20 Magickal Gifts for the Modern Witch in 2023

If you’re looking for witchy things to buy for a witchy christmas or a loved one’s birthday, then you’re in the right place!

I don’t know about you, but I love gift-giving, and when I know a loved one’s interests it makes it even more enjoyable to shop around and find something thoughtful that I know they’ll love.

If you know somebody who is into witchcraft, or simply loves a witchy aesthetic, then you simply cannot go wrong with the magical gifts that I’m about to share with you.

These gifts for the modern witch are perfect for a range of different interests.

So whether you’re looking for wiccan gifts, tarot gifts, astrology gifts or gifts for baby witches, I’ve got you covered.

Magickal gifts for the modern witch

Tarot Gifts

If you know a witch who loves tarot, these tarot gift ideas are for you! 

1. A tarot deck

Every divination witch needs a huge collection of tarot decks, am I right? If you have a loved one who’s into tarot, why not gift them a brand new deck!

There are tons of beautiful decks to choose from, but if they’re just exploring tarot then these tarot decks for beginners are a great place to start.

the modern witch tarot deck gift

And obviously, the Modern Witch tarot deck needs a special mention here because this is not only an absolutely stunning deck but also very on-brand with this post!

2. Tarot card bag

occult print tarot bag

Tarot decks need to be stored safely in order to protect their energies, so a tarot card bag makes a great gift for any tarot loving witch. 

I handmake my own tarot card bags, which I sell in my Etsy store. This occult print tarot card bag of mine makes for a magickal tarot gift, and can also be used to store other witchy things like crystals and runes! 

3. Tarot card box

If a tarot card bag isn’t their thing, a beautiful tarot card box like this one is another great gift option! This would look great on display, while also serving the function of protecting your loved one’s most precious decks.

4. Altar tarot cloth

In my opinion, a tarot cloth is an absolute must-have for any altar! There are so many different options to choose from that can completely change the look of an altar and make it super personal to the witch.

These are some of my favorites (for obvious reasons) but have a think about what this person loves so you can gift them a tarot cloth that is really unique to them! 

5. Blank tarot cards

create your own tarot deck blank tarot cards gift

Does your loved one have a creative side? Blank tarot cards are a really fun gift to give anybody who is into tarot. They can design and customize the cards to make their very own deck! 

I also love this gift idea for anybody who is new to tarot because making a personal connection with the cards on this level can really help to learn tarot card meanings and improve your reading abilities.

Astrology Gifts

Is the witch in question a cosmic or lunar witch? Gift them one of these astrology gifts to put a smile on their face!

6. Moon phases calendar

2023 lunar calendar with astrological placements. flat lay on black background with flowers, greenery, crystals and stars

A moon phase calendar is a must-have for anybody who wants to work with the magic of the moon.

My printable moon phases calendar is a bestseller and makes a great gift for a lunar witch in your life!

7. Star sign mugs

pink star sign mug for aquarius

Star sign mugs are a super cute and affordable gift for anybody who relates to their zodiac sign! I personally love anything Taurus related because I connect to my sun sign so strongly, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a cute mug as a gift.

I absolutely adore this zodiac mug because it comes in the most beautiful metallic colors and you can personalize it for whoever you are gifting to! It also comes in a gorgeous matching box which is perfect for gifting.

8. Zodiac candle

scorpio zodiac candle

Again, how can you go wrong with the gift of a candle? And why not make it even better by gifting a zodiac focused candle?

This zodiac candle is adorable and can be customized with a special message! You also have the option of upgrading to a hamper including a beautiful gift box and bath salts!

9. Astrology book

Astrology books make awesome gifts for anybody who wants to learn more about astrology or study their natal chart in-depth!

These are some of my favorite astrology books that double up as beautiful gifts.

10. Zodiac trinket gift

gold foil zodiac trinket dish

Zodiac trinkets make such cute gifts for the modern witch, and are a beautiful addition to have on display in any witchy home! 

Why not gift a star sign necklace or ring and a beautiful trinket dish to keep it in?

Gifts for Witchcraft

Being a witch isn’t just about aesthetics you know. If you know someone who is into witchcraft, they’re bound to appreciate the thoughtfulness of these gifts!

11. Witches cauldron

three moon witches cauldron gift

No, cauldrons aren’t just something you see in witchy cartoons or Hocus Pocus. Cauldrons have a legitimate purpose in witchcraft, and can make a lovely gift to receive for practicing witches!

These cauldrons are absolutely beautiful and would look great on any altar!

12. Spell candles

witchy spell candles gift box

Spell candles are another altar essential, and in my opinion candles infused with herbs and petals are some of the most aesthetically pleasing. I love this gift box from WaxyWix that comes with 12 spell candles in a variety of scents!

13. A wand

Because what could be a more magickal gift to receive than a wand? I’m sure you’ll agree that these wands are beautiful to look at, whether your loved one is a practicing witch or somebody who loves the aesthetic!

14. A spell bottle

If you’re looking for another gift to add to a witch’s altar, spell bottles are another unique option! These spell bottles feature a beautiful crystal lid and a pentagram charm making them an even more perfect gift for the modern witch!

Gifts for a New Witch

Know somebody who is new to witchcraft? These gifts are perfect to help them practice magick, or simply to show them your support!

15. Baby witch kit

This "baby witch" kit contains everything a beginner witch needs to get started with spells and rituals. This is perfect for somebody who wants to set up their own altar but doesn't know where to start!

16. A witchy pin

Enamel pins make super cute gifts that your witchy friend can use to customize clothing, accessories, or simply have on display.

These witchy pins are perfect options if you want to gift something small but thoughtful! 

17. A witchy mug

Show your loved one you support their exploration of witchcraft with this super cute witchy mug! This mug features a collection of witchy illustrations and makes a lovely and affordable gift for a new witch in your life!

18. A witchy print

Witchy prints add a gorgeous touch to any witches home, but they make a particularly good gift for new witches who want to redecorate and add a bit of witchy flair to their existing space. 

Here are some of my favourite prints from my own collection, which make perfect gifts for the modern witch!

19. Baby witch books

Reading is one of the best ways to learn the art of witchcraft, so beginner friendly witchcraft books are an ideal gift for the baby witch in your life.

These books are a great place to start for those who are just starting out exploring their craft!

20. Coven jewelry

Have a witchy friend that you want to show your appreciation for? Friendship (or coven) jewelry is the perfect way to show them some love!

I adore these coven sisters necklaces as a modern witchy gift, and the backing adds an extra touch of thoughtful that they're bound to appreciate!

coven sisters

magickal gifts for the modern witch
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