How to Unblock Chakras with Crystals

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Chakras are our energy centres that sit along the spine. They help to regulate our energy and keep us in good mental, physical and spiritual health.

Over time some of our chakras may become blocked, resulting in less than optimal energy regulation.

This can happen for a number of reasons, including our environments and exposure to certain life events. 

Thankfully, there are various tools that we can use to unblock our chakras and get ourselves back into balance!

One of my favourite methods is using healing crystals.

Keep reading to find out how to unblock chakras with crystals!

How to Unblock Chakras with Crystals | Crystals can be incorporated into your meditation routine to balance all seven chakras. Read this post to learn the art of balancing blocked chakras with crystal healing! This is the perfect guide for beginners!

How to Select Crystals for Each Chakra

As a general rule, crystals for a certain chakra tend to have the same colour that represents that chakra.

There are exceptions to this rule though!

This section outlines the best crystals for your chakras.

The Root Chakra

Association: Represents stability, basic needs, groundedness and a feeling of “home”.

Colour: Red

Location: Base of spine/pelvic floor

Organs and functions: Large intestine, immune system and reproductive organs

When it’s underactive: You may feel insecure, fearful, ungrounded and unmotivated.

When it’s overactive: You may be easily angered, aggressive, greedy, have a need for control and dislike change.

Benefits of root chakra crystals: Bring back your focus if you have an overactive mind or suffer from anxiety; help to organise thoughts and develop logical thinking skills; help to bring attention to the present and keep you calm.

Recommended chakra stones: Red or black/brown crystals are typically suited to this chakra due to their grounding effects. Crystals that are particularly beneficial for healing the root chakra are Hematite, Black Onyx, Red Jasper and Red Calcite.

root chakra symbol

The Sacral Chakra

Association: Represents creativity, sexuality and emotion regulation

Colour: Orange

Location: Below the navel around testes/ovaries

Organs and functions: Reproductive organs, large intestine and kidneys

When it’s underactive: You may suffer from guilt or shame, lack creativity, feel easily fatigued and have a low libido.

When it’s overactive: You may be overemotional, have unhealthy attachments or sexual addictions.

Benefits of sacral chakra crystals: Helping for balancing emotions; manage anger and negative reactivity; allow you to think objectively without being clouded by your emotions; help you come to terms with changes in your life and stabilise mood swings; stimulate creativity.

Recommended chakra stones: Sacral chakra stones tend to be orange. Some of the crystals that can help to heal this chakra include Amber, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian and Orange Calcite.

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sacral chakra symbol

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Association: Represents self confidence, discipline and drive.

Colour: Yellow

Location: Upper abdomen

Organs and functions: Stomach, liver, large intestine, pancreas, eyes and face

When it’s underactive: You may lack confidence, seek the approval of others and struggle to achieve your goals.

When it’s overactive: You may be judgmental, critical and struggle to listen to others.

Benefits of solar plexus crystals: Increase self-confidence and enthusiasm about your decisions; enhance personal power and optimism; aid in the process of manifestation.

Recommended chakra stones: Some yellow crystals that activate the solar plexus are Lemon Quartz, Yellow Jasper, and Citrine.

solar plexus chakra symbol

The Heart Chakra

Association: Represents unconditional love and acceptance.

Colour: Green

Location: Sternum

Organs and functions: The heart, skin and Thymus gland

When it’s underactive: You may feel unloved, cold or distant.

When it’s overactive: You may feel jealous, bitter and have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.

Benefits of heart chakra crystals: Increase compassion; help you to forgive, understand and empathise with others; give you the wisdom to deepen your connections; increase trustworthiness and fidelity. 

Recommended chakra stones: Chakras that heal the heart are often green and pink. These include Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Jade, Peridot and Green Calcite.

heart chakra symbol

seven chakras printable poster

The Throat Chakra

Association: Represents communication, self expression and decision making

Colour: Blue

Location: Throat/base of neck

Organs and functions: Thyroid

When it’s underactive: You may struggle to speak up, openly express your views and communicate your feelings.

When it’s overactive: You may be loud and domineering and struggle to listen to others.

Benefits of throat chakra crystals: improve fears of public speaking; increase honesty and openness in relationships; help you to become fully aware of your inner truth and feelings; articulate feelings with clarity and conviction.

Recommended chakra stones: Blue crystals for the throat chakra include Turquoise, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli and Amazonite.

throat chakra symbol

The Third Eye Chakra

Association: Represents intuition and and perception.

Colour: Indigo

Location: Between the two eyebrows

Organs and functions: The eyes, ears, nose, brain, pituitary gland, pineal gland and nervous system

When it’s underactive: You may struggle to imagine or visualise things, suffer from memory/learning problems and adopt very black and white thinking.

When it’s overactive: You may have an overactive imagination and “live in a fantasy world”.

Benefits of third eye crystals: "stones of growth"; help develop intuition and universal connection; help to still the mind and enhance a meditative state; purify negative energy and promote inner peace; useful for dream work.

Recommended chakra stones: Crystals that are purple may be beneficial for balancing the third eye chakra, such as Amethyst and Purple Fluorite. Some other helpful crystals include Moldavite and Black Obsidian

third eye chakra symbol

The Crown Chakra

Association: Divinity and insight

Colour: Violet or white

Location: The top of the head

Organs and functions: Head, brain, ears, eyes and the pineal gland

When it’s underactive: You may be very rigid in your thinking, feel like there is a lack of meaning in your life and be spiritually unaware.

When it’s overactive: You may suffer from obsessive thinking and neglect areas of your life that you don’t deem spiritual.

Benefits of crown chakra crystals: help to connect the physical world to the spiritual world; helpful for angel guidance and working with spirit guides; enhance energy flow; cleanse your aura of toxins; work closer towards spiritual enlightenment.

Recommended chakra stones: Crystals for the crown chakra tend to be clear or purple. As well as Amethyst, helpful crystals for the crown chakra include Clear Quartz, Selenite and Diamond.

crown chakra symbol

Purchasing Your Chakra Crystals

Your crystals can be purchased from any crystal shop or online seller.

But take care to make sure your crystals are authentic and high quality.

If you are purchasing your crystals in a shop, you should also choose your crystals based on which you feel “call out to you”.

Try to tune into your intuition and see which crystals resonate the most!

I like to buy my crystals online from Etsy.

I personally prefer to buy from individual sellers and I like the excitement of waiting for them to arrive in the post!

This chakra crystal set is a great option for beginners to get started with their crystal healing practice.

It comes complete with a crystal for each chakra and each stone is beautifully carved with the corresponding chakra symbol!

How to Use Crystals to Unblock Your Chakras

How you use your crystals is unique to your own practice.

But here are some common practices to get you started!

Placing Crystals On Your Chakra Points

One method that you can use is to place each crystal on your body at the corresponding chakra point.

You can do this while lying on your back, or have somebody give you a hand to arrange the crystals if you are laying on your front.

This method is great for relaxation - put a nice relaxing soundtrack on and take whatever steps you need to make the space sacred for you.


It doesn't matter if you fall asleep because the crystals will still work their magic!

Refer to this chakra stones chart as a guide of where to place crystals on your body during chakra healing.

This chakra stones chart is the perfect guide to chakra crystal placement! Save this crystal chakra chart for later and read the blog post for more info on how to open and unblock your chakras with crystals!

Chakra Stones Chart

Holding Crystals While You Meditate

Another way to heal your chakras with crystals is to hold them while you meditate.

In your usual seated position, place your hands on your legs or in your lap and hold your chosen crystals.


I find that this method can heighten your senses during meditation, particularly if the crystal is cooler than your body temperature.

Quite often I will meditate on the feel of the crystal in my hands and focus on its temperature rising the longer I hold it.

You can also visualise the colour of the chakra that you are focusing on to increase the power of this chakra healing meditation.

You may also wish to repeat any affirmations that resonate for you.


If you don't wish to hold your crystal as you meditate, placing it in front of you is another way to use it in this setting.

If you’re new to meditation, don’t worry! You can use my beginners meditation guide to help get you started!

Wearing Crystals as Jewelry

Not only is crystal jewelry incredibly beautiful, it can also have a positive and healing effect on your chakras!

I have a rose quartz necklace that I wear all the time; it sits on my heart chakra to keep my heart balanced!

You may also choose to wear your crystal jewelry in the form of rings, bracelets and earrings

There is no right or wrong way to wear crystal jewelry - tap into your own creativity and to what resonates for you!

Placing Crystals Around Your Home

If you don't wish to use the methods above, you can simply place your crystals around your home for a positive effect on the energies in your environment. 

I find chakra crystal healing pyramids to be a beautiful touch to any home, with so many healing properties!

You may find it beneficial to create an altar in your sacred space, where you can have your favourite chakra crystals on display.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Since crystals are very sensitive and store a lot of energy, I would recommend cleansing your crystals before and after each chakra healing session.

You can do this by running them under clean water or bathing them in salt water under the rays of the sun or the full moon. 

You may also choose to smudge them with smoke from sage or palo santo.

I hope that this post has given you a deeper understanding of how to unblock your chakras with crystals!


Do you have any experience unblocking chakras with crystals? Let me know in the comments!

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how to unblock chakras with crystals

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