The 7 Best Healing Crystals for Self Love

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I’ve had my fair share of self love struggles… but thankfully there are some tips and tricks I have learnt along the way to make self love that little bit easier.

One of these tips is using healing crystals, which are one of my favourite tools to add to my self care routine!

Crystals are a simple but powerful way to unclear blockages and make self care that little bit easier.

These are the 7 best crystals for self love and how to use them!

best crystals for self love

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Why is self love so important?

While you might be tempted to overlook the relationship you have with yourself, it is arguably the most important relationship you will ever have!

Why? Because it sets the tone for all your other relationships - if you cannot show true love and compassion towards yourself, it is very difficult to show it towards another.

Not only this, but practicing self love helps to raise your vibration, making you more likely to manifest your dreams and your soulmate with the law of attraction.

This positive energy towards yourself is a magnet for good things!

Plus, if we’re being real, you’re the only person who spends each and every moment with yourself… so if you’re not being kind to yourself, this is a very difficult way to live.

Learning to love yourself is therefore not just important, but essential!

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Why are healing crystals so powerful?

Healing crystals are an amazing tool for cultivating self love for a number of reasons.

  • Metaphysical properties: the properties of certain crystals work in harmony with our energies, helping to balance any blockages we may have and open up chakras
  • Dedicating time to self: crystal healing in itself is an act of self love as we are dedicating time to our own growth and healing
  • Heightened awareness of self: by spending time working with our subtle energies, we develop more self awareness and understand what it is we need to heal

What are the best crystals for self love?

All crystals have their own unique properties - these are the best for self love!

1. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is known as the Stone of the Compassionate Heart. It’s main focus is directing love towards the self for the purpose of healing, so that love can then be extended outwards. It vibrates self love, forgiveness and compassion towards the inner child, helping to heal old wounds, feelings and traumas in order to move forward peacefully.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love - not just towards others, but yourself too! Rose quartz helps you to practice self compassion and love yourself regardless of any perceived flaws or imperfections!

Due to these properties, rose quartz is the perfect crystal to use in your self loving yoni egg practice!

3. Amazonite

Amazonite is a soothing stone, which helps with setting the boundaries that are an essential part of self love. It helps to cultivate self awareness and compassionate, rational thinking. Amazonite is also particularly beneficial for raising self esteem and forgiveness. It is also said to calm the nervous system, reducing feelings of anxiety.

4. Aventurine

Green Aventurine helps to balance energies and see things in an objective way. This reduces self-criticism and opens you up to giving and receiving love. It also helps to boost self confidence and belief, allowing you to put yourself out there and embrace new opportunities! This stone allows you to practice forgiveness towards yourself and others.

5. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a stone that helps intervene with patterns of self destruction. If you’re being too hard on yourself, Rhodonite will help you practice self love and forgiveness, allowing you to nourish the self and in turn clear old wounds. Furthermore, this stone helps to balance yin and yang energies, and it can also give you a confidence boost!

6. Carnelian

Carnelian is particularly beneficial for raising feelings of self-worth and allowing you to see your true value. It helps to unblock the sacral chakra and is known as a stone of confidence and courage! This is the perfect stone to make you feel capable of taking on new challenges and opportunities!

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7. Amethyst

Amethyst is a great crystal for spiritual self love. It helps us to connect to our higher selves and develop the self awareness needed to grow into our best selves. Amethyst helps to work through shame, fears and blocks and enhances a meditative state. This stone helps to dispel all negative energy from your life, including negative thoughts towards yourself!

How to use healing crystals for self love

Now you know some of the best crystals for self love, it’s time to start putting them to good use!

These are some of my favourite ways to use self love crystals:

  • During meditation: hold the crystals or place them in front of you while meditating on feelings of self love. You may also choose to recite self love affirmations to amplify the feeling!

  • Placing on chakra points: self love is a feeling associated with the heart chakra. Place your self love crystals on the heart space while laying down to feel their energies. This post features an in depth guide to using crystals to heal your chakras!

  • Placing around the home: even placing crystals around your home is a great way to raise the vibration. Try creating a sacred space with your crystals and other items that allow you to connect to your heart.

  • Adding to a manifestation box: If you’re trying to manifest self love, why not add your self love crystals to a manifestation box? This is a great way to maximise your manifestation!

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