45 Powerful Throat Chakra Affirmations to Speak Your Truth

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If you’ve ever felt like your ability to express yourself authentically, to have your voice heard and to speak your truth confidently is something you struggle with, your throat chakra might be in need of some TLC.

The throat chakra (also known as the Vishuddha chakra) plays an important role in the area of honest communication and self-expression, so when this chakra is blocked or dysregulated, these areas take a hit.

Thankfully throat chakra affirmations are a powerful tool that can help restore this chakra into balance so that you can regain the ability to show up as your authentic self in the world.

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Since embarking on a journey of energy healing many years ago, it has been clear to me that my throat chakra is one of my most stubborn chakras to work with…

My personal experience of early and repeated trauma, some of which resided in the area of communication and self-expression, means that this area is something that I’ve always struggled with.

For me this has consistently shown up as having my words or boundaries dismissed, feeling misunderstood, social anxiety, a crippling fear of public speaking, and many more symptoms of a blocked throat chakra that we’ll discuss later in this post.

I used to think this was a life sentence. But, despite this chakra being a stubborn one for me, I have seen progress in these areas through the necessary healing work, including the use of affirmations.

The truth is, our bodies are adaptable. And just because something has always been the case that doesn’t mean it always will be the case.

So if you think you may be struggling with a blocked throat chakra then know that this is not a life sentence. Through energy healing work and throat chakra affirmations you can restore balance to this area in time.

In this post I’m sharing with you 45 powerful throat chakra affirmations that can help you on this journey. I’ve selected these affirmations to help you release anything that is standing in your way of communicating with your fullest expression.

So whether you’re looking to become a more confident speaker, express your emotions more openly, or feel more able to show up as your authentic self, these affirmations can support you in getting there. Let’s dive in!

45 throat chakra affirmations for speaking your truth

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What is the throat chakra?

In yogic traditions, chakras are energy centres in the human body.

The word “chakra” itself roughly translates to “wheel” or “disc” in Sanskrit language, because these energy centres are often thought of as spinning wheels of light responsible for regulating prana (energy) throughout the body.

The throat chakra, known as the Vishuddha chakra in Sankskrit, is the fifth chakra in this seven chakra system.

It is thought to be the bridge between the lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus and heart) and the upper chakras (third eye and crown), connecting the physical aspects of our being with our more spiritual characteristics.

Throat chakra location and characteristics

The throat chakra is located at the base of the throat and is represented by a blue 16 petaled lotus flower.

It is primarily associated with communication skills, self-expression and creativity.

And when you have an open or balanced throat chakra, you will be able to express your thoughts, ideas and emotions with ease and confidence. You will feel able to live as your authentic self and let yourself be heard.

Not only this, but you will be able to hear others.

In other words, you will also be able to listen and hold space for other people to communicate their own authenticity, and show up with the empathy and compassion needed for effective communication in all of your relationships.

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Signs of an imbalanced or blocked throat chakra

When there is a blockage or dysfunction in this chakra however, you will struggle in these areas.

You may feel unable to express yourself effectively, feel misunderstood, suffer from social anxiety, have fears of public speaking and even experience throat-related health issues…

These symptoms can vary depending on whether your throat chakra is UNDERactive or OVERactive.

Underactive throat chakra symptoms

You can think of symptoms of an underactive throat chakra as being characterised by lack in the areas of communication and self-expression ie. not enough energy flowing here.

Some signs you may be suffering from symptoms of an underactive throat chakra include:

  • Difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions: struggling to put things into words or feeling like there is something physically blocking you from speaking these words out loud
  • Difficulty saying “no”: struggling to set necessary boundaries and verbalise them with others
  • Feeling unheard or ignored: your words “falling flat” or feeling like they are often dismissed or ignored
  • Social anxiety and fear of public speaking: experiencing fear and anxiety when speaking in front of others and expressing yourself in group settings
  • Struggling to be authentic: feeling like you mould yourself depending on who you are around, and not letting others see your authentic self
  • Repressed creativity: thwarted creative expression and lack of creative ideas
  • Difficulty listening to others: along with struggling to empathise with perspectives other than your own
  • Throat and neck issues: physical symptoms in the throat/neck area such as sore throat, neck pain, thyroid gland imbalances, swollen glands or feeling of “frog in your throat”
woman touching neck/throat area

Overactive throat chakra symptoms

You can think of symptoms of an overactive throat chakra as being characterised by excess in the areas of communication and self-expression ie. too much energy flowing here.

Some signs you may be suffering from symptoms of an overactive throat chakra include:

  • Excessive talking: feeling uncomfortable with silence, dominating conversations, and not giving others a chance to speak
  • The tendency to interrupt: butting in when others are speaking and talking over others to ensure your thoughts are heard and expressed
  • Oversharing: talking about things that may be considered inappropriate and trauma dumping without considering others boundaries
  • Talking for the sake of talking: gossiping or engaging in conversation you’re not actually interested in
  • Talking to impress: seeking validation by telling stories or even exaggerating details and achievements to sound more “impressive”
  • Difficulty listening: often because in conversation you are thinking about what you want to say
  • Blunt or argumentative communication: communicating insensitively, often disguised as “brutal honesty”, arguing or debating for no real reason, and dismissing other people’s opinions
  • Discomfort in the throat: sore throats and hoarseness, maybe due to talking or shouting

If any of these signs ring true for you (and especially if several apply), you might have a throat chakra imbalance that needs addressing.

You might also find that you resonate with signs from both the underactive and overactive throat chakra symptoms lists, and that’s because throat chakra imbalances can cause your energy to flit between flowing too little and flowing too much.

The throat chakra has been my most stubborn energy centre to heal, and I know myself that I often oscillate between having an underactive throat chakra and having an overactive throat chakra.

The goal in balancing the throat chakra is to have not too much or too little energy in this area, eventually levelling to a place that feels “just right”.

And thankfully practices designed to balance the throat chakra remain much the same whether the chakra is currently underactive or overactive. 

Such practices may include throat chakra targeted meditations, breathwork, practising effective communication, singing, chanting, throat chakra yoga poses, and of course throat chakra affirmations.

Disclaimer: please remember that while throat chakra energy work is generally safe and well tolerated, it is still important to seek medical advice in the case of any physical or mental symptoms to rule out any medical causes that may also need addressing.

man receiving energy healing treatment. Placing crystal on the throat chakra.

The power of positive affirmations for chakra healing

So now that you know the signs of a throat chakra imbalance, why should you use affirmations for chakra healing?

Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated to help us connect to a certain energy that we want to embody. Chakra affirmations are specifically tailored to each of the seven chakras to help you connect to that particular chakra’s energy.

Affirmations remain one of my favourite methods for chakra healing because they have powerful influence over our energy, which can bring our chakras back into balance.

One of the ways in which they do this is through the power of neuroplasticity ie. our brain’s ability to adapt and rewire based on repeated or significant activity.

On this basis, the more we engage with and embody the energy associated with chakra affirmations, the more readily we can reprogram our subconscious mind, embody this energy naturally, thus bringing our chakras back into balance.

With the theory of the Law of Attraction, this also means that the more we engage with and embody a certain energy, the more of that energy we will attract. Therefore, by practising throat chakra affirmations we can invite in throat chakra healing energy which will bring our system more into balance.

And one of my favourite things about affirmations is that they’re so easy to use and incorporate into your regular routine. With very little effort (but with repeated use), you can get truly astounding results.

Other practices like yoga for chakra healing are powerful beyond any doubt, but they require much more effort and dedication, which can be a barrier for someone in the depths of a rut or very imbalanced chakra system.

woman receiving energy work - white light radiating from her throat chakra

How to practise throat chakra affirmations

By now you may have already identified some signs of a throat chakra imbalance in yourself, and are looking for ways to practise throat chakra affirmations to balance this energy. And of course you’re in the right place.

As I mentioned before, throat chakra affirmations (or any chakra healing affirmations in general) are super simple to add to your routine, which is one of the reasons I love them so much for chakra healing.

As a general rule of thumb, follow these tips for powerful results using your throat chakra affirmations:

1. Choose affirmations that resonate

The first step in getting powerful results with throat chakra affirmations is to work with affirmations that resonate.

Don’t feel like you have to use all the throat chakra affirmations in this list. In fact, I would actually recommend working with 1-3 affirmations at a time, that apply to the specific energy you want to work on embodying.

This is because real results from affirmations rely on you truly feeling and embodying the energy that comes from them. In order to do this, the affirmations have to resonate.

So take some time reading through the throat chakra affirmations in this post to really see which ones land for you. Then write these down to continue working with on your healing journey.

2. Repeat with conviction

As I just mentioned, feeling into your affirmations is key, especially when it comes to chakra healing.

So when repeating your affirmations you really want to make sure you are saying the words as if you believe them to be true in the here and now. In other words, act as if you already embody this energy.

Practising in front of a mirror and saying the words out loud is the best way to help you to speak your affirmations with more confidence, but you can also say them in your head if you prefer. Just make sure your inner voice is also one of conviction.

close up of microphone

3. Use visualisation

Visualisation is an important step in truly embodying the energy of your throat chakra affirmations.

As you read your affirmations, visualise a blue light radiating from your throat/neck area. As you repeat each affirmation, see if you can imagine this blue light expanding and becoming stronger.

You may also choose to visualise anything that helps you embody the energy of your chosen affirmation more strongly.

For example, you might imagine yourself speaking confidently on a stage.

It is also helpful to feel into your body as you do this. See if you can connect to how the words feel into your body, pay attention to your body language and adopt a posture that is self-assured.

4. Practise daily

The key to working with any affirmations is to practise regularly. 

Try to make practising throat chakra affirmations a part of your daily routine while you are working on throat chakra healing. This repetition is what will allow for changes to occur in your energy system.

My advice would be to incorporate them into your morning routine at the very least, when you are most receptive to shifting energetic states.

You might also choose to keep throat chakra affirmations around your space or on your digital devices as frequent reminders to embody this energy in your daily life. 

45 powerful throat chakra affirmations to speak your truth

45 powerful throat chakra affirmations

Now that you know how to get the best results from your throat chakra affirmations, here are 45 powerful affirmations to try out for throat chakra balancing.

I’ve separated these affirmations into separate categories to make it easier for you to find affirmations that apply to the specific areas you are experiencing difficulties with.

Remember to take your time reading through these affirmations to see which ones resonate before selecting which ones you’d like to work with.

With that being said, here are 45 powerful throat chakra affirmations to heal your throat chakra.

Throat chakra affirmations for speaking your truth

These throat chakra affirmations are designed to help you speak your truth.

These affirmations might resonate if you struggle to speak openly and honestly, or show up as your authentic self when communicating with others.

  1. I communicate fearlessly and express myself without holding back
  2. I embrace vulnerability, knowing that it leads to deeper connections and understanding with others
  3. Each time I speak my truth, I liberate my spirit and honour my authentic self
  4. I attract people who appreciate and respect my truth
  5. I am a clear channel for expressing my ideas, emotions and needs
  6. Speaking my truth is an act of self love, and I deserve to love myself fully
  7. I let go of the need for approval and trust in the value of my unique perspective
  8. I show up as my authentic self so that those around me feel empowered to do the same
  9. My words carry the power to inspire, uplift, and create positive change
throat chakra affirmation - each time I speak my truth, I liberate my spirit and honour my authentic self

Throat chakra affirmations for releasing fear and self-doubt

These throat chakra affirmations are designed to help you release fear and self-doubt in your communication.

These affirmations might resonate if you struggle with anxiety in social situations, or have fears of being truly seen.

  1. I release all fear surrounding expressing my true self
  2. I let go of self-doubt and fully trust in my ability to communicate effectively
  3. I am worthy of being heard, and my voice matters
  4. I embrace the power within me and speak my truth with courage
  5. I release the fear of judgement, knowing that my authenticity is deeply valued
  6. I release any blocks around my communication and open myself up to limitless expression
  7. I trust in my intuition and speak from a place of inner wisdom
  8. I release the fear of confrontation and confidently assert my boundaries
  9. I release any self-doubt and allow my genuine voice to shine brightly
throat chakra affirmation - I release the fear of confrontation and confidently assert my boundaries

Throat chakra affirmations for releasing past wounds

These throat chakra affirmations are designed to help you release past wounds surrounding your self-expression.

These affirmations might resonate with you if you have experienced wounds or trauma that prevent you from speaking your truth, or if words and communication have been a source of your wounding.

  1. I release wounds from the past that inhibit my self-expression
  2. I forgive myself and others for any past misunderstandings or hurtful words
  3. I let go of old communication patterns that no longer serve my highest good
  4. I release the pain of unspoken words and allow myself to express my truth freely
  5. I heal my throat chakra, allowing it to become a channel for deeper connections
  6. I release the fear of being vulnerable in my communication, knowing it leads to healing
  7. I embrace the lessons learned from past communication challenges and I use them to grow
  8. I release any resentment or anger tied to past communication issues, and I choose peace instead
  9. I am worthy of healing, and I allow my voice to be a source of healing for myself and others
throat chakra affirmation - I release the fear of being vulnerable in my communication, knowing it leads to healing

Throat chakra affirmations for positive communication

These throat chakra affirmations are designed to help you communicate positively and effectively.

These affirmations might resonate if you struggle to communicate in a compassionate way or find your words often aren’t received well by others.

  1. I communicate with clarity and kindness, fostering understanding and connection
  2. I choose words that uplift and inspire others, spreading positivity and joy
  3. My words have the power to bring peace and harmony to any situation
  4. I attract positive and respectful communication into my life
  5. I listen attentively and respond with empathy and compassion
  6. I communicate assertively, expressing my needs while respecting the needs of others
  7. I speak with integrity, ensuring my words align with my values and my truth
  8. Every conversation is an opportunity to learn and grow, and I approach them with an open heart
  9. I embrace active and open communication to resolve conflicts effectively
throat chakra affirmation - I speak with integrity, ensuring my words align with my values and my truth

Throat chakra affirmations for creativity and self-expression

These throat chakra affirmations are designed to help you express yourself creatively.

These affirmations might resonate if you struggle to express yourself or if you feel blocks surrounding your creativity.

  1. I express myself freely and authentically through my words, art, and actions
  2. My creative expression inspires and uplifts those around me
  3. I let go of perfectionism, knowing that true creativity is found in imperfection
  4. Every day I nurture my creative spirit, and it continues to blossom within me
  5. I trust my intuition and allow it to guide me in my creative endeavours
  6. Creativity is a sacred gift, and I honour it by expressing myself authentically and fearlessly
  7. My creative expression is a reflection of my authentic self
  8. I am open to exploring new artistic mediums and creative ways of expressing myself
  9. I embrace my unique creative gifts and allow them to shine in all that I do
throat chakra affirmation - creativity is a sacred gift, and I honour it by expressing myself authentically and fearlessly

For those of you who have faced wounds in the areas of communication and self-expression, the throat chakra may be a stubborn energy centre to work with.

But remember, a blocked throat chakra is not a life sentence!

Through energy healing work and throat chakra affirmations, balance can be restored over time.

In sharing these powerful throat chakra affirmations with you, I hope that this healing journey becomes a little easier. 

As a reminder, to get the best results from your throat chakra affirmations, make sure to choose statements that truly resonate with you and repeat them with conviction, incorporate visualisation, feel into your body, and adopt a self-assured posture while repeating them.

Practising daily is also key and will help facilitate the changes in your energy system.

Throat chakra healing is a journey, but with consistent practice you can bring this chakra into harmony, allowing your unique authentic voice to shine brightly in the world!

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