35 Positive Affirmations for Stress Relief

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In times of stress, overwhelm or crisis, it’s so easy to get swept up in negative patterns of thinking and to feel like you can’t handle what is going on in your external world.

But the truth is, your mindset is the most important part of how you deal with stressful situations, and shifting it can be enough to increase your resilience to stress and not let it take hold.

Positive affirmations for stress relief are a great tool to have for when you might face a challenging situation or event. Using them can help to reframe your thoughts and overcome stressors much more effortlessly.

Affirmations are a tool that I frequently turn to in times of stress, because I know how prone I am to getting sucked into those negative thought spirals and going doom-and-gloom before I even have a chance to catch myself.

Once you have the affirmations in the little toolkit in your brain, they’ll always be there to turn to whenever you need and serve your growth.

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How to use positive affirmations for stress relief

1. Identify and reframe negative thoughts

The first step to releasing stress is becoming aware of how you are contributing to your own stress levels. As with all personal growth practices, self-awareness really is key here.

To become aware of any negative thoughts that are contributing to your stress levels, I would always recommend keeping a journal.

Journaling is an amazing tool to identify thoughts you might not even know you have that are operating in your subconscious.

Getting these thoughts out then allows you to process them in a nonjudgmental way and to seek clarity in stressful situations.

There have been many times where I have been facing overwhelm and I’ve turned to my journal for support. Simply writing my feelings out has allowed me to find peace in situations and get less swept away in my own thoughts.

If you struggle to identify your stress inducing thoughts, these journal prompts for stress relief are an amazing place to start.

Once you’ve identified your thoughts, you can then work at reframing them and looking for more helpful alternatives that will serve your growth rather than hinder it. This is where positive affirmations come in.

2. Use positive affirmations for stress relief

Positive affirmations can serve to counteract any self limiting beliefs you are experiencing that are adding to your stress levels. 

They can help to shift your mindset to a more positive one where you feel able to tackle stressful situations, rather than feeling defeated by them.

You can carry on from the previous exercise by writing your affirmations in your journal. This is what I personally like to do as I feel like writing them is a great way to symbolise the permanence of the affirmations.

You may also wish to say them aloud which can be super empowering, especially if said in front of the mirror!

Practice standing in a powerful position and say your affirmations with power and conviction so that you can really tune into the energy behind them and start “acting as if”.

3. Practice self-compassion

And perhaps most importantly, practice self compassion.

It’s important to remember that stress is an inevitable part of life and it’s not something we can, or should even want to, avoid all together.

It’s okay to feel stressed at times and what we’re not trying to do is completely eliminate it. Instead, we’re trying to minimise the extent that it needs to take hold. We’re limiting it so that it doesn’t reach a level where it no longer serves us.

Possibly the worst thing you can do in a stressful situation is be hard on yourself about being stressed. This is just going to add to your stress levels further!

Be compassionate with yourself and know that you’re human. But reassure yourself that all situations are temporary and you have it within you to make it through whatever situation it is that you might be going through.

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35 positive affirmations for stress relief

  1. I am relaxed and calm
  2. My tension is melting away
  3. Feeling stuck is a feeling and not a fact
  4. I am free from stress
  5. I release all tension from my mind and body
  6. I am letting go of my worries
  7. I am in control of my stress levels
  8. I am peaceful and centered
  9. I feel the stress slowly leaving my body
  10. I am in control of my life
  11. I choose to respond to situations from a place of peace
  12. I easily overcome stressful situations
  13. I am a positive person who attracts positive things into my life
  14. I am equipped to handle this situation effectively
  15. Feeling relaxed is my normal state
  16. There are some things I can’t change, and I’m OK with that
  17. Everything is temporary
  18. This situation will pass, so I choose to deal with it calmly
  19. I trust my intuition and I am always guided to make wise decisions
  20. My peace is my power
  21. As I exhale, stress leaves my body
  22. Today, and every day, I choose joy
  23. I trust myself to deal with whatever arises
  24. I see challenges where others see difficulties
  25. I trust the Universe is looking out for my higher good
  26. I am reclaiming my power
  27. My muscles are relaxed
  28. I am calm and relaxed in all situations
  29. Calmness washes over me with every deep breath I take
  30. I am naturally stress free
  31. Releasing stress is easy
  32. I prioritise the things that make me feel calm
  33. Everything is going to be okay
  34. One day at a time, one step at a time
  35. I am in harmony and balance with life

I hope that these affirmations serve you in times of need.


I’d love to hear which of these positive affirmations for stress relief is your favourite!

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