57 Powerful Romance Affirmations to Spice Up Your Love Life

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Romance can be described as “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love”, and I think that perfectly describes the feelings that romance can give us.

Because, while love is one thing that many people want to manifest, love without a little romance sprinkled in can sometimes get dull or boring at times. Romance is that part of the puzzle that spices up our love lives and makes things feel more exciting.

So you’re making a good move exploring romance affirmations to see what you can do about bringing in this kind of excitement. And you’re in the right place!

The truth is, when a relationship is falling flat it might not be love that is the missing piece. Instead, you might just need to shake things up with a little more romance to get the “spark” going again.

And the same goes if you’re single too. In some cases it might not even be a committed relationship that you desire, but what you’re actually craving is romance and a feeling of being desired.

No matter what your relationship status is, romance affirmations can help to bring that excitement and mystery into your love life.

Because when we use romance affirmations to manifest more romance it can lead to feeling more fulfilled in our relationships and more desired regardless of whether we’re single or dating.

In this post we’ll be exploring a range of romance affirmations and how you can use them to bring more romance to your specific situation. Keep on reading to find out how. 

57 romance affirmations for couples and singles

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How do you manifest a romantic relationship?

Manifesting a romantic relationship works on the same principles as manifesting any desire with the Law of Attraction.

That means that in order to manifest a romantic relationship you need to get into alignment and embody the energy of the romantic relationship that you are trying to attract.

And how do you do this I hear you ask? Well it’s actually pretty simple once you know how.

Arguably the most important part of this manifesting process is “acting as if”. This is the process of acting as though you already have your desire in order to call it in.

It’s not about faking anything, but instead allowing yourself to embody the energy of your desire by connecting with your future self who already has your desire.

(This post will explain the process of acting as if in much more detail so be sure to give it a read.)

But to explain things simply now, when it comes to manifesting a romantic relationship acting as if means you need to embody the energy of romance in order to attract romance.

In other words, you need to act as if you already have the romance that you desire. You need to tune in to your own inner romantic (which already exists by the way!)

This means asking yourself what romance looks like to you and the energy you think more romance would bring in your life.

To do this try and envision your future self on a romantic date… what do you think you would wear? How would you speak? What would your posture/body language look like? How would you act? How would you do your makeup (if any)?

Your answers to these questions will let you know what the energy of romance means to you. And then your job is to embody it.

That means carrying yourself in a way that already gives off this romantic energy. For example, adopting a more confident posture and maintaining more eye contact if this is how you envision your romantic self.

Then by embodying this romantic energy, you will naturally attract more romance in your life.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should carry this romantic energy all of the time. It wouldn’t be appropriate for you to start flirting with everybody you meet or in a workplace for example!

However, it’s about being able to tune into this side of yourself with appropriate people who you desire a romantic connection with. As well as working on your self-worth and confidence to remove any blocks that are stopping you from calling more romance in.

How to use affirmations to attract more romance

As you might have guessed by now, manifesting more romance in your life is more about focusing on yourself and your own energy than it is about a specific relationship or person

In order to manifest more romance you have to be able to connect with yourself as a romantic being, but this is difficult for a lot of us.

If you have low self-esteem or confidence then it can be really hard to connect with that desirable side of yourself, and it can require a bit of work to get past that.

And this is exactly where romance affirmations come in!

Romance affirmations are a tool that can make it a little easier to connect with your romantic self, even if you’re not the most confident person. And they’re super easy to use too.

To use affirmations to attract more romance I’d recommend combining them with the mirror method, and trying to embody that romantic energy that we spoke about earlier in this post.

For example, you might get dressed in some clothes that make you feel romantic and stand in front of a mirror to connect with this energy while you say your affirmations.

A great opportunity to do this would be before a date or before your partner returns from work! But if you’re single and not dating then you can also do this exercise regularly to attract romantic opportunities like being asked on a date.

At first you will probably feel very uncomfortable, I’m not going to lie. If you struggle to see yourself as a romantic being then it’s going to be difficult at first to get past this barrier.

But the more that you practise romance affirmations and acting as if then the closer you will become to your romantic self and the more romance you will attract. It’s a process.

And for those times that the mirror method might be a bit too much to work with, you can use romance affirmations in other ways like writing them in your journal or using a manifestation ritual like the 5×55 method

57 love and romance affirmations to spice up your love life

I hope that by now you have a deeper understanding of how you can manifest a romantic relationship or attract more romance in your life by embodying more romantic energy and using romance affirmations.

And if you’ve identified that you’ve got some mindset and energetic work to do around attracting romance then you’re probably more than ready to get started with some affirmation work.

So I’ve compiled a list of some of the best love and romance affirmations to spice up your love life, regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship.

This range of romance affirmations can help you to embody more romantic energy and attract more romance to your specific situation.

I’d recommend having a look through this list of romance affirmations and picking one or two affirmations that you feel suit your situation, and committing to working with these until you feel like you’re making progress.

Then you can revisit the affirmations and explore working with new ones as your situation changes or as you feel more comfortable and confident.

So with that being said, here are 57 love and romance affirmations to spice up your love life!

Affirmations for attracting romance

These affirmations for attracting romance are perfect if you’re single and you want to attract more love and romance into your life.

  • I am deserving of romance and affection
  • I am desirable
  • I am open to receive passionate love
  • I am ready to be swept off my feet with romance
  • I am a romantic being
  • The Universe wants the most passionate and romantic love for me
  • I am single and ready to mingle!
  • I am confident in the dating world
  • I love going on dates with new people
  • Someone is ready to ask me on a date
  • I am attracting romantic love into my life
  • I am desired by multiple people
  • I am a magnet for love and romance
  • I receive love and romance easily
  • I love going on romantic dates
  • I am naturally romantic
  • I am becoming more romantic every day
  • I naturally find joy in being romantic    
romance affirmations - i am desirable

Relationship affirmations romance

These relationship romance affirmations are perfect if you’re in a committed relationship and you want to ignite more romance, passion and desire into it.

  • My partner shows me deep, passionate love
  • I deserve mind blowing passion in my relationship
  • My relationships are always fulfilling
  • My partner wants to treat me with romantic gestures
  • I deserve fulfilling relationships
  • My relationship is always exciting and new
  • My partner and I are always trying new things
  • My partner is always planning romantic surprises for me
  • My partner is just as exciting to me as the day I met them
  • My partner and I’s connection is always growing stronger
  • My partner and I are deeply in love
  • I feel good being intimate with my partner
  • Romance and sensuality come naturally in my relationship
  • I easily express my romantic feelings to my partner
  • My relationship is joyful and fun
  • I am becoming a more romantic partner
  • Romance helps my partner and I develop our love
  • Romance makes our relationship stronger
  • Romance brings positivity to my relationship
  • I am good at thinking of romantic gestures to make my partner happy
  • My partner and I enjoy spontaneous romance
  • Being romantic is an effortless part of my relationship
  • My partner and I naturally find opportunities to be romantic   
romance affirmations - my partner and i are deeply in love

Affirmations to make him obsessed with you

I use the word obsessed lightly, but these romance affirmations are perfect if you want to feel more desirable and be wanted by that special someone!

Of course you can replace the word “he” by “she” or “they” if the person you desire has other pronouns. 

  • My partner is crazy in love with me
  • I deserve to be treated like a queen
  • I am always on his mind
  • I make him feel good
  • I am his favourite person
  • I am so desirable to him
  • He loves being romantic with me
  • He always wants to move mountains for me
  • He wants to be with me all the time
  • He’s always thinking about the next time he gets to see me
  • He loves going on dates with me
  • He cannot get enough of me
  • I am his biggest priority 
  • He loves doing special things for me
  • He is my biggest fan
  • He feels so much passion for me
romance affirmations - i deserve to be treated like a queen

And there we have it, those are 57 of my favourite love and romance affirmations to spice up your love life.

I trust that there is at least one affirmation in this list that will help you connect more to your romantic self so you can start attracting the romance that you deserve.

But if you think that you still have more work to do in this area then that’s okay too.

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romance affirmations to spice up your love life

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