How to Create Your Own Unique Full Moon Ritual

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Moon rituals are definitely one of my favourite ways to manifest - they help me to feel more connected and they make use of the moon’s powerful energies to supercharge my manifestations.

A full moon ritual in particular is the perfect time to welcome in any manifestations that you opened with your new moon ritual.

That’s because the full moon is the time when the moon’s energy is most potent.

By creating your own unique full moon ritual for manifestation, you can make use of these potent energies in a way that works for you and helps you to connect on a personal level.

full moon

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When to do a full moon ritual

A question that comes up often is when to do a full moon ritual.

For example, do you have to do it at night when you can physically see the full moon? Or can you also do it during the day?

My simple answer is to do it as close to the time the moon enters full as possible. (You can find specific moon times for your location here)

2024 lunar calendar by Through the Phases. Featuring astrological placements of each new moon and full moon. Pictured on black background with flowers and sequin stars and moons

In some cases, this will actually be during the day, and just because you cannot see the moon in her fullness, that does not mean that the energies are not there.

I personally do like to do all of my moon rituals in the evening/at night though, especially my full moon ritual.

That’s because I feel like being able to see the moon helps me to connect more, which will in turn make my manifestations stronger.

full moon in clouds

Certain parts of my ritual are also dependent on the moon’s light, such as charging my crystals or making full moon water.

But, if you’re somebody who doesn’t like staying up late, or you feel most connected in the mornings, then you can absolutely do your full moon ritual at another time.

I always say that the best time to do any ritual is the time that works for you. It is pointless forcing yourself to do your rituals at certain times if you do not feel like you’re in the right energy.

So listen to your energy and do your own full moon ritual when it feels right.

Can you do a full moon ritual the next day or the day before?

Yes, absolutely!

It doesn’t really matter what date the full moon falls on, because it’s more about timings and practicing as close to the full moon as possible.

For instance, if the full moon is at 1am on Monday 2nd, it would probably make more sense to perform your full moon ritual on the evening of Sunday 1st than it would to wait until you wake up on Monday 2nd to perform it.

As a rule of thumb, you should aim to practice your full moon ritual within 12 hours either side of the full moon.

So with the example above, you would carry out your ritual at a time that suits you between 1pm on Sunday 1st and 1pm on Monday 2nd. 

That’s because this is the window when the energy of the full moon is most potent.

However, you can extend this to 24hr either side if that works better for you, and you will still be able to harness the energy of the full moon.

phases of the moon

The fundamentals of a full moon ritual for manifestation

To create your own unique full moon ritual it’s helpful to know the fundamentals of the full moon’s energy and how to harness it.

Releasing and forgiveness

The full moon is all about releasing and letting go.

It’s the perfect time to rid yourself of all that no longer serves you, whether that’s material possessions, people in your life, or ways of thinking.

let it go letters

Equally, this can represent ridding yourself of something that is weighing you down in the form of forgiveness.

The full moon is an excellent opportunity to practice forgiveness to yourself and others, in order to release some of that negative energy and baggage that might otherwise prevent you from calling in your manifestations.


Now is also the most important time to practice gratitude (though you should, of course, focus on practicing gratitude every day).

Gratitude is a powerful way of focusing on the good energy in your life, and thus welcoming more of it in.

grateful sign

Since the full moon is the most potent time for welcoming in new energy and manifestations, gratitude is especially important now.

I personally incorporate gratitude into every full moon ritual that I do.


Energy and recharging

The full moon is also the perfect time to cleanse stagnant energy and recharge with the potent energy of the moon.

This goes for yourself, but also for any tools that you use regularly in your practice.

Your full moon ritual is the perfect opportunity to cleanse and recharge crystals, tarot cards, and any other tool you personally use. 

burning sage

Steps to create your own unique full moon ritual for manifestation

Follow these six steps to create your own unique full moon ritual.

1. Choose your tools

Spiritualists/witches work in different ways and each of us have our own personal favourites when it comes to tools. Some may not use tools at all!

I personally think that tools are a great way to connect deeper and harness energy, especially as a beginner.

If you’re new to spiritual practice, experiment with different tools to find what works best for you, and then work on mastering the ones that you connect with most.

crystal and candle ritual tools

On the full moon, choose which tools you want to want to work with, and then use them to connect with the full moon energy.

Here are some ideas of different tools that you might use as part of your full moon ritual:

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2. Cleanse and charge your tools

Once you’ve used your tools, you want to make use of the full moon’s energy in order to cleanse and charge them.

Ideally, the best time to do this is when the sun has gone down, so you can fully take advantage of the moon’s light.

Cleanse your tools of any energy they have soaked up, by passing them through smoke or running them under water.

full moon ritual cleansing tools

You can then charge them overnight by placing them under the moon’s light to absorb its energy. 

Another tip: leave a jar of water under the moonlight to make moon water. You can then drink this water to effectively “charge” yourself, or use it in spells! 

3. Release that which no longer serves you

As we mentioned before, the full moon is the perfect opportunity to release what no longer serves you.

Take some time to explore what you may need to let go of this full moon, and then focus on releasing it through meditation, or a ritual like writing it down and burning it.

tarot cards and crystals

If you’re unsure of what isn’t serving you, now is the time to turn to your tools and ask them.

Do a tarot reading and/or use a pendulum to help you determine what you need to let go of. Once you’ve identified it, release it.

4. Bring in gratitude

As well as looking at what we need to release, we also now need to look at what we want to call in more of.

What is going well in your life right now? What is there to be grateful for?

It can be hard to identify at first if we’re not used to gratitude, so use these gratitude prompts if you get stuck.

Meditate on these feelings of gratitude and thank the universe for gifting you with all of the good in your life.

grateful thankful blessed signs

5. Write it all down

Bring everything together by writing about it.

Open your journal and write about everything you’re feeling right now, what you’re committing to releasing and what you’re grateful for.

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Writing can be a cathartic way to release those stagnant energies, and also a brilliant way of connecting deeper with those feelings that you want to call in more.


You can also write a letter of gratitude to the universe or write a letter of forgiveness to yourself or someone else.

What you choose to do with that letter is up to you - you can place it in a manifestation box, give it to somebody else or burn it.

6. Finish with self care

My favourite part of a full moon ritual is the ultimate excuse to rest and rejuvenate with self care.

Use this opportunity to truly pamper yourself and practice self love. Now is the time to self indulge!

Cleanse stagnant energy with a ritual bath filled with salts, herbs and petals.

Put on your favourite face mask to nourish your skin.

Moisturise from head to toe with natural oils and ingredients.

A little tip: some people find that the full moon can interfere with their ability to sleep, so really take the time to unwind on the night of a full moon so that you can fall into a peaceful slumber. If you can’t sleep, don’t stress about it! Use the opportunity to moongaze or read your favourite book!

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full moon ritual bath

There is no right or wrong way to practice a full moon ritual. The whole point is that a ritual is uniquely yours!

Try new things and experiment to find what makes you feel most connected on a full moon, and then do more of what works for you and less of what doesn’t.

It may take some time for you to find a full moon ritual that you can call your own, but enjoy the process because the end result will be very much worth it!

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How to create your own unique full moon ritual for manifestation
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