The 21 Best Tarot Gifts for Birthdays and the Holidays in 2024

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When the holidays and birthdays approach it can be difficult to know what to gift loved ones. Nobody wants to get someone a gift that will end up in a charity shop straight away, right?

But if your loved one has a special interest, like tarot, then it’s thankfully a lot easier to buy them a gift that they’ll love and cherish for years.

So if you’re looking for the best tarot gifts that will meet the mark then you’re in the right place.

Selection of tarot related objects on white cloth background including tarot card deck, crystals and sage smudge stick

In this post I’ll be sharing some of my favourite tarot gift ideas for tarot lovers.

Whether you’re looking for holiday tarot gifts or tarot birthday gifts, there’s something in this list for everyone. You really can’t go wrong.

So grab a cuppa and get ready to browse for thoughtful and unique tarot gifts that will make their special day.

21 gift ideas for tarot readers - unique and thoughtful tarot gifts for the tarot lover in your life

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How to pick tarot gifts for loved ones

Before we jump into this tarot gift guide, let’s quickly touch on how to pick tarot gifts for your loved ones.

Because even with a list of the best tarot gifts, you want to consider a few things to ensure what you choose makes the cut.

So keep a few of these things in mind when choosing your tarot gifts and you’ll make that special someone very happy!

Their level of knowledge/expertise

When looking at tarot gifts you want to first consider the level of knowledge/expertise of the person you’re buying for. Are they new to tarot or are they a complete expert when it comes to tarot reading?

If your person is new to tarot then you might consider getting them a gift that will allow them to expand on their knowledge or get started in reading for themselves or others.

Or you might choose to get them tarot card themed gifts that allow them to show off their new interest.

In contrast, somebody who’s been reading tarot for a long time would be less likely to benefit from learning materials than a newbie. Instead, they might prefer tools that they can use regularly in an existing practice.

When choosing your tarot inspired gifts consider carefully whether what you’re buying makes sense for their skill level. This is the best way to ensure your new gift gets used and doesn’t end up in a charity shop pile!

the magician tarot card placed upright next to incense stick and three crystals

Their needs/the occasion

Another thing to consider when looking at gifts for tarot card lovers is your person’s needs.

It can be nice to gift something as a surprise, but this can mean that we don’t always get a gift that’s well suited to our recipient.

It’s worth asking your person what they actually need, even if you keep things vague. This can ensure that you get a present that is actually worthwhile to them.

For example, you could ask if there’s anything they feel is missing from their tarot practice. Or if they feel they have enough items of clothing at the moment.

And then this will give you a good idea of what kinds of tarot gifts to look at getting for them.

Likewise, the occasion that you’re gifting on might make a difference to your choice of tarot gift.

For example, if you’re looking for holiday tarot gifts then it would make sense to buy something that’s weather appropriate and perhaps some items that would be suitable as stocking fillers too.

Whereas you might want tarot birthday gifts to be more personal and sentimental, like some jewellery perhaps.

With that being said, there are no rules about what should be gifted and when, so just make your best judgment based on the information you have about the person you’re gifting to!

woman in pinafore dress and jumper sat on sofa opening a Christmas gift in candy cane brown wrapping paper

Your budget

While we want our gifts to be about the person we’re gifting to, we can’t completely neglect ourselves in the process. So make sure to consider your own budget and what you’re willing to spend on a gift.

More unique tarot gifts might come at a higher price tag. And to some people this might be worthwhile, but to others it might make them unaffordable.

Don’t spend over what you’re comfortable with or ever feel like you have to spend a certain amount for your gift to be appreciated.

The best tarot gifts in the eyes of your recipient are the ones with thought behind them. So long as you can afford it comfortably, the price doesn’t matter.

three gifts stacked on top of each other wrapped in Christmas themed wrapping paper

The 21 best tarot gifts for birthdays and the holidays

So now that you know how to pick the best tarot gifts for your loved ones, let’s get onto the best tarot gift ideas.

Take a look through these unique tarot gifts for birthdays and the holidays and get inspired for your next gift purchase!

1. A Tarot deck

An obvious choice for a tarot gift at any time of year has to be a brand new tarot deck.

This is the perfect gift no matter your loved ones level of skill/expertise. In fact, check out these best tarot decks for beginners if you know somebody who is newly into tarot.

And if your loved one is slightly more advanced, you can play around with getting them a deck that suits their specific tastes and interests, like this really cute cat themed tarot deck for feline lovers!

2. A Tarot book

A tarot book is a great gift choice for someone wanting to advance their tarot practice.

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot has everything an aspiring tarot reader could need, from detailed information about the history of tarot to card meanings and spreads to improve your reading skills.

3. A Tarot bag

Every tarot reader needs somewhere to keep their deck when it’s not in use!

Our tarot bags are satin lined to keep the cards in good quality. This occult print tarot bag makes a great tarot gift for somebody who likes the witchy/gothic aesthetic.

4. A Tarot cloth

A tarot cloth is an ideal tarot gift for somebody who reads tarot regularly.

This gorgeous tarot cloth has a unique design that’s beautiful for gifting, and is perfect for doing simple readings like three card spreads on.

5. A Tarot card holder

Does your loved one like reading tarot for themselves?

A tarot card holder like this one allows you to display your card for the day as a reminder of the message you received. This makes it easier to take aligned action based on the guidance of the tarot.

This makes it the perfect tarot gift for someone who uses tarot for self-introspection and growth.

6. Tarot art prints

One of my favourite tarot card lover gifts is some unique tarot art prints like these from our shop.

Because what better way is there to display your love for tarot than with some wall art?

These matching sun and moon tarot prints are sure to be loved by the tarot lover in your life!

7. A Tarot card necklace

A tarot card necklace like one of these is one of the most gorgeous tarot gifts you can give your loved one.

With multiple tarot card styles to choose from, you can gift a thoughtful piece of jewellery that they’ll cherish for years.

8. A Tarot card ring

Does the tarot lover in your life also love unique jewellery? If so, a tarot card ring is the perfect gift for them.

These tarot card rings come in a range of finishes and they’re a bold piece for someone who likes to stand out with their style choices.

9. A Tarot card bracelet

Is a bold jewellery choice not their thing? These elegant tarot card bracelets are a more subtle option for somebody who likes to keep it classy.

They make the perfect tarot birthday gift for tarot loving friends or relatives.

10. A Tarot journal

A tarot journal is one of the best tarot gifts you can give to somebody who has a personal tarot practice.

Tarot journals are great for documenting your own journey with tarot and writing about all the insights you gain from the cards.

This can be a truly thoughtful gift for anyone who reads tarot for themselves.

11. Tarot tapestry

If you know somebody who loves a witchy tarot aesthetic, a tarot tapestry like this one is the perfect gift for them.

This makes for a bold statement piece in any home with a modern on-trend design that’s perfect for teens and young adults especially.

12. Tarot print pyjamas

If you’re looking for tarot inspired gifts, why not gift that special someone a pair of tarot print pyjamas?

These unique tarot print pyjama pants are a perfect tarot gift for the holidays and anybody who has a birthday in the winter months!

13. A Tarot t-shirt

A tarot t-shirt is an ideal tarot gift for a fashion loving tarot reader.

This simplistic tarot t-shirt will suit everyone. You really can’t go wrong!

14. A Tarot sweatshirt 

Another tarot gift that’s perfect for the holidays is a tarot print sweatshirt.

This tarot print sweatshirt comes in a gorgeous neutral colour that means it will blend in well to most wardrobes and is bound to be adored by whoever you gift it to.

But, if this colour isn’t your recipient’s favourite then don’t worry, because there’s 5 other colourways to choose from too!

15. Tarot cleansing tools

We can’t leave functional tarot gifts out of this tarot gift guide…

Tarot cleansing tools are a great tarot gift for anybody who takes their tarot practice seriously.

These items make perfect stocking fillers that can be used to cleanse tarot cards and keep readings fresh!

16. A Tarot inspired mug

A tarot inspired mug makes for an ideal Secret Santa gift during the holidays, or a gift for a colleague who you know loves tarot.

This funny tarot mug will definitely be a hit with any tarot lover!

17. A Tarot card pin

Pins can be used to accessorise almost anything, from backpacks and pencil cases to t-shirts and jackets.

Tarot card pins are some of the best tarot gifts for anybody who loves to accessorise and add their own flare to their outfit or belongings.

These black and gold tarot pins are a particularly elegant option that will go with almost anything.

18. A Tarot card lighter

Your loved one doesn’t have to be a smoker to appreciate a tarot card lighter as a gift.

This is a great gift for anybody who frequently lights candles or incense as part of their practice too.

And these “The Sun” tarot card lighters come in lots of different colours to suit your special someone’s unique taste.

19. A Tarot keychain

A tarot keychain is the perfect stocking filler for lovers of tarot. Your loved one can display it proudly on their keys or attach it to their favourite bag or purse.

And these tarot keychains are a particularly elegant choice. They also come in every card in the major arcana, making it easy to personalise your gift for any tarot lover!

20. Tarot cheat sheets

If your gift recipient is just getting into tarot then tarot cheat sheets are a great gift option for them.

They contain everything an aspiring tarot reader needs to quickly reference during readings.

These digital cheat sheets are from my own store. They can be sent online which makes them ideal for sending to your long distanced loved ones.

21. A Cocktail book

If you’re looking for unique tarot gifts then this one is perfect for you.

A tarot card themed cocktail book is a gift worth receiving for anybody who loves fancy drinks and tarot. And it makes for an amazing Secret Santa present too.

This Tarot & Tequila book contains a guide to tarot card meanings as well as 40 tarot themed cocktails that are perfect for a girls night in. There’s even a matching tarot deck too!

tarot deck pictured on top of tarot book stack alongside rose quartz crystals on a white marble background

And there you have it, those are the 21 best tarot gifts for holidays and birthdays this year.

I hope that this tarot gift guide inspires you to buy a present that your loved one will cherish for years to come!

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21 tarot card gift ideas for birthdays and the holidays

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