109 Positive Friendship Affirmations for New and Existing Friends

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Friendships are incredibly important in our lives and are a crucial part of feeling connected and accepted in society. After all, if we look back to tribal times, both family and friends would have been a crucial part of our safety and, you know, our legitimate survival.

However, I don’t know about you, but friendships are always something I’ve struggled with in my own life. Whether it’s making friends or keeping them, it’s just not something that comes naturally to me.

If you’re similar, friendship affirmations might be something that can help you improve the quality of your friendships so you can feel more fulfilled and connected. Yay!

Friendship affirmations have helped me personally with my relationships with friends, and have been an important part of transforming my mindset around friendships which hasn’t always been the most positive.

So if you too struggle with making or keeping friends, or relating to others in general, know that you’re not alone.

And with a little bit of work, and the assistance of some friendship affirmations, you can create more meaningful connections and friendships that last!

So keep reading to explore how you can use friendship affirmations in your own life to manifest new friendships and improve existing ones.

109 friendship affirmations for new and existing friendships

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How do you manifest a friendship?

As with anything else you’re trying to manifest, manifesting a friendship relies on you aligning your energy to be a match for it.

So whether it’s a specific friendship you’re trying to manifest, or just better friendships in general, you need to work on your own energy and make sure you’re living in alignment with that of someone who has high quality friendships.

In other words, you need to “act as if”, which is always my top tip for prioritising any desire.

Here is a quick guide of how this might look in practice to help get you on track and in alignment with your desired friendship.

Step one: identify the friendship you desire

What is it you want from a friendship? Is there a specific friend you want to manifest? What qualities would your ideal friend have?

Step two: identify the feelings that you associate with this friendship

Why do you want these qualities in a friend? How would this make you feel? What would this friendship give you?

Step three: act as if and get into alignment

Align yourself with the energy of your desired friendship by acting as if you already have this friend.

This means you need to give yourself the feelings that you believe this friendship would give you. For example, if you think your desired friendship would make you feel more able to be yourself, how could you embody this energy now?

In this example, this might look like showing up as your authentic self as if you already had this friend cheering you on. (except you’d have to be the one cheering yourself on!)

And furthermore, to get in alignment with the friendships you want to attract, you need to also be the friend that you want in somebody else.

That means that if you desire certain qualities in a friendship then you need to also treat others in this same way.

It sounds like such a cliche to say treat others how you wish to be treated but in the case of manifesting friendships it couldn’t be more true!

Once you begin embodying the energy of the friendships that you desire then you will naturally begin to attract others that embody this energy too.

How to use friendship affirmations to improve friendships

So where do friendship affirmations come in?

Well, when it comes to getting in alignment with the friendships you desire, there can be challenges involved.

As I hinted to earlier with my own experience, some of us will have negative thoughts and feelings surrounding friendships that can act as energetic blocks to us attracting the kinds of friendships that we truly want for ourselves.

As somebody who was badly bullied in school and has been let down and betrayed several times by friends, it’s not always easy to act as if or keep showing up to friendships that keep letting me down time and time again.

In this case a little more mindset work is required in the form of friendship affirmations.

Friendship affirmations can help to gradually change your belief system surrounding friends by rewiring your brain through repetition. This consistent practice can help you become an energetic match for the kinds of friendships you desire, regardless of your previous experiences.

For me, the best way to work with friendship affirmations is to combine them with something like the mirror method to really help you embody the energy of the friendships you’re trying to create.

You might also choose to write your affirmations down or record yourself saying them aloud to listen to them throughout the day.

In truth, it doesn’t matter so much what method you choose to practise your friendship affirmations. What matters most is consistency and making an active effort to tune into the energy of your words.

Try and take some time every single day to work with your friendship affirmations and during this time feel into the energy of the affirmations and visualise the outcome of having your desired friendship.

At first you may feel a little strange if your desire feels out of reach, but over time the process will become easier as you bring yourself more and more into alignment with your desire.

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109 Positive friendship affirmations for new and existing friends

Hopefully now you have a clearer understanding of how to manifest a friendship and how you can use friendship affirmations to accelerate this process and remove any blocks to manifesting your desired friendships.

Now, let’s look at some examples of powerful friendship affirmations that can help you to improve your friendship connections.

These are some of the best friendship affirmations that I connect with and they can be used for a range of different situations, like making new friends, improving existing friendships or dealing with “friendship breakups”.

My advice would be to find up to three friendship affirmations that you connect with the most and dedicate some time to consistently working with these affirmations.

Over time you can then change up your practice and the affirmations you’re working with depending on your current reality.

So with all that being said, here are 109 of the best friendship affirmations for both new and existing friends.

Affirmations for making friends

1. I love making friends that I genuinely respect and admire

2. I make friends naturally and without effort

3. I choose the best people to make friends with

4. There are opportunities to make friends everywhere I go

5. I always make friends with like minded people

6. Every day is an opportunity to make new friends

7. Nice people want to make friends with me

8. Making new friends comes easily to me

9. I will leave my comfort zone because making new friends is worth it

friendship affirmations - making new friends comes easily to me

Affirmations to attract friendship

10. I am attracting the perfect friendships for me

11. All the people I attract are fun to be around

12. My circle of friends is constantly expanding

13. I attract kind hearted people

14. I am attracting beautiful souls into my life

15. I naturally attract positive relationships into my life

16. I am a magnet for attracting positive friendships

17. I attract beautiful friendships that bring me joy

18. Others are drawn to my friendly nature

friendship affirmations - I am a magnet for attracting positive friendships

Affirmations for new friendships

19. I am ready to make new friends

20. I am comfortable around new people

21. New friendships are exciting to me

22. It’s easy for me to make new friends and keep them

23. New people always come into my life at the right time

24. I am grateful for my new friendships

25. I am ready to open my heart to a new friendship

26. Everyday I am open to new friendships

27. I can easily meet new friends whenever I need them

28. I welcome new like minded people into my life

29. I am excited to welcome in new friends

friendship affirmations - I am ready to make new friends

Gratitude affirmations for friends

30. I am thankful to my friends for being themselves

31. I always make sure to cherish my friendships

32. I am grateful to each of my wonderful friends

33. I am grateful when my friends have my back

34. I value my connections with my friends

35. I am truly thankful for my friendship circle

36. I am grateful for the way my friends make me feel

37. I thank the universe for giving me loving and supportive friends

38. I am grateful for a friendship circle that gives me everything I need

39. I know I am blessed to have the friends that I do

40. I am honoured to have such positive friendships

friendship affirmations - I always make sure to cherish my friendships

Affirmations for lasting friendships

41. I have what it takes to maintain long lasting friendships

42. People enjoy being friends with me

43. All of my friendships are real, loyal and genuine

44. Each of my friends will stay in my life forever

45. I’m creating lasting friendships by always being there for my friends

46. I always find the time for my lasting friendships

47. My friends and I always have something to talk about

48. I always make myself available when my friends need me

49. All of my friends are worthy of love and loyalty

50. My friends want to see me as often as I want to see them

51. My friends know how important they are to me

52. My friends and I always make time for each other

53. I make the effort to be a good and supportive friend

54. My inner circle only consists of good kind hearted people

55. My friends like me for me

56. I can be myself when I’m with my friends

57. I cherish my friendships to make them last a very long time

58. I build strong and solid friendships

friendship affirmations - people enjoy being friends with me

Affirmations to give your best friend or make a best friend

59. I always let my friends know how much they mean to me

60. My best friend never lets me down

61. Having a best friend is the best thing ever

62. When my friends need me, I will always be there for them

63. I’m always striving to be a supportive friend

64. I am ready for a best friend to enter my life

65. I can’t wait to meet my best friend

66. I am best friend material

67. My best friends never judge me

68. My best friend is just like me

69. I love being so close with my best friend

70. Me and my best friend are like two peas in a pod

friendship affirmations - I am best friend material

Affirmations for losing friends

71. Any toxic people in my life are better left behind

72. I am letting go of any friends who constantly let me down

73. I have the right to choose friendships that benefit me

74. I let go of toxic relationships easily

75. I protect myself from bad friendships

76. I value my self worth more highly than harmful friendships

77. I am allowed to have expectations and standards within friendships

78. True friends respect me

79. I am allowed to walk away from friendships which cause me pain or harm

80. I can choose to walk away from a friendship but still mourn my loss

81. Strong friendships cannot be broken

82. The loss of one friend makes space for a new one

friendship affirmations - I protect myself from bad friendships

Affirmations for healing friendships

83. I trust all of my friends wholeheartedly

84. I am able to accept my friends flaws and love them for who they are

85. I set healthy and balanced boundaries with my friends

86. I am good enough for my friends to love me 

87. I can turn to my friends for comfort in tough times

88. I am good enough to have great friends

89. I choose to have only healthy friendships

90. I love my friends even though they aren’t perfect

91. My friends make me feel safe and cherished

92. My friendship circle is able to have respectful disagreements

93. My closest friends have seen and loved me at my worst

94. My friendships can survive tough times

95. All of my friendships are worthy of love and repair

friendship affirmations - my friendships can survive tough times

Affirmations for beautiful friendships

96. I can rely on my friends for support, emotional or otherwise

97. All of my friendships are beautiful and fulfilling

98. Everybody in my circle is a loyal and trustworthy person

99. Every friend I have is a beautiful person

100. Loving myself lets me give love to my friends

101. I have fun with my friends when we spend time together

102. I share deep connections with all of my friends

103. My friends have values that align with mine

104. My friends let me freely be myself

105. Each of my friendships brings me joy

106. I can always be honest with my friends

107. My friends and I can always rely on each other

108. My friends are on my wavelength

109. My friends are supportive of all that I do

friendship affirmations - my friends and I can always rely on each other

And there you have it, those are 109 of the best friendship affirmations for new and existing friends.

I trust that there is at least one affirmation in this list that you can connect with and use in your own practice to improve your friendships.

And at the very least, I hope that this post has reassured you that you’re not alone if you struggle with friendships. And that it’s more than possible to achieve better connections with a little bit of work and perseverance.

I’m wishing you all the best on your friendship journey and I hope that these affirmations help you get to where you want to be!

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friendship affirmations for meaningful friendships

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