11 Manifestation Tips for Manifesting Positivity Every Day

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Once you understand that you can manifest anything in life, it becomes clear that manifesting positivity is no different.

In my own life, I was able to shift from what many people would call “rock bottom” to a life that I love, all through mindset and manifestation work.

And from experience, I can tell you that it’s not an easy feat (that’s why we call it work). But don’t let this put you off.

Because I’m gonna teach you how to do it too.

Manifesting positivity or any kind of positive outcome takes daily commitment, self-discipline and ultimately faith, especially if you’ve spent most of your life in a dark place.

But I can vouch for the fact that it can be done, because I’ve done it. (And multiple times, no less).

And if I’ve done it, then you should know that there is absolutely no reason that you cannot do it too.

In this post I’m going to talk to you about exactly what it takes to manifest positivity and 11 manifestation tips for manifesting positivity every single day, even when it feels impossible.

how do you manifest positivity?

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What is Positive manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of bringing something from your desired reality (your thoughts, dreams and goals) into your physical reality.

This process can be explained with the Law of Attraction, which says that “like attracts like” when it comes to energy and experiences.

This means that in order to attract something into our lives, we have to become an energetic match to that thing and act as if to embody the energy of our desires.

(This is just a brief explanation of manifestation, but to learn about it in more depth you can read this post.)

Now, when it comes to manifestation many people think about manifesting a house, manifesting a job, manifesting money or manifesting their soulmate, right?

And while these are all valid things to manifest, manifesting isn’t (and shouldn’t be) just about material goods.

When it comes to positive manifestation, we can also manifest the kind of life we love by manifesting positive energy and experiences.

And the more positivity we begin to bring in to our lives the more it will multiply. This is positive manifestation.

be positive

How do you manifest positivity?

Because of how manifestation works, to manifest positivity you have to be positive.

This might sound obvious or silly, but hear me out.

As the Law of Attraction states, like attracts like. That means in order to bring more positivity into your life, you have to start trying to be more positive.

It’s kind of a paradox I know, because if you knew how to be positive then you wouldn’t be here, right?

It’s going to make so much more sense when we delve into the tips I have on manifesting positivity further in this post, but first I want you to understand that positivity is a choice.

And if you’re currently screaming at me for saying positivity is a choice… I understand.

I’ve been in the darkest of places where I didn’t believe that happiness was something I could cultivate. I saw it as an outside force and something that was never in my reach.

But in order to manifest more positivity and happiness, you need to start viewing positivity as something that comes from inside of you.

Positive Manifestation and Neuroplasticity

The truth is, positivity is something that you choose each and every day.

Now, I’m not saying it’s always an easy choice… but it is a choice nonetheless.

 And the amazing thing is that the more you choose positivity, the more positivity will manifest into your life.

 This can help you manifest positive outcomes, but also transform your own mindset and experience of life.

Because the truth is, we’re not just talking about woo-woo concepts here – this is actual science and psychology.

Thanks to something called neuroplasticity, we are actually able to change the way our brain works over time by the things that we choose every day.

In the process of neuroplasticity, every time we think a thought or go down a certain route in our brain we are strengthening those neural pathways.

The stronger the neural pathways become, the more we go down that route.

So in other words, if you think negative thoughts all the time then nothing is going to change.

You aren’t going to manifest positivity because your brain is quite literally wired to be negative.

But the most amazing thing about this is that we hold the power to change it.

If we want to be positive and happy, we can be.

Every time you choose to shift a negative thought into a positive one or look on the bright side, you are strengthening those positive neural pathways in your brain.

So the more that you choose positivity, the more positive you will become.

The more positive you become, the more positive energy you will radiate and the more positive outcomes and experiences you will attract.

And this is how you manifest positivity.

11 Tips for Manifesting Positivity Every Day

Now that you know that positivity is a choice, it’s time to learn how you can make that choice on a daily basis.

I try to use these rituals to manifest positivity every day in my own life, and as such I’ve transformed from a place of dark depression and anxiety to a more positive, hopeful and growth-centered mindset.

Anyone is capable of this mindset, including you!

But you must commit to manifesting positivity every single day if you really want your life to change.

So here are my top tips for manifesting positive energy on a daily basis.

1. Start a morning routine

One of the biggest shifts in my own life came after I started a morning routine.

From the moment we wake up, the choice is ours of how we want the day to go.

By developing a consistent daily morning routine filled with positivity we are showing up for ourselves and committing to the growth that we want to see.

Think about it, which of these oozes more positivity…

a) Snoozing your alarm on repeat, dragging yourself out of bed at the very last minute and rushing to get ready and out of the house?

b) Or getting up early, having enough time to focus on yourself, and starting your day slowly with minimal stress?

When you put it this way, it seems crazy that any of us would ever choose the former. But lots of us do!

How we start our day greatly shapes the rest of our day and our mindset during that day.

So if you want to manifest more positivity, you need to start the day right!

I have some more tips on starting a morning routine that you might find helpful to check out, but I would also recommend the book Miracle Morning, which delves into this topic in much more depth!

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2. Stay off social media

Social media is a huge sucker of happiness, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

As some of you may know, I’m a self-awareness junkie and so I like to really pay attention to my moods and habits to see what is and isn’t contributing to happiness in my own life.

From paying close attention to things like this, I’ve noticed a direct negative correlation between the amount of time I spend on social media and my mood and mindset.

In other words, the more time I spend on social media, the crappier I feel.

You may or may not have noticed something similar in your own life, but if it’s not something you’ve paid attention to previously then I’d really encourage you to do so.

And just to be clear, I’m not saying that you should delete all your social media accounts and never use them again (although this book might just convince you to do so).

However, I do think it’s a good idea to be more mindful about your social media use and set some boundaries with yourself where necessary.

These are some boundaries that I have found particularly useful at limiting my own social media use and using it more mindfully…

a) Delete Twitter

Some of you may gasp at the thought of doing this and I get it.

Twitter can be all fun and games – it’s full of funny memes and jokes that can be uplifting and entertaining at times.

But what I’ve also noticed about Twitter is that it’s a breeding ground for negativity.

Out of all of the social media platforms, Twitter seems to be where people turn into keyboard warriors the most.

Everyone seems to feel entitled to express negative opinions, to judge others and to ridicule for the purpose of likes and retweets.

So I deleted the app over two years ago because I decided I didn’t need to be exposed to that kind of negativity and do you know what? I don’t even miss it.

b) Set app limits and reminders

Did you know that within the Instagram app you can set up notifications for when you hit your daily use?

On Instagram I have it set up to remind me if I’ve been on the app for 30 minutes. This prompts me that I’ve been scrolling for too long and that it’s time to switch to something else.

Within “screen time” on the iPhone, I also have a limit set up for all of my social media apps as a collective.

c) Set boundaries with yourself

As well as time limits, I set boundaries about when I can use social media during the day.

First thing in the morning and last thing at night are an absolute no for me, and I personally think that this should be the case for everyone!

I also don’t allow myself to go on any form of social media during my work day.

So essentially, there is a little window of time in the early evening that I will allow social media use, and I find that this works to keep me feeling positive.

d) Log out between use

I’m sure most of us have done that thing where we’re bored, we open up a social media app without even thinking and start scrolling, right?

A big part of stopping this is actually logging out of the app between uses.

This is a game changer!

When you do this, opening the app results in being presented with your login screen, which serves as a reminder of the limits you are setting yourself and helps with self-discipline!

Try these little hacks to limit your social media use and watch how your mood changes as a result. You might be surprised!

3. Avoid the news

This is actually another reason why I deleted Twitter, as I find it almost impossible to avoid the news there.

It is very rare that we are exposed to positive news, unless we actively seek it out.

So when we watch, read or listen to the news then it’s very easy to slip back into negativity, fear based thinking and feel like the world is falling apart.

A big part of manifesting positivity for me has been completely avoiding the news, where possible.

I understand that this isn’t always possible and sometimes it’s important to know what’s going on in the world, but it’s definitely something to be mindful of!

4. Consume positive content

Following on from that, if you want to manifest more positivity then you should actively be seeking out positive content.

The content that you consume on a daily basis has a huge impact on your mindset and your positivity levels.

I believe that we should all try to consume at least some positive content every single day, such as…

  • Reading inspiring books
  • Listening to empowering podcasts
  • Following positive accounts on social media
  • Seeking out positive news
  • Listening to positive music

This can make the world of difference when it comes to positive manifestation!

5. Start a gratitude practice

Perhaps one of the most important drivers of manifesting positivity is gratitude.

Gratitude is the feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for areas in our lives that we consider positive.

When we focus our mind and attention on gratitude then we are able to get into a state that is essential for attracting more blessings and positivity into our lives.

I personally like to incorporate gratitude into my morning routine because it helps to start my day in a positive light.

But really, finding time for gratitude at any point throughout the day isn’t ever a bad thing!

If you want to take it a step further, you could try starting a gratitude journal so that you can reflect on the positives in your life long after they occur 

Feeling stuck and need a helping hand to feel grateful? Check out these gratitude prompts!

6. Visualize your day before bed

Since we are trying to make a conscious effort to choose positivity, we have to have a clear idea of how we want our day to go.

Visualizing our day in a positive light before it happens can make it easier to make these positive choices when things arise.

Positive visualization can be something that you practice in the morning, but I personally like to visualize the next day before I go to sleep because I feel like it helps these thoughts and feelings sink into my subconscious mind.

The state that you go to sleep in can help to improve the state that you wake up in, so give this a try!

7. Find positives in the negatives

Similar to gratitude, finding positives in the negatives can help to shift your mindset and strengthen the neural pathways of positivity in your brain.

It goes without saying that not everything in life is positive, and sometimes awful things happen or we’re met with disappointment or something hurts us.

Acknowledging that something that has happened is negative and makes you feel bad isn’t a bad thing.

What we’re not trying to do is suppress our true emotions.

However, we can simultaneously acknowledge something as negative, while also acknowledging that there is always something positive to be found within it.

For instance, maybe you’re going through a bad breakup and you feel heartbroken, but this experience has also shown you what you do and don’t want from a future relationship.

Maybe you’ve just experienced a financial loss and right now you’re not sure how you’re going to make ends meet, but you have also learnt a lesson about how to manage your money better in future.

Or maybe you’ve just lost a loved one due to cancer and you’re grieving, but you also feel relieved that they’re no longer suffering.

This is about recognising that there is good and bad in everything, and getting less caught up in binary thinking.

There is always some lesson or positive to be found, and finding them even in the hardest of moments can help you to manifest more positivity in your life.

8. Change your environment

We are the products of our environment.

Ever heard that quote “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”?

I definitely think that’s true.

If you surround yourself with negativity, then it’s going to be extremely hard to bring more positivity into your life. Energy is contagious.

So if you have highly negative people in your life, you might want to consider setting boundaries about how much time you spend with them.

Or, when it’s really necessary, know when it’s the right time to cut them off completely. 

9. Use positive affirmations for happiness

If you’re looking for how to manifest happiness, positive affirmations are a great place to start!

Affirmations are an amazing tool to get into a positive mindset and ultimately attract more positivity into your life.

A good reminder is that your affirmations should always be in the present tense, focused on the positive, and be realistic.

Here are some example affirmations for manifesting positivity:

  • I am choosing positivity every single day
  • I am committed to a life of positivity and happiness
  • I find the positives in every situation
  • I am grateful to be alive
  • I surround myself with people and things that make me feel positive 

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10. Read manifesting positivity quotes

Positive quotes can also be amazing for shifting your mindset and making you feel inspired and empowered.

I personally like to keep positive quotes in places that I see often, as a frequent reminder of my choice to be positive.

For example, I have some of my favorite quotes on the home screen of my phone and I also keep laminated quotes on my altar as a boost when I need them.

My favorite place to source positive quotes is Pinterest, but I also find that Instagram can be a great place for visual quotes if you follow the right people and search the right hashtags!

To save you the hard work of searching for quotes, I also have a few posts with some awesome quotes to get you started on manifesting positivity:

11. Smile more

Is there anything more frustrating than somebody telling you to smile when you’re feeling crappy?

But, as much as I hate to admit it sometimes, we should probably listen.

Did you know that when you smile your brain releases happy chemicals?

Yup, when you smile you are instantly manifesting positive emotions, even if you’re in a bad place.

You can make use of this little hack by smiling slightly during your meditation practice.

You might feel a little silly at first, but once you experience the benefits then it will come naturally!

How to stay positive while manifesting

And there you have it, those are my top 11 tips for manifesting positive energy!

If you’re trying to manifest a positive outcome in your life, it’s important to understand that it’s a process and your life may not change overnight.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the lack of instant results can lead to them giving up and reverting back to their negative ways.

That’s why it’s so important to stay positive during the process.

Consistency is key when it comes to any practice and positive manifestation is no different.

If you want different results then you have to make consistent choices that are aligned with those results.

Keep your “why” in your mind at all times. Why do you want more positivity? Why are you trying to adopt these positive rituals?

You can even write down your why and keep it somewhere that it can serve as a constant reminder to keep you motivated and disciplined throughout the less positive times.

And most importantly, trust that the Universe has your back throughout the process. 

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