Tarot Numerology: Learning the Meanings of Tarot Card Numbers

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Learning to read tarot isn’t as simple as just memorizing the tarot card meanings of all 78 cards and their reversals.

There are so many different factors that come into play in a tarot card deck, one of the most important being tarot numerology.

If you’ve ever looked at tarot cards, you’ll know that each card has its own number, right?

These numbers aren't there for the sake of it - tarot card numbers have significant meanings that tell us more about the nature of the card and where we are on our journey.

When I first started to explore tarot numerology I was amazed by all the connections I could make and how much more depth it added to my readings. 

Learning tarot in this way helped me to read more intuitively rather than relying on keywords alone.

So if you want to learn to read tarot or expand on your current practice, I would really recommend diving into the world of tarot numerology! 

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Why should you learn tarot card numerology?

Having an awareness of tarot numerology can help you to read the cards more intuitively as you have a deeper understanding of their meanings. 

This means that learning tarot card numbers as a beginner tarot reader is a great way to help understand and learn each card in a tarot deck.

This awareness can also add more depth to your tarot readings because you can make numerological links between cards in a spread and see how certain messages interact with each other.

This means that you’ll get more accurate and detailed readings that can serve you as an individual or a client if you’re reading for somebody else.

These are some ways that numerology can be significant in your readings:

  • A repeating number may highlight the importance of its numerical meaning
  • A repeating number may represent a length of time
  • Sequential numbers can show when something will begin and end
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The meanings of tarot card numbers

Here is a simple overview of tarot numerology from numbers 1-10, including tarot numerology reversed for readings with even greater detail!

Start to familiarise yourself with these tarot number meanings and you'll find your ability to read tarot improves drastically.

Ones or aces in tarot

The aces or ones in tarot represent new beginnings, opportunity and potential.

Think of the number 1 as the beginning of a journey - things are getting ready to emerge for you to begin a journey that you feel called to.

This can present itself as new ideas, information or opportunities. There is no guarantee that there will be success with whatever comes forth to you, but it is coming.

When reversed, ones can suggest a new beginning not materializing because it is being blocked for whatever reason.

This could mean that new opportunities have fallen through or it might represent you not being ready for change in your life currently.

Twos in tarot

Twos in tarot represent partnerships, balance and duality.

Think of twos as the joining together of two forces (or the Spice Girls' lyric “when two become one”)...

Twos aren’t as ego driven or self centred as ones because they now have another to think about. This is why they represent partnership and finding the balance to cooperate with another.

With this can come choices and decisions. Twos can represent two opposing pathways, of which you need to decide between.

When reversed they can represent disharmony and a lack of balance in your partnerships.

Threes in tarot

Threes in tarot represent expression, groups and growth.

Threes in numerology often represent the completion of one phase to embark on another. This therefore means that growth is being achieved and you are moving through the necessary phases to reach your end goal.

You can also view threes as a collaborative number. We have moved from ones (the self), through twos (partnerships) and have now reached threes, which can now be seen as a group. Threes can therefore represent teamwork and friendships.

When reversed, threes can represent a need to distance yourself from groups and focus on the self.

They might also suggest some kind of stalling in your current phase that is hindering your growth towards your goal.

3 of cups tarot card numerology

Fours in tarot

Fours in tarot represent manifestations, foundations and stability.

Fours in numerology represent material completion and therefore describe the process of manifesting your desires into the material world.

This means that if you have been working with the Law of Attraction, fours are a good sign that you are attracting your desires.

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But this isn’t a time to rest and believe that all the work is done.

Fours suggest that the foundations are being laid, but you must continue with the work to ensure that these foundations are stable and secure.

When reversed, fours can suggest a lack of grounding. 

This might mean that you have difficulty creating stability or that you have difficulty breaking free from it and embarking on the next phase.

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Fives in tarot

Fives in tarot represent conflict, change and instability.

Fives are a challenging number in tarot numerology but a necessary part of growth.

When fives show up, you should expect to face some kind of challenge or stressor that must be overcome in order to progress forward.

This is not something that should be feared, and instead should be viewed as an opportunity for further growth. It is from these challenges that we learn new lessons and become stronger.

When reversed, fives can represent a denial or reluctance to face these challenges.

Alternatively, they could point to these challenges coming to an end suggesting that you have done the work necessary to make it through this phase.

tarot numerology cheat sheet

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Sixes in tarot

Sixes in tarot represent harmony, cooperation and healing.

You have made it through the challenging fives, and sixes now represent a period of necessary healing and recuperation.

Sixes are a well rounded and balanced number which can symbolise harmony and cooperation in all areas of your life.

This means that your material and the spiritual world are in balance and you can expect to experience a sense of calm and ease.

This can also apply to any relationships you may have, as challenges may be ironed out and cooperation becomes more natural to you.

When reversed, sixes can point to a lack of balance and disharmony.

Sevens in tarot

Sevens in tarot represent reflection, assessment and control.

It is a number of wisdom, growth and understanding. Sevens help us to gain insight and to explore our options so that we can grow forward in a focused and purposeful way.

Sevens point to a more analytical masculine way of thinking. It is important when sevens occur repeatedly to make sure you are practicing balance between your logical mind and your intuition.

When reversed, sevens can suggest too many options and a lack of clear focus. They can also suggest tunnel vision and an inability to explore other options.

Eights in tarot

Eights in tarot represent mastery, accomplishment and action.

When you look at the number 8, it can be likened to the infinity symbol, the symbol of eternal motion and flow.

Eights therefore represent the continual effort required to reach your goals and desires. They are symbolic of the work and action that must be put in to achieve mastery and completion. 

When reversed, eights can represent a lack of material success or avoidance of the necessary work to get there. 

They can also represent repeating cycles that must come to a close for your growth.

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Nines in tarot

Nines in tarot represent attainment, fulfillment and fruition.

Nines bring forward the rewards of all the hard work we have been putting in throughout our journey so far.

The action and challenges we have faced are paying off and we are receiving what we have been working towards.

When nines appear, expect to feel a sense of fulfillment and feel reassured that everything you have gone through has been for this very moment.

When reversed, nines can point to a lack of closure or fulfilment. They might suggest that you need to tie up some loose ends before you can move forward.

They might also suggest a need to redefine your goals with something that is more aligned with your higher purpose.

Tens in tarot

Tens in tarot represent the end of a cycle, completion and renewal.

Since 1 + 0 = 1, tens represent a return to the beginning ie. the start of a new cycle. Tens can therefore be seen as the transition period between the old and the new.

When tens are reversed this suggests that something will not come to a close and that there is still work to be done to end a current cycle.

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Tarot numerology cheat sheet

To help make learning tarot card numbers that little bit easier, I have created a free printable tarot numerology cheat sheet that you can have at hand during readings while you learn the meanings!

tarot numerology cheat sheet

Get your FREE tarot numerology cheat sheet to learn intuitive tarot reading!

Hopefully with this knowledge of tarot numerology you are able to connect with your tarot deck on an even deeper level and produce more detailed and accurate tarot readings!

To help you learn the numbers in tarot, I'd recommend splitting your deck into cards of the same number and looking for similarities between these cards.

You can also pull out a singular card in your deck and try to interpret it using your tarot number meanings cheat sheet.

After regular practice with tarot exercises like this, you'll find that your knowledge of tarot numerology will become more ingrained and you can use tarot card numbers to interpret the cards easily. Good luck!

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