5 Steps to Manifesting a Specific Person the Right Way

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Manifesting a specific person is a hot topic when it comes to the law of attraction, and it's something I get asked about a lot.

Truth is, there are lots of people with opposing opinions on manifesting someone specific... Is it wrong to manifest a specific person? Is it even possible?

And as I’m sure you’ll guess, I have my own opinion on this topic that definitely comes into play when people reach out and ask me for advice. And I make no secret of it in this post as you'll soon see!

But, opinions aside, this post is all about how to manifest a specific person and I'm going to teach you how to do just that.

Essentially, using my manifestation expertise, I want to help you conquer manifesting a specific person the right way, so that all of these other opinions become irrelevant. 

So be sure to hang around if you're keen to learn how to manifest a specific person (maybe you even have a special someone in mind as you're reading this!). Let’s delve into it.

how to manifest a specific person the right way

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Does manifesting a specific person work?

First and foremost, is it even possible to manifest a specific person?

Often people want to know if you can manifest a specific person to love you, or perhaps manifest a specific person back into your life, and unfortunately this isn’t quite as simple as a yes or no answer.

The whole premise of manifestation is that you can achieve absolutely anything you desire by being an energetic match for it, right? So why wouldn’t this be the case for manifesting a person too?

And the truth is, it is possible - but maybe not as easily as you’d think. (don't panic just yet! this post can help you)

Because what most people fail to realize is that manifesting a person into your life is a whole different ball game to manifesting something material like a car or a house.

That’s because the energy of something material like that is much more constant.

We can more easily tune into the energy of having a particular car because we know what the energy of that car is to us, and it doesn’t really change.

But when it comes to people we need to understand that their energy is forever changing, and is something that we may not as easily be able to tune into.

Think about it, while you’re trying to be an energetic match for someone, they’re out there living their own life with their own desires and emitting their own energy that you have zero control over.

It can be difficult to get those energies to align because the other person has their own free will. This makes things a little trickier.

Which is why you need to reframe the way you think about manifesting a specific person. This is key.

Because while it’s technically possible, it’s likely that it’s not possible by the way you’ve been approaching it thus far (and we’ll get onto this shortly).

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Manifesting specific person not working

If you’ve been trying to manifest a specific person and you find that you’re having no luck, there’s probably a few factors at play.

As we’ve just spoken about, the person that you’re trying to call into your life has their own free will and their own desires.

That means that even if you’re making yourself an energetic match for them, if they have other ideas about what they want from life right now, they’re not going to be an energetic match for you.

As hard as it may be to hear, you cannot force energetics, and the two of you may not be meant for each other right now (but never say never, right?!). 

Another reason why your manifestation may not be working is because your understanding of their energetics is actually all wrong.

Have you ever heard of the saying “rose-tinted glasses”? It describes the fact that when we’re infatuated with somebody we see them how we want to see them, rather than how they actually are.

The problem with trying to manifest a specific person is that we’re not always the best judges of who they truly are at a soul level.

While we may think that we know the energy we’re trying to attract, in truth we may have it all wrong. And if this is the case, we’re not going to attract that person at all!

And thirdly, we may simply be too attached. And this is a super common thing when we set our sights on manifesting something.

The problem with manifesting anything is that when we try to hold on too tightly, we actually push our desires further away.

Truth is, if you want to learn how to manifest a specific person (the right way) you need to learn the art of letting go and releasing your need for them.

This may feel counterintuitive but it really is the key, especially when manifesting love or a relationship. You'll learn how to do this as you keep reading this post.

Is manifesting a specific person wrong?

Before we get onto how to manifest a specific person the right way, I do want to touch a little more on those opinions that we mentioned in the intro to this post.

Because what many people want to know when it comes to manifesting a specific person is whether it's wrong to do so, and if it can cause bad karma.

And to be completely honest with you, I believe that this is something that people get all wrong.

You’ll see many people saying that it's wrong to manifest a specific person because it goes against the other person's free will. 

But the truth is, this contradicts the very meaning of free will and gives the impression that we can manifest somebody else going against their own wants and wishes.

We cannot energetically make somebody go against their free will - it’s just not possible. If that person does not feel a certain way, or does not want to do something, it won’t happen!

Because really to say it’s wrong to manifest a person who doesn’t want to be manifested isn’t accurate, because it’s not even possible to do so. It’s almost a completely irrelevant point to make.

While this may not be the most reassuring thing to hear if you're trying to manifest a specific person, you should take some comfort in knowing that trying to attract your dream partner isn't going to bring you bad karma as such.

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Why you shouldn’t manifest a specific person

As controversial as this may sound in a post about manifesting specific people, I don’t believe you should manifest specific people. But wait, just hear me out here.

And no, it’s not because it’s wrong to do so or will bring you bad karma (as we just discussed).

But the reason I don't think you should go after manifesting someone specific is because...

  1. Their own free will determines the outcome of the situation
  2. The rose tinted glasses effect means that you’re never truly aware of their energy and they may not be the right match for you
  3. The very act of trying to manifest a specific person has underlying attachment energy

In other words, I think it’s a waste of time. But before you click the big X on this post, I need you to trust me on this and keep reading.

I’m not saying that attracting that specific person isn’t possible, I’m just saying that you likely have to completely change the way you’ve been going about it.

Because in order to manifest a specific person you need to let go of the need to have that one specific person. In other words, you need to make it less about them and more about you.

I know you’re probably sitting here thinking “but that’s who I want!!!”, right? Why wouldn't you set your energy towards manifesting that person if that's the person you desire?

But as long as you stay thinking this way, there’s two undesirable outcomes that may happen as a result.

  1. Never manifesting the person
  2. Manifesting the person but them turning out to not be right for you at all

And neither of those outcomes is what you truly want, I know. So we need to switch it up and change what we’ve been doing to get a different result.

And this is how… 

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5 Steps to manifesting a specific person the right way

Hopefully by now you're starting to learn that what you might have heard about manifesting someone specific up until now isn't going to work in your favour.

And while not all of what I've said so far will be what you want to hear, the fact that you're here and still reading means that you have faith in what I'm here to teach you. And that's an amazing start.

So now that you've suffered through some of the uncomfortable truths about this topic, it's time for you to follow these steps to manifesting a specific person the right way.

1. Realise it’s not about the person

The first step to manifesting a specific person is realising it’s really not about the person at all.

And by that I mean, you don’t want to manifest “Tom” simply because they’re Tom. You want to manifest them because of the qualities you believe they embody.

What is it about Tom that makes you want them in your life?

Is it their morals? The way they make you feel? A unique quality that makes them appeal to you?

Your first step is taking the time to actually sit and think about why this person is somebody you want to manifest.

And then flipping your energy towards attracting these qualities, rather than the person. It's a simple shift that makes the world of difference.

So for example, if you like Tom because you think he’s kind and caring, your new intention should be to attract somebody kind and caring.

This does two things

  • It takes the attachment away from the person
  • It makes the rose-tinted glasses effect irrelevant

The beauty of this is that in taking away the attachment towards the person and focusing on attracting the qualities you desire, you might well attract that person.

But even if you don’t, you’ll be attracting somebody who aligns with those true qualities that you desire. It’s a win-win situation.

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2. Be an energetic match

A key principle of manifesting anything is being an energetic match for it, and that means we have to embody the feeling of having it before we actually have it.

And this goes for manifesting people too. The fundamentals stay the same.

This next step means that you now need to spend time thinking about how you think you’d feel if you had this person in your life.

Let’s go back to Tom as our example. If you feel like you want to be with Tom because he would make you feel cared for and loved, you need to focus on being an energetic match for this.

What does this mean? In simple terms, caring for and loving yourself.

You’ll hear people say it time and time again, but self love is one of the fundamentals of attracting love from another.

If a feeling of love is what you desire, then you need to tune into how it feels to be loved in the present moment, even without the person or people who you think would give it to you.

The easiest way that you can do this is by giving it to yourself.

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3. Lower the bar

I get a lot of young people come to me wanting to learn more about manifesting a specific person, and they often have similar requests.

They want a person to fall in love with them, they want to be in a relationship with a specific person and they want to get married.

There’s nothing wrong with having these desires, but I find that they’re often failing to acknowledge the key steps that occur before all of these huge milestones.

How can you expect to manifest marriage with somebody if they haven’t even done so much as made eye contact with you?

My advice here would be to completely strip it back and focus on tangible steps that you can manifest that could result in those bigger things, minus the pressure.

We’re talking manifesting a date with someone or even something as small as bumping into someone in the street.

Notice how there is no pressure on the outcome in these situations? The key is going in with an open mind and trusting that if it’s meant to be it will be.

If you’re an energetic match then bumping into each other in the street will spark a conversation that feels good for both of you.

If you’re an energetic match then a first date could result in a kiss and an offer of a second date.

It’s about making things much more logical and realistic - marriage proposals rarely happen overnight. 

What do you think would be a realistic first step in your situation? That’s what you should focus on first.

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3. Look at your own blocks around love

As with any desire, in order to call it in we need to acknowledge and focus on our own blocks that surround it.

We need to acknowledge that our own deep rooted beliefs surrounding love can act as blocks for attracting it into our lives.

Until we focus on healing these blocks and moving past them, we will continue to attract love that doesn’t feel good, and any hope of attracting a specific type of person is unlikely.

Some major examples of love blocks could be feeling unworthy, feeling like the other person is way out of your league, or feeling like you’re unlovable. 

Head over to this post to learn more about blocks to manifesting love and check out my block crushers worksheets if you’re serious about overcoming your manifesting blocks.

5. Learn how to let go

As I mentioned earlier, attachment is a sure fire way to block any chance of manifesting.

You need to learn how to let go when manifesting a specific person, and the first step about realizing it's not truly about the person is one way to do that.

But another trick I like to practice is something I call “this or something better”. This is the act of reframing your belief that this desire is not truly the be all and end all.

With people, this means acknowledging that there are billions of people on this earth and that this one person is not the answer to everything.

In fact, there’s a good chance that there’s somebody even better out there. And whilst you've been busy thinking about that special someone, you've probably never even considered this.

Yes, it might be hard to think about, especially if you believe in soulmates. But it’s key if you want to manifest someone special.

When you’re working on manifesting a person with specific qualities, tell yourself you’re attracting “this or something better”.

Let it be known that you’re not one to settle and that the options available to you are limitless.

This is a guaranteed way to open up possibilities and to ensure that you’re not getting too attached to the idea of manifesting a specific person.

And there we have it, those are your five tips to manifesting a specific person - the right way.

Remember, if you’re not seeing results with what you’ve been doing so far. You need to look at ways to change it.

One way that you can do so is by truly working through your manifesting blocksThis will help you clear anything that may be standing in your way of manifesting what you truly want.

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