17 Second Manifestation: Is this the secret to LOA success?

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Imagine if you could manifest your biggest dreams by thinking about them for 17 seconds, do you think that’s possible?

The 17 second manifestation rule is a technique that’s widely accepted by followers of Abraham Hicks, but what does it actually mean and is it really possible?

I’m exploring the rule in this post so if you’re curious about ways to improve your Law of Attraction practice then keep reading!

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Who is Abraham Hicks?

Abraham is referred to as a “group consciousness from the non-physical dimension”.

When interpreted or “channeled” through Esther Hicks, you will hear this consciousness credited as Abraham Hicks.

You can read more about Abraham Hicks here, but in this post we’ll jump into a concept that was shared by Abraham known as the 17 second rule or 17 second manifestation of the subconscious mind.

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What’s the 17 second rule?

The 17 second rule states that the Law of Attraction or manifestation process begins once a single thought has been held for 17 seconds.

Abraham actually refer to this as the “combustion point”.

This might sound like no time at all, but these 17 seconds must be filled by this singular and pure thought, meaning there must be no other thoughts or contradictions that come up during this time.

If you’ve ever meditated on a singular thought or mantra you’ll know how difficult this can be.

Your mind is automatically prone to jumping in with information it “shouldn’t” jump in with.

For example, if I say “don’t think of a pink elephant”... what do you think of?

You’ve probably heard that example a million times but the point still stands - when you try not to think of something, it’s almost impossible not to.

So you can imagine it’s a challenge to hold a singular pure thought without anything else coming up, especially if you’re focusing on nothing else coming up.

But with that being said, it can be done.

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How to do the 17 second manifestation ritual

Much like meditation, the key to mastering the 17 second manifestation ritual is practice.

The more often you practice, the easier it will become because you’re training your brain to be able to focus on one thing for this length of time.

Here’s a simple step by step process to improve this skill:

step 1: Set your space

I find it helps to treat this ritual just like you would your regular meditation, which means a positive environment will help a great deal.

I personally like to set up my space with my himalayan salt lamp, some incense and I sit on a meditation cushion.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this, though. What makes your space relaxing is unique to you, so do whatever you need to do to get relaxed and in the zone.

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Step 2: Choose a thought

What thought is going to be your focus for 17 seconds?

It goes without saying that this should be a positive thought.

My suggestion would be to use an affirmation, since these are powerful statements which carry emotion - this emotion will make it easier to stay focused than on a fleeting thought.

For example, if you want to manifest money then you might choose the thought “my bank account is full of abundance” or whatever resonates with you.

Check out the following posts for some examples of affirmations

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Step 3: Set a timer and hold that thought

Set your timer for… you guessed it, 17 seconds. 

Make it your aim to hold your positive thought for the duration of the timer.

If you find it difficult, that’s okay, it is difficult.

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Step 4: Restart the timer if your thought slips

Every time you notice that you’ve lost the thought or been interrupted by another, restart the timer and start again. 

By doing this you’re training your brain to hold the thought for longer, though this may take a lot of time and practice until you achieve the full 17 seconds.

And a top tip: don’t obsess over this practice. Treat it as a bit of fun!

It’s no good getting frustrated and staying up all night trying to master the 17 seconds, and as I’m about to tell you, this isn’t the be all and end all of successful manifestation.

Is 17 seconds really enough?

Hmmm…. Yes and no?

According to Abraham, 17 seconds is what’s known as the “combustion point”.

This means that after 17 seconds of pure thought, you will attract another thought of similar vibration.

Abraham say that it actually takes 68 seconds of pure thought to bring your desire into reality.

This means that you would need 4 pure thoughts of similar vibration held one after the other in order to manifest.

Remember this about the Law of Attraction

Now, I want you to take this theory with a pinch of salt.

As you’ll often hear me say, thought alone isn’t enough to manifest, and there are many other factors that play a part in the Law of Attraction.

So before you freak out either thinking...

  • Omg… how am I supposed to hold positive thoughts for 68 seconds?!
  • Or “oh sh*t, how many times have I been preoccupied with a negative thought for 17 whole seconds?!"

Remember, your thoughts are only one piece of the puzzle and I’d argue that there are much more important practices to focus on than holding a thought for 17 or 68 seconds... such as acting as if.

Nonetheless, this is a fun experiment to try and if anything it will also help to strengthen your meditation practice!

I’m curious… what do you think?

I'm well aware that this approach to manifestation won't be something that works for everyone, so I'd love to know where you stand with it.

Is the 17 second rule something you believe in or have tried yourself? Let me know your thoughts on this one!

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