Personal Growth

What is personal growth/personal development?

Personal growth is an ongoing process of self awareness and action to reach our fullest potential. It is about building a heightened awareness of what we need on an individual level to grow and develop into our best selves. 

Why is personal growth so important?

To be honest, it’s very simple to find the answer to this question. Do you want a life where you’re slaying your goals and progressing to a better version of yourself, or do you want a life where you feel stagnant and unaccomplished?


Personal growth is important because it’s where fulfillment lies. When nothing changes with ourselves or our lives we feel bored and dissatisfied. When we’re constantly changing and evolving we are staying true to ourselves and taking the steps needed to feel at peace with ourselves.

Types of personal growth

Personal growth can be split into four core categories that all affect our quality of life. These are:

  • Intellectual: striving to learn more and constantly develop our intellect and understanding of ourselves and the world. 
  • Professional: striving to progress professionally in our careers and finances. 
  • Social: striving to develop our relationships in a healthy way, evaluating the role that we have in them and setting any boundaries necessary for our own well-being.
  • Physical: striving to be the healthiest that we can be on a physical level, including our diet and physical exercise.

How to achieve personal growth

Personal growth isn’t really something you “achieve”. It’s not a state where you suddenly feel you have all the answers, but it’s an ongoing process of changing and evolving in line with your purpose. 


To grow, you simply have to set yourself goals and take the steps necessary to achieve them. The categories below will help you to do just that!

Personal development tips

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the law that describes your ability to bring anything you desire into reality using energies within and around us. Learn how to take control of your own life and grow to your greatest potential!

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Self Care

Self care is the act of treating yourself with what you need to function as your best self. It might involve giving yourself vital “me time”, setting necessary boundaries with others and practicing self love.

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Journaling is one of my favourite personal growth tools. Keeping a journal is an amazing way to develop your self-awareness, honour your thoughts and feelings and document your goals.

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Personal growth categories

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