How to Use the Two Cup Method to Quantum Leap to Your Dream Reality

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Law of Attraction rituals are a fun way to make use of some of the processes that can help us manifest more effectively.

I love using rituals in my own Law of Attraction practice because I find they help keep me motivated and focused on manifesting my desires.

The ritual I’m discussing is this post is more unique than some of the others in my opinion, and it’s called the two cup method!

This is one of those rituals that you first hear about and you feel a bit skeptical of (at least that was my initial response).

It’s just one of those things that I choose not to discuss over the less spiritual of my friends and family... unless I want to receive lots of raised eyebrows.

BUT, with that being said, it’s actually a ritual that’s heavily based on science and if you learn about it with an open mind then you can definitely come to appreciate its powers in helping you manifest.

Ultimately, if you believe in the Law of Attraction then this method and the theory that it’s based on shouldn’t be any harder to believe. 

So if you’re here, open minded, and ready to learn then let’s get stuck in and talk about the two cup method for manifesting your dream life!

two cup method

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Quantum Jumping Theory

Quantum jumping theory says that we can jump (or “leap”) from one reality to another in order to get our desired manifestation.

But let’s back it up a second

Some scientists suggest that there are multiple different universes, sometimes called parallel universes. (just as an FYI, “some scientists” means the likes of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking).

A different version of you is in each of these universes, meaning that you have endless realities playing out right now in alternate universes. It’s kinda mind blowing to think about, don’t you agree?!

But here’s the really cool thing… if there’s endless realities playing out right now then that means there are endless possibilities for you to experience.

There’s a reality that exists RIGHT NOW in which you have the desire that you want to manifest.

Quantum jumping theory states that when we achieve our manifestation what we’re actually doing is jumping from our current reality (where we don’t have our manifestation) to the reality where we do have our manifestation!

If you’re more of a visual person then this video explains the theory in a super easy to understand way.

So if quantum jumping theory states that what actually happens during manifestation is we jump to another reality then this means that we’re quantum leaping all the time, because we’re always manifesting, right?

But the really cool stuff happens when we learn how to quantum leap in a conscious way to a reality that we desire, rather than letting our unconscious processes control our fate. 

What’s great about understanding this theory is that it reassures us that nothing that we want is too big to achieve, because it already exists.

All we have to do is consciously shift to the reality in which it does.

This is where the two cup method can help!

What is the Two Cup Method?

The two cup method is a manifesting ritual that’s designed to help us quantum leap to our desired reality consciously.

It involves the use of two cups (obviously), one representing your current reality and one representing your desired reality. 

The current reality cup is filled with water, but the water from this cup is poured into the desired reality cup before drinking it. 

hand holding glass of water

This may sound silly to you if you’re first learning about it (trust me, I was skeptical) but it actually makes a lot of sense when we get into why this works. 

First though, we’ll look into how exactly to perform the two cup method to manifest your dreams!

How to Perform the Two Cup Method

To do this ritual you will need:

Step 1: Choose what you want to manifest.

Create an intention of what you want to manifest and make it as specific as possible. 

Step 2: On your post-it notes or labels, write your current situation and your desired outcome.

For example, one note might say “current reality: living paycheck to paycheck” and another might say “desired reality: financially free and abundant”.

Step 3: Stick each note onto its own cup.

Step 4: Pour water into the cup that is labeled with your current situation.

Step 5: Visualize.

Begin visualizing your desired reality... how will you feel when it manifests? Focus on the desired reality cup. Really tune into the feelings and emotions that you would experience in this alternate reality.

Step 6: Continue visualizing your desired reality as you pour the water from your current reality into your desired reality cup.

Step 7: Drink all of the water from your desired reality cup. 
Keep tuning into your emotions knowing that you are shifting your reality.
woman drinking glass of water

Why Does This Technique Work?

So wait a minute, why on earth would this work?

Well… some people may argue that it’s simply down to the visualization process, which is a manifesting technique in itself.

Visualization can help us to get in alignment with our desire and this could be the process that’s allowing us to quantum leap here.

But I think it’s more than that… and research by a Japanese scientist called Dr. Emoto suggests this might be the case.

In his research, Dr. Emoto exposed water samples to different music, thought vibrations and phrases.

For example, some samples were exposed to emotions such as anger, hatred, and aggression, while others were exposed to feelings like love and positivity - the samples were then frozen.

The samples exposed to negative emotions were found to have a deformed and irregular molecular form, whereas the samples exposed to love and positivity had a near-perfect structure that resembled snowflakes. 

These amazing findings suggest that human consciousness has the ability to actually physically change the molecular structure of water, which is amazing since our bodies are 70% water, right?!

If you think about it, in the Two Cup Method we are using our conscious processes and visualization to change the vibration of the water in our cup, essentially “charging” it to align with the reality we want to jump to.

By consuming this water we are taking in this vibration which aligns us with our desired reality, allowing us to quantum leap to it!

This makes sense since what we eat and drink has a huge effect on our vibration level and what we’re able to manifest. But this takes it to the next level by actually “charging” what we’re consuming.

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Final Thoughts

One thing I do want to clarify is that although quantum jumping sounds like an instantaneous thing, you’re unlikely to notice the “jump” in itself because it’s actually more gradual than it sounds.

Since all of our alternate realities are intertwined, you won’t necessarily know when you move into a different one. You might however notice changes that suggest you may have i.e. having your manifestation!

Whether you believe in quantum leaping or not, I encourage you to give the two cup method a try because it’s an awesome law of attraction ritual to focus in and visualize your desire regardless.

Let me know if you do give this ritual a try and if you have any success with it!

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how to quantum leap with the two cup method

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