46 Inspirational Abraham Hicks Quotes to Live By

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Abraham Hicks is an inspirational leader in the world of spirituality and the law of attraction, and for good reason.

Their words have inspired many, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the most inspirational Abraham Hicks quotes that you can use to aid you on your spiritual journey!

From Abraham Hicks gratitude quotes to Abraham Hicks quotes on manifesting love, there’s a quote here for everyone to get inspired by the words of wisdom from Abraham.

Who is Abraham Hicks?

If you don’t know who Abraham Hicks is/are, I’ll try my best to explain in a way that’s as easy to understand as possible.

But I’m gonna pre-warn you that the following might be a little confusing if this is completely new to you…

Abraham is not a physical human being, but instead what might be described as Source energy. Abraham is the name given to this “infinite intelligence” by a couple named Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Esther Hicks is said to channel information from Abraham through herself. She then speaks this intelligence in words that we understand as humans.

In this way she almost takes the form of a translator so that we can gain information and insights from this Source energy. So when you see Abraham Hicks giving a talk, it is the physical form of Esther Hicks you will see.

Make sense? If not, you might also want to check out some of these other explanations to simplify the wonder that is Abraham Hicks!

And if this still doesn’t make aaaany sense to you or resonate at all, that’s okay too! This isn’t a concept that will resonate with everybody.

However, what I will say is that the wisdom from Abraham/Esther Hicks is very profound and there is so much to gain from their words, regardless of your beliefs.

46 Inspirational Abraham Hicks Quotes about the law of attraction, money, magic, relationships and happiness! Get in alignment with your desires!

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The most inspirational Abraham Hicks quotes

With all that being said, these are some of the most inspirational Abraham Hicks quotes out there on different topics such as manifesting, love, relationships and happiness.

I hope that you can take away at least one Abraham Hicks quote to inspire you in some area of your life – enjoy!

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Abraham Hicks quotes on manifesting

These powerful Abraham Hicks quotes on manifesting are all about the Law of Attraction and bringing your dreams and desires into fruition…

  • “When something really really really matters to you, let it go! say to the universe: ‘You know what I want. Give it to me in the path of least resistance. Give it to me the easiest way possible. Give it to me in any way I can get it.'”
  • “Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating, you are planning… What are you planning?”
  • “Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you. Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.”
  • “Alignment trumps everything. Stay off the subject that disturbs your alignment, and everything that you are about will come into alignment.”
  • “Your work is to create the feeling in yourself even before you have the marriage, even before you have the money, even before you have the thing, even before you have the property.”
  • “The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.”
  • “What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling – every single time.”
  • “Never mind what is. Imagine it the way you want it to be so that your vibration is a match to your desire.”
  • “Upon waking, let your first thought be ‘thank you.’ A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality.”
  • “You’re not manifesting, you’re creating the environment that allows the manifestation.”
  • “Everything is unfolding perfectly, and as you relax and find ease in your attitude of trust knowing that well-being is your birth-right, amazing things will happen. Things the likes of which you have not seen before.”
  • If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason: you are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence.
  • Your life-and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them. You can literally script any life that you desire, and the Universe will deliver to you the people, places, and events just as you decide them to be. For you are the creator of your own experience-you have only to decide it and allow it to be.
  • “When you believe something is hard, the universe demonstrates the difficulty. When you believe something is easy, the universe demonstrates the ease.”
  • “It’s not about action… it’s about vibrational alignment.”
  • “Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize.”
  • “The universe does not know whether the vibration that you’re offering is because of something you’re observing or something you’re remembering or something that you are imagining. It just receives the vibration and answers it with things that match it.”
The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want - Abraham Hicks.  Read more Abraham Hicks quotes to get in alignment with your desires and the magic of the universe!

Abraham Hicks quotes on happiness

These Abraham Hicks quotes are all about happiness and bringing more joy into your own life.

  • “Find something that makes you happy and fixate on it. That is the answer to all things. It’s the answer to getting everything that you want.”
  • “When you reach for the thought that feels better, the universe is now responding differently to you because of that effort. And so, the things that follow you get better and better, too. So it gets easier to reach for the thought that feels better, because you are on ever-increasing, improving platforms that feel better.”
  • “Reach for a better feeling thought.”
  • “Stop asking others to be the change that you need in order to feel better. That is the freedom that you are looking for.”
  • “As you practice your more positive better feeling story, in time your pleasure will become the dominant vibration within you, and then as you couple your pleasure with your means of earning, the two will blend perfectly and enhance each other.”
  • “If you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right path.”
  • “Be as happy as you want to be.”
  • “When you focus on the good, the good gets better.”
  • “If you knew your potential to feel good, you would ask no one to be different so that you can feel good. You would free yourself of all of that cumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world, or control your mate, or control your child. You are the only one who creates your reality. For no one else can think for you, no one else can do it. It is only you, every bit of it you.”
  • “All possibilities are available right now. How do you want to feel?”
  • “If all you did was just looked for things to appreciate, you would live a joyously spectacular life.”
  • “It is our promise to you – if you write things you appreciate in others, in life and in yourself, you will have such a dramatic change in 30 days. And if you continued for 6 months, the change will be so powerful, so strong, that others who know you will not recognize the old you.”
  • “Look for good things about where you are, and in your state of appreciation, you lift all self-imposed limitations – and all limitations are self-imposed – and you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things.”
  • “As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who you really are.”
  • “Being happy is a very personal thing—and it really has nothing to do with anyone else.”
  • “The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.”
  • “The standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff — it is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.”
Today I am grateful for journal entry

Other Abraham Hicks quotes on life and love

Here are some other Abraham Hicks quotes on manifesting love, finding happiness in life, and everything in-between. 

  • “The rule of thumb is you never take action when there is negative emotion within you because it will always be counterproductive. Always talk to yourself until you feel better and then follow the inspired action that comes from that open valve.”
  • “There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix, or feel regret about now. Every part of your life has unfolded just right.”
  • “Decrease your willingness to endure discomfort.”
  • “Forgive because you deserve it.”
  • “We are all love, looking for a place to happen.”
  • “The greatest thing you can give yourself is freedom from what others think.”
  • “If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know. And if you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows. And if you know that the way you feel is your indicator of how connected you are to Source, then you know that which only a handful of Deliberate Creators, respective to the total population, really know.”
  • “People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you.”
  • “Make a decision and then make it right. There just are no wrong decisions.”
  • “The universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The universe is simply responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.”
  • “The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth. Your goal is to find objects of attention that let your cork raise.”
  • “Make more decisions everyday. Because a decision is a summoning of life. That’s why a little chaos is good for you, because often you don’t make a decision until you get yourself in a jam. And then, in the middle of the jam, you make a decision, but that decision summons Life Force.”

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And there you have it… those are some of my favourite Abraham Hicks quotes to bring some wisdom into every domain of your life.

If you’re curious about learning more about the wisdom from Abraham Hicks then why not check out some of their works?

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