84 Best Protection Affirmations for Safety and Grounding

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Feeling safe and protected is essential since our bodies and nervous systems are wired to keep us alive and safe and move into states of alert when these needs aren’t met.

But in modern society we’re exposed to so many situations that are out of our control that can often provoke these feelings of threat and anxiety, even when there is no “real” danger.

Thankfully, protection affirmations are one of my favourite tools to help communicate safety to our mind-body and return to a state of calm and sense of control.

But not only this, protection affirmations can be a powerful tool to help you form an “energetic shield” in situations where you may be vulnerable to others’ energies or ill intentions.

And they can also be beneficial when working with the Law of Attraction to manifest protection and safety for yourself and your family.

In fact, there are so many ways that protection affirmations can be used.

In this post we’ll be exploring why you should protect your energy, how you can use protection affirmations in your own life, and some of the best protection affirmations to get started with today.

So keep reading to experience the benefits of protection affirmations for yourself!

84 protection affirmations for safety and grounding

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Why you should protect your energy

In an ideal world, we would have complete control over the situations, the people, and the energies we are exposed to. We would be able to physically protect ourselves and our loved ones from any form of harm.

But unfortunately this isn’t always possible.

Sometimes we have to enter situations and expose ourselves to energies that aren’t exactly ideal.

For example, maybe you love your job but going to work means you have to constantly expose yourself to a certain colleague who is very negative and brings you down.

Or maybe there’s a particular family member who doesn’t value you or respect the boundaries you have set.

In situations like this, where verbal boundaries have been attempted and physical separation can’t always be maintained, protecting your energy is essential.

In other words, energetic boundaries are something you need to protect your own energy from others’ energy. 

But that isn’t the only situation when protecting your energy is important…

Here are some of the key benefits to protecting your energy regularly:

  • Being less affected by other’s energy or ill intentions
  • Feeling more calm, ease and safety in the nervous system
  • Feeling less anxious or fearful in situations that are out of your control
  • Feeling more resilient and confident around people
  • Being able to set firm boundaries about what energy you let into your field
  • Feeling protected and looked after by a higher power or the Universe

What are protection affirmations?

So with the benefits of protecting your energy being clear, what exactly are protection affirmations?

Protection affirmations are affirmative statements that are designed to help you embody the energy of safety and protection.

Through the lens of the Law of Attraction, or trust in a higher power, protection affirmations can be a way to attract this safety and protection into your life by believing it is already so.

But on a less spiritual level, protection affirmations can simply be a way to experience reassurance and lessen anxiety in situations that are challenging or you feel powerless in.

They can be a tool to claim back your power and help you embody the practice of setting energetic boundaries. Which can help you build emotional resilience in challenging situations and relationships through the power of neuroplasticity.

As such, protection affirmations can help you return to calm and ease in environments that are otherwise out of your control. In this way they can be a really powerful tool to have in your arsenal!

How to use protection affirmations in your own life

The beautiful news about using protection affirmations is that, like affirmations in general, they are so easy to incorporate into your life.

Here are some of my favourite ways to use protection affirmations:

  • Recite them daily as part of a morning routine
  • Say them in the mirror to embody their energy strongly
  • Write them in your journal to help you connect to their energy
  • Say them in your mind space during challenging situations or when anxiety is high
  • Use them before, during and after interacting with challenging or toxic people to keep your energy field protected
  • Use them as protection when communicating with the afterlife

The key with your affirmation practice is to really feel into the emotions and sensations that the words convey.

Fully tuning in in this way will help to communicate safety to your nervous system and allow you to become more resilient over time.

It will also help you to embody the energy more clearly when working with the Law of Attraction and manifestation practices.

84 best protection affirmations for safety and grounding

So now that you know the true power of using protection affirmations, here are the best protection affirmations for safety and grounding.

In this list I’ve incorporated a range of different protection affirmations that explore different themes like protection from toxic people, protection for health and family, and spiritual protection.

Explore these different sections and select some affirmations that you feel would be energetically aligned to work with right now.

Then use these affirmations consistently and repeatedly to help strengthen these neural pathways in your mind and communicate safety to your body.

Affirmations to block negative energy

We can’t always control the kind of people we’re around, but we can control the energy that we decide to take in.

If you find yourself struggling when you’re around particularly negative, pessimistic or challenging people… these affirmations are for you.

Use these affirmations to block negative energy when you’re struggling to shield yourself during these types of interactions.

  • My barrier of peace protects me from negative energy
  • I can remain positive, even in the face of others’ negativity
  • I release other people’s emotional baggage easily and effortlessly
  • I welcome positive thoughts in the face of negativity
  • My sacred space does not tolerate any energy that is malicious, harmful or toxic
  • I walk away from negative energy
  • Positive energies are the only ones that are welcome in my space
  • I surround myself with people who make me feel good
  • I am in control of whether other people disrupt my energy or peace
  • I am surrounded by a barrier of peace
  • Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business
  • I am protected from my negative thoughts of others
  • I protect and value my positive mindset
  • I choose my own energy and thoughts
  • I can still reside in a positive place, even in a negative situation
  • I am the only one who decides how I feel
  • I have the power to rise above negative energy
  • Negativity has no choice but to leave when I am present
affirmations for blocking negative energy

Affirmations to get rid of someone toxic

When shielding yourself from a toxic person’s energy isn’t enough, it might be time to consider cutting that person out of your life completely.

Whether you’re struggling to set that firm boundary with someone toxic, or if you want energetic protection from someone who isn’t respecting a boundary, these affirmations have got you.

Use these affirmations to get rid of someone toxic and set the energy that you know your worth and won’t settle for less!

  • I maintain clear boundaries with toxic people
  • I easily remove toxic people from my life
  • I set the boundaries on who has access to my energy
  • I set boundaries with those who try to manipulate or control me in any way
  • I distance myself from negative people easily
  • I only attract positive people to me
  • I set and guard strong boundaries
  • I will say no to anything or anyone that steals my peace
  • I protect my energy from X (insert specific person)
  • I forgive those who have harmed me in the past and I peacefully detach from them
  • I am cutting the cord between me and X (insert specific person)
  • I release negative people and welcome in positive connections

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affirmations to get rid of toxic people

Grounding and protection affirmations

Sometimes, when life feels a little too much, we need the protection of the present moment to reassure us it’s all okay and that we’re safe.

A feeling of safety can often be cultivated from slowing down and grounding into the here and now.

Use these grounding affirmations for those times to help bring you back into that feeling of safety and comfort.

  • I am grounded in this moment
  • I am safe and protected
  • I am enough
  • I am whole
  • I give myself permission to be authentically me
  • My mind is my sacred space
  • I remain rooted to the earth, even when the world spins around me
  • I am choosing to feel grounded, calm, peaceful and secure
  • I am safe and supported, rooted in the present moment
  • I am protected, connected and whole
  • Even when the world feels chaotic, I remain rooted firmly to the ground
  • I am strong, steady and grounded
grounding and protection affirmations

Spiritual protection affirmations

For a lot of us, feelings of safety and protection come from trusting or knowing that there is a higher purpose, or something bigger than ourselves, looking out for us.

Spiritual protection affirmations can help you connect to that inner knowing in times of uncertainty and trust that it is all working out for your highest good.

Use these affirmations when you’re feeling unsafe or uncertain and when you need a little reassurance from the divine.

  • My mind, body and spirit are protected
  • I am showered in divine protection
  • I am surrounded by divine light
  • I nurture and guard my spiritual energy
  • The power of the Universe is all around me
  • I am always being divinely guided
  • I know the Universe is protecting me
  • The Universe prevents negative energy from touching me
  • There is a higher power keeping me safe
  • I welcome the safety provided by a higher power
  • I am humbled by the peace and protection that I have from above
  • God has surrounded me with a barrier of peace and serenity
  • My soul is surrounded by positivity
  • I am protected by the light
spiritual protection affirmations

Affirmations for family protection

We can’t always be with our loved ones, and knowing that they are safe and protected is often a reassurance we need when spending time apart.

These affirmations for family protection are written to help you connect with the sense that your family are being looked after, even when you can’t be there.

Use them in times when you feel prone to worry about your family’s safety or wellbeing, or as ongoing support and energetic protection.

  • Everyone I love is safe and secure
  • My surroundings are safe for my family and I
  • Divine protection surrounds me and my family
  • My loved ones are protected from illness
  • My whole family is protected from ill intentions and harm
  • My neighbourhood is safe and secure
  • My family’s needs are always looked after
  • My family are protected from harm
affirmations for family protection

Affirmations for health and protection

Worries about health are a common thing, especially if you suffer from various symptoms or have a diagnosed health condition.

These affirmations for health and protection can bring you reassurance that your health is being looked after, not only by a higher power but by your own body.

It’s easy to forget that your body has innate healing powers when you’re struggling, so turn to these affirmations when you need that reminder.

  • Every cell in my body supports my total wellbeing
  • I am healing
  • My body is robust and free from dis-ease
  • I have a strong immune system
  • I am grateful for my health and wellbeing
  • My body is always working for my highest good
  • My body is working just as it should
  • My health is protected
  • I am already healed
affirmations for health and protection

Safety affirmations for trauma survivors

As a survivor of multiple traumas, I know how unsafe it can feel to be in your own body, even years after a traumatic event.

These safety affirmations for trauma are written to help you cultivate safety in the here and now.

Use them as a reminder that the past is safe to stay in the past, and you are safe, guided and protected in the present.

  • I am safe in the here and now
  • It is safe to relax and let go
  • My strength is greater than the challenges I face
  • I acknowledge my past experiences, but I do not allow them to take away from my current joy
  • I am safe from the trauma of my past
  • I allow myself to release the past and welcome in new positive experiences
  • The patterns of my past do not dictate my future 
  • I am safe and protected in the present moment
  • It is safe to release the fears of my past
  • I am creating a new future for myself, free from fear and uncertainty
  • I thank my body for protecting me, but now it is time to let go
safety affirmations for trauma

And that concludes my best protection affirmations for safety and grounding!

I hope that you have found at least one protection affirmation that feels aligned for your journey right now.

And if you want to explore more affirmations like these, check out these related posts:

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84 protection affirmations to protect your energy and feel safe

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