10 Spiritual Self Care Ideas for a Healthy Soul

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If we want to live happy and healthy lives then taking care of ourselves is an absolute must.

Most of us acknowledge the importance of taking care of our physical health and mental health (though we may not always do it effectively), but I feel like our spiritual self is something that is often overlooked.

Spiritual self care is just as important as all other domains of self care in my opinion, and I want to talk to you a little bit more about what this means and give you some kickass spiritual self care ideas to nourish your soul!

What is spiritual self care?

While physical self care is directed at taking care of the body and mental self care is directed at taking care of the mind, spiritual self care is focused on taking care of the soul.

This means that spiritual self care activities are ones with the aim of caring for and replenishing our soul self to make sure this part of us is healthy and well.

If you struggle to think of humans as having a soul then that’s okay.

You may choose to see spiritual self care as caring for our inner self and caring for ourselves on a deeper level, rather than some of the surface level self care ideas you might see across the internet (face masks, I’m looking at you). 

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How to take care of yourself spiritually

So how do you actually take care of yourself spiritually? 

Well… it’s all about tuning into your inner being or “higher self” to know what its needs are.

Once you start to develop your intuition, you develop an inner knowing about what it is that your soul needs in order to be healthy and happy. You know what it’s craving and spiritual self care becomes about honoring that.

However, if we’re being honest, most of us don’t have this level of intuition! We can blame society and the noise of this world for clouding our ability to tune into these inner desires.

But fear not, before you reach this level of intuition (you’ll get there with practice), there are some universal spiritual self care ideas that can definitely help you to take care of your soul self.

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10 Spiritual self care ideas for a healthy soul

1. Practice meditation

Let’s not pretend to act surprised… of course meditation was going to be on this list.

I promise I’m not saying it to be generic, but meditation genuinely is the #1 practice for taking care of the soul.

Meditation allows us to slow down the cognitive mind and access our more intuitive self, which in turn allows us to tune into our soul’s wants and needs.

A solid meditation practice also raises our vibration and helps us to live more in alignment with our soul self.

If you’re not already meditating regularly, I highly encourage you to start a daily meditation practice. 

You can easily get started with my free beginners meditation eBook and you’ll be surprised and just how much more at peace you feel from as little as 5 minutes out of your day!

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2. Practice yoga

Yoga is another firm favorite of mine for taking care of the soul, and if you’ve read about my story then you’ll know that yoga was the catalyst for my spiritual journey.

Yoga isn’t just about fancy IG photos and poses that look hella uncomfortable, it’s a journey into the soul which incorporates other tools such as pranayama (breathwork) to go within.

This practice is an amazing spiritual self care practice and one that I also encourage you to practice regularly.

 If you need help getting started, these 30 day yoga challenges are absolutely awesome at helping you stay committed!

3. Spend time in nature

Have you ever spent time in nature and just noticed how much more at peace you feel?

That’s because nature is a high vibrational environment that quite literally nourishes our soul and recharges it.

In my opinion, we could all benefit from spending more time in nature, and getting outside at least once a day should be something that you aim for to keep your soul healthy and energised! 

4. Cleanse your space

Sometimes our environments can get pretty stagnant and filled with old energies, particularly if you don’t regularly make an effort to cleanse them.

When your soul is in a stagnant place like this, you might feel a bit groggy or even overwhelmed.

To ensure our soul is cared for we need to ensure that our environment is at the optimal vibrational level.

This means that it’s important to regularly tidy away any clutter and keep your space in order.

Not only this, but you may also wish to use other tools to cleanse your space such as smudging sticks and crystals

When you’re in a high vibrational space, your soul will feel much more at ease!

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5. Connect with a community

Connection is so important for the health of our soul, and connecting with like minded people can make our inner self feel seen and heard.

For the wellbeing of your soul, it’s a good idea to find a community with whom you connect with on a soul level.

A great way to find communities like these is to attend classes that involve your hobbies and passions!

You can also connect with likeminded people online if you struggle to find soul connections in your area, but know that in person connections are often going to be stronger and more fulfilling.

6. Practice silence

Solitude is equally as important for soul health as community is, and it is for this reason that practicing silence is one of my favorite spiritual self care ideas.

Silence allows us to filter out all the excess noise and dive within. This can help us to get to know ourselves on a soul level and uncover our unconscious feelings and desires.

I first started exploring a conscious silence practice at my yoga teacher training in 2018 and I was instantly amazed by how many intense emotions came up for me during periods of silence.

When you first start this practice, it becomes apparent how little we actually allow ourselves to be in silence.

When you begin utilizing this tool, you will access things within that you never knew existed.

7. Explore chanting and mantra

Chanting and mantras are amazing tools for spiritual self care and they are often viewed as tools to connect with higher consciousness or a higher power.

Whether or not you believe in a higher power, chanting is also an amazing tool to help you enter a trance like state which is ultimately a deep form of meditation (which is why this technique is used in transcendental meditation).

Chanting can therefore help you to filter out the external world and allow your soul the time and space to just be. 

8. Journal

My favorite practice - ever. Yes, I don’t shut up about the benefits of journaling, and that’s because there are so so many!

The reason why journaling is so amazing for spiritual self care is that it allows you to process your emotions and release energies that may be holding you back.

When you journal, you are allowing your soul self to express itself in a way that it may be unable to through communicating vocally.


Not only this, but freewriting in particular (when you allow yourself to write continually without pausing) can help you to access your unconscious mind and connect to your intuition.

I recommend journaling as part of your morning routine for its full effectiveness, but honestly journaling at any time of day is just fine!

9. Learn

While you may think that learning and expanding your knowledge is an act of mental self care (which it can be), I also believe that this is one of the key aspects of caring for the soul.

Why? Because expanding your knowledge ultimately results in growth. When you’re continually learning and growing then you’re facilitating your growth on a spiritual level.

One of my favorite methods of learning is by reading books. I’ve read a ton of books on spirituality (here are some awesome ones to check out) and with every book I read I feel like I’m nourishing my soul with new knowledge and room to expand!

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10. Unplug from technology

I’m not going to bash technology - I think technology is a wonderful thing when used in moderation.

The problem is, many of us don’t use technology responsibly.

When you engage in unhealthy habits with technology, such as checking your phone as soon as you wake up or using it right before bed, you’re not giving your soul room to breathe and just be.

I encourage you to avoid checking your phone in the morning and adopt healthy morning habits instead. It’s also a good idea to give yourself a social media detox every once in a while!

I hope that these spiritual self care ideas give you somewhere to start when it comes to taking care of yourself spiritually.

Let me know which is these spiritual self care practices you find most valuable and any you might like to try!

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