How to Use the Law of Attraction to Create your Dream Life Step by Step

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We've all had those moments where nothing seems to be going right and we start to believe the universe is out to get us...

And what could be more annoying in those moments than somebody telling you to "just stay positive"? But wait, because there may be more to that annoying advice than you think!

What if I told you that you could use the power of your mind and several simple, actionable steps to create the life of your dreams? Because that's exactly what you can do when you learn how to use the Law of Attraction!

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You may have heard of the law of attraction before but don't really know how to get started. Or you may have tried to implement it without any luck?

Either way, I'm going to provide you with the knowledge on how to use the law of attraction so you can get started on creating your dream life!

After you're done with this article you'll have everything you need to apply the law of attraction step by step in order to attract your biggest dreams and desires...

how to use the law of attraction to create your dream life

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What is the law of attraction?

So before we get started on how to use the law of attraction to create your dream life, let's first cover this important question - what is the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction is one of twelve universal laws that govern the universe. It describes our ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on.

To understand the Law of Attraction it is first helpful to understand the Law of Vibration.

Simply put, everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, vibrating at its own individual frequency. Our perceptions of the things around us and our own experiences are therefore reliant on our brain translating these vibrations.

So it is effectively our brain that creates our reality, not our experiences themselves.

This is a widely accepted notion. But what some people may struggle to accept is that our thoughts and emotions are no different, and they too vibrate at their own frequency.

Therefore, if we and our thoughts vibrate at a low frequency (negative) all the time, we are likely to attract things of a similar frequency. In other words, if we think negative thoughts we will attract negative things.

But this goes for positive things too! If we put our mind to positive things and focus on feelings of joy, excitement, gratitude and enthusiasm, the universe will respond by giving you more of these positive experiences and feelings.

But wait, the law of attraction works with more than just our thoughts!

To attract our dream life we have to align our whole being with it and become an energetic match. This often means "acting as if" we already have our desire, which I have a more in depth explanation of in this post.

What’s most important to remember is that the universe cannot differentiate between “good” and “bad”, so whatever you focus on is what you get- and it’s up to you where you choose to focus your energy!

What are the 7 laws of attraction?

To help you understand how to use the law of attraction most deeply, it's good to know the 7 laws that are behind it.

Because while many people narrow down the law of attraction to mean one thing, there are actually different forces at play.

Once you know the 7 laws of attraction you'll be able to learn how to apply the law of attraction in your own life to attract what you want to achieve.

1. The Law of Manifestation

The law of manifestation describes that whatever we focus on most in our minds, we will manifest in our lives. Whether positive or negative, our thoughts create our reality.

2. The Law of Magnetism

This is the law that describes "like attracts like". The law of magnetism says that we can only attract the same energy frequency as we put out into the universe ourselves. 

3. The Law of Unwavering Desire

Your intention must be pure, meaning it must not be a result of fear, doubt or desperation. If your intention comes from a genuine desire and sense of worthiness then you can manifest whatever you want.

4. The Law of Paradoxical Intent

If there is any sense of desperation in the intention then negative energy will be received as a result. The paradoxical intent is knowing you don't need something to be happy, while still striving for it.

5. The Law of Synchronisation 

In order to manifest your true desires, you must align your energy with your true self and the universe. These energies should work in balance/harmony.

6. The Law of Right Action

It is not only our thoughts that create our reality, but also our behaviours. How we act has a big influence over what we manifest. Each day we are given countless opportunities to make the "right action". This includes how we treat other people. 

7. The Law of Universal Influence

We are all connected. Therefore, our energies affect everybody else around us, not just our own. Our own positive energy will have a positive affect on those we surround ourselves with.

The law of universal influence (one of the seven laws of attraction) says that we are all connected. What we put out into the world has an influence on the energy of others.

The history of the law of attraction

The law of attraction is not a new concept and has been a core belief of many ancient religions.

The idea is thought to have been brought into our awareness by Buddha hundreds of years ago.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. - Buddha

However, the first use of the term "law of attraction" dates back to only 1877 in a book called Esoteric Mysteries by Helena Blawatsky.

More recently, knowledge of the law has been spread via the TV documentary and book titled The Secret.

The Secret

The Secret is the book and documentary that brought the Law of Attraction into mainstream culture and opened up millions of minds to our inner power.

This book particularly focuses on the influence of our thoughts on our vibrational level and what we attract, using real life experiences to paint a picture of the process of manifestation.

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Many great people have spoken out about their knowledge of and use of the law of attraction throughout history and modern times. Some of these include Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou, Jim Carrey and Operah Winfrey!

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The science behind the law of attraction

Although you may think of the law of attraction as a spiritual and imagined concept, there is a definite scientific basis to the idea that is backed up by both research and experience.

2 law of attraction experiments

 The summer of ‘93 D.C. meditation experiment

In 1993 4000 individuals took part in a meditation experiment where they meditated on peace and love with the intention of lowering crime in Washington DC.

During the experiment crime droped by 25% suggesting that the thoughts and vibrations of the participants had a positive affect on the society they were part of.

Thinking you’re younger makes you younger

A study was conducted on 70-80 year old men in 1979 to evaluate the effects of thoughts on youth.

One group spoke about their younger days in the past tense and reminisced, whereas the other group pretended they were still young and surrounded themselves with the activities and culture of their youth.

After the experiment subsided, the group who lived as if they were young showed signs of “de-aging”; they had lower blood pressure, less inflamed arthritis and better eyesight and hearing.

How to apply the law of attraction step by step

Now you hopefully have a deeper understanding of what the law of attraction is, we can start to explore how to apply the law of attraction step by step.

You can use your knowledge of the law of attraction to get whatever you want in life - use these actionable steps to manifest your desires!

1. Ask for what you want

The first step in the law of attraction is to set a clear intention of what you want.

If you could have anything in the universe, what would it be? This is what you want to work on manifesting into your current reality.

Start with this one thing and make it your focus - your intention.

Setting this goal and bringing your attention to it is already directing so much positive energy towards this outcome.

2. Believe in it and take action

You'll see it when you believe it. Wayne Dyer

The second step to manifesting your dream life is wholeheartedly believing its possible.

If we set a goal that we believe to be impossible, no matter how much we make it our focus we are going to be sending out signals to the universe that its impossible.

Start by setting small realistic goals; practice with the law of attraction and learn to trust its powers. The more you see it in action, the more belief you will have when it comes to manifesting bigger goals.

Another thing to note is that the law of attraction is not necessarily a miracle worker or a wishing tree. We can’t just sit back and do nothing expecting the universe to grant us whatever we feel entitled to.

We have to do our part in making our dreams come true. So identify and take the actionable steps necessary to achieve your goals and the universe will meet you halfway.

dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real

3. Match the vibration

This is the part where you have to kiss goodbye to laziness and be intentional with your everyday living consistently. 

Meditating for 5 minutes on your positive intention and then returning to negativity and bad habits for the rest of the day isn’t going to cut it unfortunately.

Become a vibrational match for your dream life by making a conscious effort to align with your intentions.

Incorporate activities and practices that make you feel good and stay away from those that have a negative effect on you.

Things that raise your vibration

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Organic wholefoods
  • Crystals
  • Positive music
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people
  • Physical activity
  • Cleansing
  • Being in nature
  • Gratitude
  • Smiling/laughing
  • Being creative

Things that lower your vibration

  • Lying
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Processed food
  • Drug use
  • Overconsumption of animal products
  • TV/electronic use
  • Surrounding yourself with negative people
  • Lack of movement
  • Toxic products
  • Gossiping

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4. Visualisation

Now imagine what your life would feel like if you achieved your dream, in as much detail as possible.

  • How does it feel to have achieved this goal?
  • What does your typical day look like?
  • Who are you with?
  • Where do you feel your emotions in your body?

The more you focus on each detail and sense, the more energy will be directed towards manifesting this into your life.

The amazing thing about visualisation is that your brain cannot tell the difference between imagined or lived experience.

So when we engage in sensory visualisation our brain and body respond as though we are actually there. This sends out powerful vibrations that align with this experience.

If you struggle to visualise naturally then you can try some law of attraction exercises like scripting or creating a vision board to help with this.

Create a vision board

A vision board is a powerful tool to increase the power of visualisation; it is usually a board which contains images and words associated with whatever you are trying to manifest.

It is easy to create - you can literally just use magazine cutouts or computer printouts of things that you associate with your intention.

There is no right or wrong. If the image or word resonates with you, then it can go on your board!

Creating the board helps to direct positive and creative energy towards your intention. It shows the universe that you are dedicated and ready to receive!

Having the vision board on display is also a great way to remind yourself of your goals and work towards them each day. Put your board in a place where you will see it frequently and be reminded of your intention!

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dream until its your reality

5. Use positive affirmations

Affirmations are powerful statements that align with what we are trying to manifest. Using affirmations is another way to match our vibration with our intention.

Affirmations are usually “I am” statements; this is because saying “I am” puts out to the universe that you are already embodying your intentions. These statements also encourage you to feel the emotions associated with the experience.

To get the most out of affirmations you should try both writing them and reading them aloud, while practicing sensory visualisation.

Another powerful tip is to record yourself saying your chosen affirmations and then listen to them at night before/during sleep. This causes the statements to enter your subconscious where they can become a part of your reality.

And you can also combine your affirmations with something like the mirror method for even better results with the law of attraction.

An example of an affirmation you might use is “I am a money magnet” to attract money.

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in pursuit of magic

6. Act as if

We’ve spoken about using our everyday habits to raise our vibration, but now we need to take it one step further and act as if we already have our desires.

This can be much more subtle and will require some self-reflection on your part.

What does this mean? Well… if you’re trying to manifest money, being reluctant to share with others and not doing things you love because you “can’t afford to” only puts out the message that you lack money.

In contrast, being generous with others and treating yourself puts out the message that there’s more than enough money to go around.

How does the universe respond? By giving you more!

Obviously there are limits, and you shouldn’t go around spending willy-nilly. But making small changes will not only change your own mindset around your life but send these positive messages to the universe too!

Of course this is just one example, and acting as if can be applied in many different ways depending on your intention.

Check out this post to learn more about how to use acting as if to manifest with the law of attraction.

7. Practice gratitude

Gratitude is another powerful tool to increase the power of the law of attraction.

Focusing on what we already have sends signals that we are ready to receive more of that thing.

Think about it, is the universe more likely to give us more of something if we express gratitude for what it’s already given us, or if we see our lives as not good enough? It’s simple, really!

Not only this, but focusing on the good in life can distract us from the negativity. This naturally raises our vibration and puts us in a more positive mindset.

If you’re ready to incorporate more gratitude into your life, try starting a gratitude journal!


8. Law of attraction meditation

Our unconscious mind has a huge impact on what we manifest, but sometimes we aren’t even aware of the negative patterns and thought processes we have.

Meditation is a great way to still the mind and create a blank slate to fill with positive thoughts, emotions and intentions.

Meditation alone increases your vibration, but imagine a law of attraction meditation focused on manifesting your dream life - this is some powerful stuff!

This meditation is designed to communicate with the unconscious mind to improve the accuracy and time that your desires take to manifest. Give it a try!


How to use the law of attraction in your own life

So now you know how to apply the law of attraction step by step, but how can you apply this to your own life and your specific goals?

The options are endless, but some common ways that you may wish to use the law of attraction in your life are:

use the law of attraction To attract success and abundance

Would your life be less stressful if you had more money? It’s not hard to imagine why the number one reason people turn to the law of attraction is to manifest money.

And there’s really no shame in that, either… when you view money as an exchange of energy that is a vital part of life, it’s totally okay to wish for more.

Start by changing your mindset around money and “act as if”, then use the steps outlined in this post to focus on manifesting financial abundance and freedom.

You can also work on manifesting success - if there is a career goal in which money is a secondary bonus, make meeting that goal your intention!

do something great

use the law of attraction to attract Love/relationships

Yes, you can even use the law of attraction to attract love into your life!

How? Well, if we remember that the law of attraction works on a basis of “like attracts like” then... if we want to manifest love, we should give love!

Focus on being a generous, loving person and practice compassion towards yourself and others.

If you focus on raising your vibration, you will also be more naturally attractive to others!

My recommendation when using the law of attraction for love is to focus your intention on the right relationship, rather than a specific person. This is because our minds are prone to attaching to people who may not be the right fit for us.

Here are some ideas that you can make your intentions when manifesting love:

use the law of attraction to Improve mental and physical health

Perhaps one of the most life-changing ways you can use the law of attraction is to improve your own physical or mental health. Yes, it’s possible!

The documentary Heal is all about the power of the mind and your intentions on the physical body. In this film you will see stories from people who have used their mind to heal pain, discomfort and even disease.

It's a really interesting watch and features experts in the field such as Deepak Chopra and the Medical Medium!

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The options are limitless

The beauty of the law of attraction is that the options for which to use it are limitless.

The only limitation is your own mind - if you believe something is possible, you can make it happen!

Use your own methods of self-reflection to tune into what you want in your own life.

Maybe it’s a dream house, your dream holiday or a dream opportunity. There is no right or wrong; this is your life!

Then once you've identified your desire, you can use your new knowledge of how to use the law of attraction in order to attract it!

create a life you love

Is the law of attraction real?

So, is this legit? The short answer is yes! But whether you believe it or not is really up to you.

The law of attraction can be a difficult concept to understand as you can’t necessarily see it in action - at least not physically.

But the law of attraction is all around us and there are countless amounts of positive testimonials to vouch for its powers!

It can also be difficult to comprehend this level of responsibility over our own lives. If we feel like we, or our loved ones, have been wronged in life then the law of attraction can feel like we are being blamed in some way.

However, this new sense of responsibility can actually be extremely liberating.

Once you know the power that your own thoughts and actions have, you have the opportunity to direct your energy towards positive things and create positive opportunities.

Law of attraction success stories

If you want more proof, check out some of these law of attraction success stories to see the law in action!

turn ideas into reality

And there you have it, that's how to use the law of attraction to attract your dream life.

You should now be armed with the knowledge of how to apply the law of attraction step by step and you can now go onwards to start working towards your dreams!

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how to use the law of attraction for a happier and more fulfilling life

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