourself in order to pick affirmations to work with that align with your specific wants and needs. This is the first essential step. 

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2. Pick 1-3 affirmations that align

Once you know what you’re hoping to achieve, you can then pick 1-3 affirmations that align with this desire.

Take a browse through the example sunday affirmations on this page and see which ones are most aligned with what you want your week to look like. 

I always advise working with 1-3 affirmations max at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself with lots of different thoughts and feelings. 

Working with just a few affirmations allows you to truly focus and deep dive into working with those few, which means better results than if you were spreading yourself too thin. 

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3. Tune into the words

Now for the most important step when it comes to using positive affirmations. You need to tune into the feeling and energy of the words that you’re saying.

If you just repeat a statement without actually making the effort to tune in with the words, then they become completely meaningless.

The power of affirmations comes from the energy behind the words that you’re saying. 

Take time when you’re reading or writing your affirmations to check in with yourself and to really try and connect with your affirmations. 

It might feel unnatural, uncomfortable or weird at first when the words don’t feel particularly true. But as you continue to work with them they will become more and more true, and using them will help you step into the most powerful version of yourself.

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4. Stay consistent

As we just touched on, affirmations might feel a little weird at first or even trigger doubts and limiting beliefs about ourselves that make us want to dismiss them altogether.

But instead of giving up on affirmations, use this as an opportunity to push through and identify the things you might need to work on.

The mistake that a lot of people make when using positive affirmations is that they try them for a short period of time and then give up when they don’t see results. When the truth is, results can take time.

If you want to see results with positive affirmations, whether it’s with manifestation or brain rewiring, this takes time, dedication and consistency. 

Show up and practice your affirmations even on the days when they couldn’t feel further from the truth (in fact, especially on the days when they couldn’t feel further from the truth).

If you commit to your affirmation practice, and yourself, in this way then you will be rewarded with the transformation.

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84 positive sunday affirmations to prepare for the week ahead

Now that you know how to use your self care affirmations properly, let’s look at some positive sunday affirmations to prepare you for the week ahead.

These positive affirmations are all perfect to use on a Sunday to get you in the right frame of mind to conquer the week and embody the person you need to be to achieve your weeks goals.

I’ve divided these Sunday affirmations into different categories based on what purpose I feel like they best serve, or a time of day they might work best. But I’d encourage you to read through them all and choose the affirmations that work specifically for your need, regardless of what category they might fall in.

Sunday morning affirmations

These Sunday morning affirmations are perfect to start your day with your best foot forward.

If you want to start your Sunday on a positive note, these affirmations are for you.

  • Today is a new day
  • Sundays are my favourite days
  • Today, I’ll take time to do something nice for myself
  • Sunday is MY day
  • I’m looking forward to today
  • I am going to have a positive and productive Sunday
  • I am going to make the most out of today
  • I am prioritising self care today
  • I am deserving of rest and relaxation today
  • Sunday mornings are the best part of my week
  • I am going to enjoy my lazy morning
  • I am setting this day aside for myself
  • Today, I’m choosing positivity and gratitude
  • Today I am prioritising the things that bring me joy
  • Today feels like a good day
  • I am positive about how this day will go
  • Sunday is my day of rest
  • I love using my Sundays as an opportunity to slow down and rest
  • I am excited for my Sunday
  • I am going to get so much done today
Sunday morning affirmation - today I am prioritising the things that bring me joy

Sunday evening affirmations to reflect

Sundays, particularly Sunday evenings, can be a time to reflect on the previous week so that you can enter a new week fresh.

These Sunday evening affirmations are designed to encourage you to reflect on the week you just had so that you can let go and keep moving forward.

  • I am proud of how I have spent my day today
  • I am grateful for the past week
  • I’ve worked hard all week and I deserve to relax
  • I am organised for my week
  • I am grateful for this Sunday and everything it has brought to me
  • I am thankful for my growth and every lesson I’ve learned in the process
  • I have so much good in my life
  • I know that I handled the last week well
  • I am proud of how I carried myself this week
  • I am taking my lessons from the past week into the next
  • I am leaving the last week behind me
  • I am letting go of anything that didn’t serve me this week
  • I am using today as an opportunity to let go of the last week
  • Last week is behind me and I’m ready for the next
  • I am happy with how this week went
Sunday evening affirmation - last week is behind me and I am ready for the next

Sunday night affirmations for sunday scaries

Sundays can evoke negative feelings for a lot of people. If Sundays (particularly Sunday nights) bring emotions like anxiety and dread then you might be suffering from “the Sunday scaries”.

These Sunday night affirmations are designed to bring you relief from the Sunday scaries so that you can enter your new week feeling calm and collected.

  • I am rested and centered
  • I know I can handle whatever comes this week 
  • I am calm and peaceful
  • I am able to handle stress
  • I will take this week one day at a time
  • Sunday nights are the best part of my week
  • I have so many things to be grateful for
  • Tonight I will get enough rest for the week ahead
  • I handle stress with composure
  • I choose to remain calm, even in stressful situations
  • Tonight I am inhaling calm and exhaling stress
  • Calmness is a feeling I possess
  • My mind is calm and I am at peace
  • I am entering a new week with a peaceful mindset
  • I am in control of the week ahead
  • I have everything under control right now
Sunday night affirmation - I know I can handle whatever comes this week

Sunday positive affirmations for the week ahead

A positive week starts with the energy you embody on a Sunday. 

These positive Sunday affirmations will help you get into the right mindset to have a good week ahead.

  • This is going to be a great week
  • This will be my best week yet
  • I will keep myself healthy this week
  • I look forward to the challenges that this week brings
  • This week will be an adventure
  • I am welcoming this coming week
  • I’m ready to take on whatever this week brings
  • This week is an opportunity for me
  • I feel optimistic about this week
  • I can handle any challenge this week
  • Everything will go well for me this week
  • I am thankful for the opportunities that this week brings
  • I’m going to have fun this week
  • I am grateful for all this week will bring
  • I’m excited to see what happens this week
  • I’m interested in the possibilities this week holds
  • Good things will happen this week
  • I will focus on what is good and positive this week
  • I will make this a great week
  • This week is my time to shine 
  • My mind is full of positive thoughts about the week ahead
Sunday positive affirmation - I will make this a great week

Sunday affirmations for a productive week

If you want to have a productive week then you need to set yourself up for success, starting on Sunday.

These Sunday affirmations are designed to get you embodying your most productive and successful self. So practice these if you want to conquer the week ahead.

  • I am in charge of my own success
  • I am clear about my goals for this week
  • I am unstoppable
  • I am attentive and focused on my goals
  • I am confident in my own abilities 
  • This week I will achieve my goals
  • I see myself triumphing this week
  • I anticipate a successful week
  • My hard work will pay off big time this week
  • I see myself succeeding this week
  • I am going to be my most productive self this week
  • I am ready to flourish this week
productive Sunday affirmation - my hard work will pay off big time this week

And that concludes my favourite Sunday affirmations to start the next week on a positive note!

I hope that you find some affirmations here that serve what you need at this particular time. And I hope you have a wonderful Sunday ahead.

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