50 Powerful Manifestation Mantras to Attract Any Desire

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Incorporating manifestation mantras into your routine can be a simple tool to increase the strength of your manifestation, particularly if you already have an existing meditation practice.

And if you don’t have an existing meditation practice, all it takes is five or so minutes every day of repeating manifestation mantras to help you get in alignment with your desires.

To make it easier for you to get started, after reading this post you’ll have examples of powerful manifestation mantras for every desire, so you can reference them when you need an energetic boost.

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What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of bringing something from your desired reality into your physical reality.

For example, if you have a dream to earn $100,000 a year and you land a job that pays you 100k, you might say you’ve manifested that job.

The process in which we manifest is called the Law of Attraction, which states that the energy that we put out into the Universe comes back to us.

Using this law, we can put our focus on anything we want to achieve and match our energy to our desires, and in return our desires will come into fruition – this is manifestation.

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What is a mantra?

The word mantra originates from Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

It is a word or sound repeated during meditation to help you concentrate and remain in a meditative state. 

Probably the most popular mantra that you will have heard of is “om”, which is a positive bija mantra associated with the third eye.

The use of the word mantra has since spread in western cultures and typically has a more general meaning of “a statement that is repeated frequently.”

The definition that we’ll be using in this post lies somewhat in the middle – I like to think of mantras as statements that you can repeat, usually during meditation.

But not only to enhance your meditation practice, but also to bring you closer to what you are trying to manifest.

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“Isn’t that just the same as an affirmation?”

In some ways, they’re similar. But I think there are some differences that set them apart. For example:

Affirmations are usually highly specific to what you are trying to manifest (e.g. a specific amount of money, a specific person, a specific outcome) whereas mantras are more focused on matching the energy of your desired outcome (e.g. abundance, unconditional love, fulfilment).

Affirmations also tend to be a lot wordier, and therefore less suited to repeating during meditation, because the effort to recall every word is more difficult and can’t be as well synced to the breath.

In contrast, mantras are usually shorter and punchier. Remember that “om” and many other mantras are only a single word.

The best manifestation mantras to use in meditation tend to be only a few words long, because they are easy to remember and to sync with the breath, so that you don’t lose your focus and meditative state.

Do mantras work for manifestation?

Mantras can work for manifestation by helping us to get in alignment with our desires.

When we repeat a mantra that we associate with our intention, we are able to get into the same energetic frequency as it.

Doing this frequently (ideally every day) during meditation can help us to stay aligned with our intentions and help us manifest faster.

You can do this in your headspace, or aloud, it doesn’t really matter too much.

The most important thing is to focus on the energy of the words you are saying.

With that being said, here are some examples of powerful manifestation mantras to attract any desire.

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Powerful manifestation mantras to attract any desire

Use these powerful manifestation mantras to attract any desire, from love to money… these mantras have you covered!

Manifestation mantra for success

Use these mantras to get in alignment with the vibration of success and manifest success related intentions:

  • I know that everything is working out the best for me
  • Everything I do yields results
  • Every action I take brings me success and fulfilment 
  • The Universe always has my back
  • Every day I am moving towards my best life
  • What I am seeking is seeking me
  • I am creating a life of passion and purpose
  • My dreams are coming true

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manifestation mantras for success

Manifestation mantra for love

Use these mantras to get in alignment with the vibration of love and manifest love related intentions:

  • Love flows into my life easily and effortlessly
  • I live in a Universe where I am loved and supported
  • I am safe in my relationships
  • I give and receive love openly
  • I am attracting unconditional love
  • The love I give comes back to me tenfold
  • I choose love and love chooses me
  • I am divine love

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manifestation mantras for love

Manifestation mantra for money

Use these mantras to get in alignment with the vibration of wealth and manifest money related intentions:

  • Thank you Universe for sending me money at the right place and time
  • I am a money magnet
  • I am surrounded by wealth
  • I deserve prosperity
  • I allow money to flow easily to me
  • I am wealthy
  • People love to pay me
  • I am financially independent
  • I naturally attract good fortune
  • I am connected to the universal supply of money

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manifestation mantras for money

Manifestation mantra for health and happiness

Use these mantras to get in alignment with the vibrations of health and happiness and manifest wellbeing related intentions:

  • I am alive and full of energy
  • I am at peace
  • I am so much more than my worries
  • I am grateful for everything I am and everything I have
  • I am a magnet for joy and happiness
  • I love, support and believe in myself
  • I am comfortable in my own skin
  • I am in charge of my mind
  • I am releasing all stress
manifestation mantras for health and happiness

Abundance manifestation mantra

Use these mantras to get in alignment with the vibration of abundance and manifest abundance related and general intentions:

  • I trust and value my intuition
  • I manifest abundance by being grateful for everything I have
  • I am open to receiving abundance and prosperity
  • All of my needs are met by the Universe’s abundant supply
  • The things I want naturally find their way to me
  • I am a magnet for abundance
  • I have everything that I need
abundance manifestation mantras

Job manifestation mantra

Use these mantras to get in alignment with the vibration of job success and manifest career related intentions:

  • My business allows me to have a life I love
  • My business continues to grow every day
  • I am paid well to do what I love
  • I have limitless potential
  • I am on the right career path
  • Job offers flow to me effortlessly
  • I am a magnet for new career opportunities
  • I am worthy of doing a job that I love

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job manifestation mantras

And there you have it, now you have a whole list of manifestation mantras for every desire so you never get stuck trying to come up with one before meditation.

Try to repeat a single chosen mantra for 5 minutes every day to get in alignment with your desire and use the Law of Attraction in your favour.

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50 powerful manifestation mantras to manifest your desires more effortlessly

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